bleaching fabric

I have a piece of black cashel fabric that I want to bleach or otherwise remove some of the color to make it more interesting to stitch on. Does anyone have experience doing this & how did it turn out? Is there a product to use besides bleach to remove color without hurting the fabric? I don't want to remove all the black, but to add lightning like streaks.


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Might be safer to put it outside in sunlight for a while. Have done tea & coffee dye; never dye remover, Ritt sells a dye remover, which might have a safe amount of bleach.
Hi there. Did U ever try to bleach it with Clorox? After U do that boil it in some water with the onion peals. I had never had done that except with eggs in Easter that all
Haven't tried anything yet. I was hoping to get tips from someone who has done it already. I'm concerned that bleach, like Clorax will hurt the fabric
Picture This Plus, Inc has some nice hand-dyed fabrics based on black. They sell "fat" 1/8 & 1/4 at very reasonable prices.