"Little Girls Are Made Of"
Has anyone stitched this one? I am having a hard time with it. Its a birth record for my great grand daughter. I found several mistakes on the pattern and a lot of the color symbols are too light or can't even tell what they are supposed to be. I have too much time on it and too hard headed to discard it. Where the symbols are unclear I will go with the color nearest it. My ggd will be about 20 when I finish. It is really hard going but will be worth it when done.
Posted by: eagle1dw on 08/10/17
Is that the Bobbie G. design?
Do you have a home copier where you could try to darken the print of the pattern to give you more clarity?
Also, some copiers give an option of printing either in 'normal' mode or 'fine' mode.
If no home copier, maybe office max or office supply store can enlarge and darken a copy for you.
Lots of different colors in this pattern AND when you get it finished it will be beautiful! Your ggd will love it and "I'm not telling if you don't" if you "fudge" a few areas. How will she know unless you tell her? It's the thought that counts! :)
by: Bermuda on 08/10/17
Yes Bermuda, thats the one. When I went to get copies made, the girls in the store used a magnifying glass and parts of some symbols just weren't there. They were all in the quarter stitch blocks where were there two quarter stitches in the same block. I will be more careful picking patterns in the future. Well, my ggd is six months old so I guess I have a few years to finish.
by: eagle1dw on 08/11/17
There was a small ballerina cross stitch I made for a friend's daughter and I had to add 1/4 stitches to it to round out the appearance of parts of the ballerina because the pattern did not have them. It was aggravating but it worked.
Yes, I would say you have time what with her being only 6 months old, but she'll grow up knowing her great grandfather stitched it especially for her. Don't forget to add your name and any little message and date to it when you have completed the pattern, she will treasure it I'm sure. :)
by: Bermuda on 08/11/17