Santa & Snowman Dimensions #8714
I bought this kit and it's missing one of the instruction sheets. Does anyone have the sheet for page 1-4 that they could scan to me?
Posted by: Rachel001 on 12/05/17

You can just contact the manufacturer of the kit, which is Dimensions and they will be able to send you the missing piece. Here is their contact info:
Monday to Friday
7:30 AM to 4:30 PM CT

Just let them know what product of theirs you have and what you are missing from it, and they will take care of it for you :) Thanks!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 12/06/17
Hi there

Call Dimensions and explain to them all about your problem. Enjoy.
by: miss crossstitc on 12/06/17
What a sweet pattern
by: Aleida on 12/07/17