How Now Brown Cow BW 1831

"The busy tribes of flesh and blood With all their cares and fears Are carried downward by the flood And lost in following years Time like an ever rolling stream Bears all its sons away They fly forgotten as a dream Dies at opening day" Model stitched one over two on 36 Ct. Vintage Meadow Rue from Lakeside Linens using Soie d'Alger (or DMC floss 321, 371, 420, 422, 434, 498, 501, 610, 645, 677, 712, (4) 730, 841, 921, 932, 937). Also required, but not listed above 615 and 516 from Soie d'Alger. Stitch Count: 254W x 273H. Design Size: 14.11" x 15.17"

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Stitch Count
254w x 273h

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