Everyone who is in the path of the storms this weekend, please stay safe.
Posted by: surt8511 on 04/13/18
Pam in Oklahoma. Just had one storm front come through-you would not believe the lightening. Spoke too soon =another one coming in the distance. And here comes the third one-but I swear I am going to go to bed. Sorry for all those who are getting the nasty ice and snow-my DH said he would rather have the tornadoes than the snow. I am from the northeast and I can assure you I would take the snow (not ice). Anyhow, just hunker down and maybe this will be the last bad weather for you guys. I think my DH and I may be getting one of the standing tornado shelters this year. We got hit by a tornado two years ago-went to sister in laws shelter (good thing).
by: pamelastine11 on 04/13/18
Here in NoCo, they predicted rain and snow... and lots of wind. We got 20 drops of rain, no flakes, but we're so tired of this blasted wind!!! Third day in a row, now!!!
by: momcat25 on 04/14/18
Well, for someone who complained all winter, I am here to tell you that today was just beautiful!!! It was in the low 80's. This morning was chilly, but it all moved away. My husband and I planted several evergreens, purple crawlers near a fence and pansies in one of my large pots. I loved being in the sun!! We are due for rain & wind starting tomorrow later in the day and into Monday. After these storms pass we will continue planting. We have two "Flowering Almonds" which are beautiful. Also, a bush on our front lawn was damaged from snow and ice several years ago. We are planting a "Burning Bush" which is another of my favorites. So, all is well. I haven't actually watched the news but someone told me Dallas, TX is supposed to get a foot of snow??? Can that be right?? Take care everyone.
by: jerseycrafter on 04/14/18
It's that blasted wind too. My aunt from New Mexico called a couple of days ago and they were having wind gusts up to 40mph. I knew it was headed this way. Washed my hair to go out and do errands on Wed and Katie bar the door. And me with no babushka! Today was no different-I think part of Oklahoma is in New England! Mother Nature has a nasty temper.
by: pamelastine11 on 04/14/18
Hi all, here in S.E. Mich. we had a TON of rain yesterday (Sat) and now we are experiencing freezing rain/snow mix. Suppose to last until noon today then be all rain. Could lead to lots of power outages - hope not. Can only wait and see. Fri. we had great weather - low 70's - now back to crap! I hope this is the end of this up/down weather, and we can finally move into spring.
by: jmirz on 04/15/18
Jersey I also love my Burning Bush but I think it might have croaked! No leaf buds on it at all. I told my mom I wanted it replace ASAP. We got snow again yesterday but it was warm enough that it melted some then the temps dropped and now we have ice on the sidewalks. Ugh will it every end.
by: carissalindsey30 on 04/15/18