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Does everybody have to sign in when replying or is it just me? I don't use "private" and have clicked on "remember me".


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I sign in to get on the ECS website but I don't have to sign in everytime I want to answer any of the chats. I don't use the "remember me" when I first sign in
Thanks Bermuda I've removed the "remember me" and will see what happens.
I signed in several months ago before the new format and have never hit the sign out button. Didn't have to re-sign in even when the new format started. As long as you don't hit the sign out button after you have signed in you should always be signed in for the chat room and all else. if you want to sign out just hit the sign out button.
I've never used the sign out button. I'm going to ask a friend. I must have done something somewhere that causes this.
I have the same situation as syagel whereas once I sign in to ECS I automatically stay signed in for weeks or months unless I purposely click the "sign out" button.
This is very strange. If I go through the website which I have on my home page I don't have to sign in but if I go through my email I have to sign in. Hmmmmmmm🤔
I just checked on my I-Pad and went to Internet, typed in ECS which sent me there and I'm still signed in for ECS. Then I went to my Favorites(on my I-Pad) where I have ECS, clicked on it and am still signed in. But on my I-PHONE, when I typed in ECS on the internet- it took me to the ECS website but told me I need to sign in. Maybe it (whatever IT is) recognizes me as still signed in on ECS on my I-Pad but does not recognize me as signed in on my I-Phone. Not enough technical knowledge on my part as to the WHY of it....
I think there is something up with the mobile version. I also have to keep signing in, when I use my phone, but not when I use the pc. The user names are not displaying either, when using mobile device. I can only see the OP name. Non if the responses have associated names. I've already reported that to them.
Maybe this is one of those technical "glitches" deeply embedded into the circuit boards... I don't what the -ell I'm talking about, but it sounds good :)
I don't know, ever since I found ECS in May, they have never logged me out of the chat, nor the site.
Bermuda, love your response.
Good sleuthing Bermuda! There is obviously something wrong. I can't get into Chit Chat without signing in if I click on "view this chat" in my email BUT if I go to Everything Cross Stitch on my home page and click on "start a new chat" I don't have to sign in and can eventually get here without signing in. Whew!
Mary, It looks like some of us have set our needles aside and put on our techie hats....Tex's word not mine but good. I hope we get an answer. It wasn't like this before. 🤞
Mary - possibly if you direct your question to Troy you will get the real scoop. He is really great about answering the questions I send him. Just a thought. But...I never sign out so have never had to sign in again and this has been since I found this chat room a couple years ago. Knock on wood I didn't just jinx myself. cheryl
My brain is thoroughly befuddled after reading all your comments. I would like to add that every time I come to this sight, I can keep reading from top to bottom - everyone's comments. However, if I want to comment on anything myself, I have to sign in each time. I always thought that when you checked "remember me", that site was supposed to remember me and I wouldn't have to sign in. So what does "remember me" mean if it doesn't mean "remember me"????? I'm dazed and confused at this point.
Thanks Cheryl, I might just do that. I never sign out either. It's only on this website I have had the problem and it hasn't always been like this. Welcome to the land of confusion Senior! 😳
Might as well put my two cents in. I click on ECS from my bookmarks and thats it. ECS opens up and I can do anything I want. I only use my Kindle Fire.
Hello Mary, Troy here. I will look into this when I get a free moment (Yeah, like that is going to show up soon!) Can you help me out a bit? What device are you using that is causing the trouble? Are you using your phone or your computer? Do you know what browser you are using (IE, Firefox, Chrome...)?
Hi Troy! You turned up like the benevolent geni. I do all my "Chit chats" from my iPad Air 2 and I think it's through Google Chrome or just plain Google. I have your "Everything Cross Stitch" on my home page. The way I can avoid signing in evertime is to : Go to home page and click on Add new post. On this I'm "remembered". Then I leave the website and right away click into it again on the post I wish to reply to and don't have to sign in. It when I want to "view this chat" from outlook express that I have to sign in every time. Thanks for your interest. 🤗
Troy, it looks like you've done something as I no longer have to sign in all the time. Thank you so much. I hope the others who were having this problem also are fixed now.