Blackbird Designs/Loose Feathers: The Last Ripe Berries...I'm assuming the price is for the pattern only? With this particular pattern I notice it doesn't list the threads or cloth. Another one from Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers I've spent 25 minutes trying to find the cloth that is in the information bar: Wren. I'm sooooo confused as to how to order here!

Posted by: miki.reid on 03/14/19

Not all of our designs will have a supply list posted for this at this time. This is something that we are always working on for our website but with the amount of patterns we have and keep adding, the task is never ending. If you need to see a supply list for a specific design, just contact me on here or via email and I will get it posted within the business day.

Sometimes, a design will call for a specific fabric that we do not carry. In that case, the fabric will not be listed on our online supply list since you can't purchase from us, but I will list it in either the description of the design or in the specifications so customers know what they need for the design. The same goes for specialty floss or beads. If we don't carry something, I try to make it known in the description so customers know exactly what they need so they can get it or find similar replacements.

I have posted the supplies for this design for you so you should see everything posted there now....minus the fabric. This design is done on 36ct. Wren Linen and we do not carry that specific fabric. That fabric is one from Picture This Plus and they do hand dyed linens and unfortunately, we do not sell their fabric on our website at this time :( I hope this information helps!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 03/14/19
The Last Ripe Berries is pattern only. Kristi will post the threads and fabric you will need to purchase separately when she is back in the office.

ECS does not carry Picture This Plus hand-dyed fabric, which is the manufacturer of the "Wren" fabric you are looking for for the other pattern. You can get it directly from the Picture This Plus website, or 123Stitch.com carries it, also.
Hope this helps.

Oops, sorry, Kristi! I thought maybe you were gone for the day!
by: susiebelle7 on 03/14/19
This particular pattern is on sale on the 123.stitch.com website.
The fabric is there and the floss is 10 cents cheaper per skein.
I have had a hard time tracking down certain fabrics and I have recently
learned just to go 123stitch .com if I need certain things. Fabric mostly. I also noticed some
one else's review remarked how they would recommend changing one of the
colours, for a contrast against the back ground. I get the bulk of my stuff here on
ECS but I a have learned to shop around for a few things. I love the atmosphere ,
advice and encouragement this site has.
by: maryann8121 on 03/14/19
I also go to 123Stitch.com for most of my fabrics because many times the designer is calling for a special color of linen that ECS doesn’t carry. Nothing against ECS because I usually will get my patterns and flosses from them. I have an ECS ‘Wishlist’ that has about 100 items in it. I really have only 5 counted cross stitches ‘online’ stores that I do regular business with, Everything CrossStitch is one of them. :)
by: Bermuda on 03/14/19
The floss at 123stitch and ECS are the same price.
by: mdstudey on 03/17/19