Cross-stitch Greeting Cards
I've thought for a long time about possibly starting a cross-stitch greeting card business. I love doing these and people I've given them to absolutely love them. But, I don't know what the overall public interest would be for them. And, I'm not sure how I would sell them, other than online or craft shows/fairs. Does anyone have any experience with this type of business and how did it work?
Posted by: cynthia.bates22 on 10/09/18
I have never done a business like this, but maybe you could sell them to specialty boutiques - you know ones that have a variety of neat goodies for people/tourists. Other than that I would think craft shows would be your best bet - but then what do I know?!!
by: jmirz on 10/09/18
Etsy - which is an online market for home made goods - also a place I find great cross stitch supplies - might be a good option, or you could set up your own website. I also think that local gift shops would be a good idea. Places where people who appreciate hand-made items go is always a good bet. Do you have an artisan glassmaker near you? A potter? A florist? People already in the market for a gift love picking up a card to go with it :)
by: craftydivakat on 10/09/18
Keep them under glass! The public HAS to touch! 😠
by: VCESS on 10/09/18
Hi there

I will be the first to buy from you How much do they cost? Is that by the package or by individual? please tell me how much do they cost? Hope to hear from you.

by: miss crossstitc on 10/09/18
Oh! VCESS made me remember something - yes, if you are going to sell anywhere things can be touched, get plastic greeting card sleeves. They cost around $20 for a pack of 100 and are super worth it. They actually look almost exactly like the packages cross stitch kits come in, where you can seal the bottom back up with a sticky tab. Just make sure you get the right size for your cards as I believe they come in three or four different sizes.
by: craftydivakat on 10/09/18
Wow, all great ideas! Thanks so much! I really don't know how much I would sell them for. I'm still just thinking about logistics and how/where to sell them. And, the time to stitch the designs, and being able to come up with enough inventory to sell. A lot to consider.
by: cynthia.bates22 on 10/09/18
If you succeed, you will need an army to stitch cards for you. How will you keep up with demand?
by: susiebelle7 on 10/09/18
How many can you stitch per day? What are you willing to accept for labor? You'll need to design your own cards, including fonts. I don't think it's legal to sell copyrighted designs without paying the designer, is it? I'm not sure...
by: VCESS on 10/10/18
Don't plan on making a ton of money. You see a lot of hand-made crafts for sale. A lot of people show interest; but not many willing to pay high prices. I tried twice to sell hand made yarmulkes. First time was in 1986. I made 100 crocheted yarmulkes for my son's Bar Mitzvah. They were a big hit. President of Sisterhood requested that I make some for the
Chanukah bazaar. I made over 100. Asked $8.00 piece. Only sold about nine or ten. One lady had the chutzpah (nerve)to tell me that the price was too high but would I please give her my pattern!

Last year I tried sewing yarmulkes with sports themed fabric. Same story. Barely made enough money to break even.

Thought about etsy and eBay but there was a lot of competition and it didn't appear that people listing similar items were making a lot of sales.
by: NANCYE G on 10/10/18
LOL! As long as there are people who say, "I can do that", you'll have nervy people asking for your pattern! What did you give her? I bet it was with a smile! 😃
by: VCESS on 10/10/18