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      by: With Thy Needle & Thread

Cross Stitch Patterns


Cultures & Countries

SKU: 15-1327
Stitch Count: 171w x 101h
Project Size: 9.5" x 5.6" on 36cnt (over 2)

Price: $12.00 

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 1101 Light Khaki 1 $2.50
 1246 Sage 1 $2.50
 1266 Caper 1 $2.50
 1302 Pelican Gray 1 $2.50
 2211 Olive 1 $2.50
 Almost Auburn 1 $2.20
 Apple Cider 1 $2.19
 Barn Door 1 $2.20
 Brandy 1 $2.19
 Caramel Corn 1 $2.19
 Chocolate Cream Pie 1 $2.20
 Cidermill Brown 1 $2.19
 Grecian Gold 1 $2.19
 Parchment 1 $2.19
 Perfect Piecrust 1 $2.20
 Polliwog 1 $2.20
 Root Beer Float 1 $2.20
 Woodrose 1 $2.19

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Item Description:  
Model stitched on 36 Ct. Wren using Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, Classic Colorworks & Valdani embroidery floss (811 Brick light & 891 Juniper light). Stitch Count: 171W x 101H

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