Do you all have a catalog of some sort?


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I'm not sure what you mean, Paula W. I receive several catalogs in the mail with counted cross-stitch patterns, kits, supplies, etc. for sale. Is that what you're looking for? Several of them are also online (like Everything CrossStitch) and you can order that way. I hope this helps.
Yeah I was wanting to order a catalog through the mail
No Everything CrossStitch does not have a printed catalog. It is all online ordering. I do get catalogs from several other sites that do have catalogs. I am always comparing sites.
You can go to each of the other sites and join and they will send you catalogs. I get catalogs from The Stitchery and Herrschners. I order from them as well.
Keepsakes needle has nice things.
Thanks so much everybody. I really appreciate it!
Hi there If you look on the left hand section you will get what you have in mind. the patterns, the kits and more. Just click one at a time and browse it all. This is their catalogue. Good luck for what you are looking for.