book on cross stitch

Hey gals I did learn how to cross stitch from my mom. She had introduced me to a small kit when I was 8 and it was needlepoint. Then she had send me to another school specially for me learn how to do embroidery and cross stitch from nuns. I love cross stitch but it had get into my way. All what I want just make some cross stitch to hang them on my wall to cover it. By now I can make a book about cross stitch I know a lot about it. From A to Z.


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Like you a lot of us here have been stitching for years and we could all write a book. Stress reliever is the best way to describe my 30 years of stitching.
Yeah! Before we get too old to remember that thing you do on cloth with a needle. Sorry. Been reading the latest Leonard PittsJr column. Hysterical!