I just down loaded this smallish chart....design size 64wx86h stitches. The chart is divided into 8 YES 8 pages.....totally unnecessary. None of the pages are numbered but design seems to overlap in a non comprehensiveable way. Any tips? I numbered the pages as they came out of the printer.
Posted by: Marydenmark on 03/14/19
8 pages!? Really!? That's silly. My only suggestion would be to try to assemble the printed pages like you're doing a puzzle. Maybe start with a page that has overlap identified on it, and start comparing sections of the overlap to stitches on other pages? If you downloaded it from ETSY, you might also consider contacting the designer/shop as well.
by: jackie.oshell on 03/14/19
Oh my stars and garters. What are there 8 stitches on a page? Just kidding but really not funny. So frustrating.
by: 113kevans on 03/14/19
Oh, I agree with Jackie and Kris, that is totally ridiculous! I think Jackie has the right idea, just try to fit them together so you get the complete picture. You've already numbered them, so try to get them in some additional order so you know what pages touch each other and where. I would not order from that website again! 😟
by: susiebelle7 on 03/14/19
I had one come in a few but not that many before. I made a working copy. Next I cut it out and put it together like a puzzle overlapping the overlap parts scotch tape on the back to create 1 page. Finally I made a copy of the finished page to work with. Btw I prefer to put my copy I will use on cardstock, I find it easier. Good luck. Cute pattern she looks so joyful. Its a great remonder to enjoy what life gives you.Too bad the pattern delivery has been a pain so far.
by: Le-Anne on 03/14/19
Suggest once you have everything pieced together, you lay the chart face-up on the floor, stand at the bottom of the pattern, bend slightly forward and give it a ‘bird’s eye view’ to view the whole pattern and see that everything looks correct. I had to do that to two patterns I purchased over the last 15 years.
by: Bermuda on 03/14/19
Thanks to you all for your truly wonderful ideas and sympathy! I have now copied, numbered and put direction arrows on to working copies and will get to piecing it together this weekend. Aargh!!!!!
Just for your info in case you want one 🤣 I bought it from ETSY “Lady Dancing in the Rain” Isabella Cross Stitch. I shall be contacting ‘Isabella’ this weekend to share my thoughts on this chart with her.
Thanks again friends!
by: Marydenmark on 03/15/19
One of the charts I had purchased was sent as
un-numbered pages ( there were 12 pages) and when I laid the pages out (starting from top left and going across as row 1) on the floor, for a “bird’s eye view”, there wasn’t Any clear design! I finally was able to see the design’s Top row was actually the bottom row. Like yourself I had to number each page....
by: Bermuda on 03/15/19
Burmuda.....these things are sent to try us! Poppycock!!! Whoever made up that trite pronouncement was living on another planet. We have enough challenges in our everyday stitching to keep us sharp. There’s no need to have to go through an assault course before we even begin. I shall try and assemble the chart today.🤞 your advice has been taken to heart. Thank you.
by: Marydenmark on 03/16/19
UPDATE......I just put it together.....one A4 page of chart....very light grey....and one A4 chArt for back stitching. I couldn’t find a contact for the seller. I’ve put it away now. I’ve used enough time on it.
by: Marydenmark on 03/16/19