Has anyone had experience with RTO or Riolis kits and if so, what are your thoughts? Thank you for feedback:)
Posted by: cklatt0370 on 07/16/17
I have done a couple of RTO and Riolis kits. I like them. The RTO kit I am currently working on uses DMC floss and provides plenty of floss to complete the project. I like Riolis kits too, have found they provide plenty of floss too, but they use a different type of floss that seems to shed a little as you use it. The picture still came out perfectly fine. The only thing with Riolis is that the patterns are colored which are easy enough to read but hard to mark and keep track of for me. I do have a few other Riolis kits in my stash and would by both RTO and Riolis again. I like them both better than Dimensions kits. With Dimensions, I run out of floss and find that the strands are thin and not strong enough.
by: noah on 07/16/17
I have enjoyed stitching both. The designs stitch up just beautiful!
by: Su Pitt on 07/16/17