Naughty Girl!!
I visited my craft shop on Friday and got the pictures of the "Kats by Kelly" quilt so I will put them onto the computer and try to get them over there so everyone can admire my friend's sewing. I also noticed she had a few new patterns and kits and after looking through them bought a pattern called "Nine Lives" by Mary Hickmott Designs. It is a ginger cat sitting on a brick wall and is very pretty. Looking at the supplies I noticed when I come to do it there is more thread mixing than you know what to do with. It's going to make things interesting that's for sure. Oh well one more for the stash. And did I mention that on Friday I bought 4 stockings to do over the next two years (between "Sweet Rememberance" of course). The family are not pleased I am doing it as they say they have bought me kits over the years and I have not started any of them. True but some of them I wouldn't stitch even if you paid me - I don't know what they were thinking of. But to keep everyone happy I will divide my stitching time thus: first week "Sweet Rememberance; second week "Lying in Wait"; third week a WIP laying around the place: and fourth week "Siberian Gold. I like them all but the WIP's are going to be a mission to do as I have lost interest in them but we will persevere.
Posted by: deirdre on 05/14/18
Every year I make a resolution not to start any new projects, until I finish what I have started. Since I make it every year, you can see how well it’s worked. In my defense, I have finished several that were laying around, and I have finished everything new I’ve started. My WIPS have decreased, but my stash is growing.
by: Jaj on 05/14/18
I so know what you mean. I keep buying more patterns etc. since I have zero "won't" power. I plan to get the Christmas gifts I want done this year (5 of them - 3 will be pillows and 2 different throws), then I can work I MY projects which I have 2 WIP's. Also I do have a bunch of ornaments I would like to get done to put on packages - but those won't be done until I get the main gifts done. It will be interesting to see who wins - my will power to get things finished or my stash - which is getting to the point where it could bury me! LOL.
by: jmirz on 05/14/18
My system with dealing with stash is kerosene and a lit match. No No NO NO. I mean I work on my projects January, February and March and the rest of the year I do sale stuff which is what most of my stash is for. And I'm thinking of taking a beading course this fall. I need my head examined. I probably need my head examined without taking the beading course but that's another story.

Deirdre, happy stitching and hope you make quick progress on your planned stitching.
by: judy.boatman on 05/14/18
On your WIP's you have lost interest in, it's okay if you put them at the bottom of the stash. I think we are hard on ourself and figure "well, I have spent money and time on these." True, however life is too short to trudge along on a work. Who knows? You may get excited about them in the future. On the kits, I have heard the same thing. The trick to it is: get out your kit along with a hoop. Insert fabric. Start stitching but scatter the rows around the fabric. Then leave lying around your area. Then they are a work in progress. Being devious makes everybody happy. Don't hit me with a flyswatter, but I have learned that I love everything my DH gets me (not). However, I learned long ago "honey, you shouldn't have. I love it." is the best way to go. I am just really touched that he thought of me at all! Does all this make me a bad person? I have just learned to let him know what I want. That means a lot to him. My lamp he ordered yesterday has shipped today-and I truly will love it and it makes both of us happy. Peace always, Pam "Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be". Pam P.S. All you male stitchers-you did not read a word I wrote.
by: pamelastine11 on 05/14/18
Yes Pam one of the WIP's is the "101 Dalmatians Alphabet Sampler" and while I am liking how it is turning out, doing white on white in 18 count material and fractionals as well, is doing my head in and I can only stitch it for an hour at a time before my eyes say ENOUGH!! The other one I want to finish is "Snow Leopards in the Snow" which has been going on for many years. I like it but am now at the iceberg stage and it is getting very boring doing three colours for them and takes a lot of determination to stick with and COUNT although I don't think anyone will notice a larger berg where there should be a smaller one. It just annoys me that I have miscounted and feel it is necessary to unpick and restitch!!
by: deirdre on 05/14/18
AAAHAAA! Deidre is also suffering from the ‘white on white’ visual side-effects. You are NOT alone....
by: Bermuda on 05/14/18
The berg doesn't matter! Don't unpick. That is what makes your work unique! It's one of a kind in the whole world. I admire you for the projects you are doing. I understand about the eye thing. What I wouldn't give for 25 year old eyes. This is where the lamp comes in. I am praying that the lamp and magnifier do the trick. You are being hard on yourself. Take a deep breath-inhale, exhale. Do that about 10 times. When I see what all of you have done, it humbles me. Like I said, WIP's on bottom. Someday you will be ready to tackle them, but if not-there are no cross stitch police! Take care. Enjoy yourself.
by: pamelastine11 on 05/14/18
Judy - You will probably really enjoy beading. I started doing that almost 20 years ago. However, like my cross stitch stash, I have a TON of beading supplies. Different beads, stones, gem stones etc. etc. etc. I haven't made any jewelry in quite a while and not sure if I'll get back to it or not. Will have to figure out what to do with all of my "stuff" since there is a lot and quite a bit of money invested. Ahhh these hobbies and my won't power are in conflict with each other LOL!!!!
by: jmirz on 05/15/18
Yes jmirz I probably will. I too have tons of beads, etc. to make whatever and may need to live a long, long time to use them up as well as everything else.
by: judy.boatman on 05/15/18
Yoicks I said I had ordered 4 stockings it is actually 5!!!!!!! and they arrived today. All look very nice and the 3 Kooler patterns will be relatively easy to stitch (I hope). The Dimensions stocking is very cute and will be fun to to. Have now stitched over 3,400 stitches of "Sweet Rememberance" and going strong. Will remind DH to put picture on the computer to send over plus the 2 of the quilt.
by: deirdre on 05/21/18