Santa’s Great Book

Santa collectors will cherish this collection of 39 of Leisure Arts' most popular portraits of the jolly old gent. This cheery Christmas collection is perfect for cross stitching holiday tradition. 144 pages.
Santa & Horse: 120w x 144h Santa's Enchanted Flight: 123w x 144h St. Nicholas & Snow Owl: 91w x 126h Enchanted Sleigh: 136w x 96h Christmas Journey: 166w x 96h Olde Santa: 68w x 100h All Weather Santa: 69w x 117h Old St. Nick: 68w x 100h Father Christmas: 59w x 104h Wayfaring Santa: 84w x 126h Kris Kringle: 66w x 108h Rooftop St. Nick: 73w x 114h Spirited St. Nick: 49w x 102h Santa In Blue: 65w x 102h Santa's Journey: 77w x 102h Santa: 73w x 187h Straight to His Work: 96w x 132h Santa's Great Book: 120w x 137h Santa's Work Shop: 109w x 131h Tally Ho Ho Ho: 96w x 83h Merry Christmas To All: 122w x 54h Santa: 139w x 110h In A Twinkling: 124w x 144h Santa Reunion: 150w x 95h Santa Brings Good Cheer: 96w x 132h Prairie Santa: 136w x 120h Be Jolly: 105w x 105h Tree: 23w x 21h Santa: 22w x 22h Moon Santa: 79w x 90h You Better Not Pout: 76w x 85h Midnight Journey: 189w x 95h Santa On the Roof: 160w x 87h Joy Santa: 105w x 149h For You: 77w x 102h Santa and Bears: 67w x 87h Bear: 39w x 38h Merry Gentleman: 170w x 101h Turn of the Century Santa: 62w x 103h Olde World Santa: 62w x 108h Dear Santa: 97w x 189h

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