Snow Place Like Home

Mittens & Quilts (snowlady in patchwork hat and scarf wearing an apron stands next to a sewing basket and holds a sign saying "Mittens Mended") (134w x 178h Stitches)

Family Welcome (father, mother and child snowmen stand in front of a white picket fence) (132w x 132h Stitches)

Unassembled Snowmen (broom, mittens, top hat and scarf are falling down towards snowman with the saying, "Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled") (97w x 236h Stitches)

From the Heart (gardening snowlady with wheelbarrow enjoys the company of birds and birdhouses with a banner that reads "Warmth Comes from the [heart]") (140w x 140h Stitches)

Frosty Noel (four assorted snowmen holding placards with the letters to "N-O-E-L" along with a star) (110w x 105h Stitches)

Bless Our Family (vertical design with these words and a stack of snowmen representing father, mother and child snowmen) (35w x 166h Stitches)

Friends are Forever (two snowmen in top hats hold a banner with these words) (62w x 58h Stitches)

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