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hi people. im new to this chitchat board. I asked a few questions concerning a specific piece i was interested in ( and ended up purchasing) and got some great responses. Im 45, quit my job last month for my mid life crisis i am currently in ( and im not so sure thats a joke- i did quit the job) I need some time to "find myself" and that requires stitching. And a amish rocking chair that i havent purchased yet, but soon. Real soon. so thats a little about me. Heres some questions on the piece i bought...."Merry Christmas Mailbox (mini)" anyone done this piece? i have some fabric questions before i start. I love to stitch on Aida and not on Linen. I like the roughness of aida and dont use a hoop. just roll it in my hand as i work. the suggestion for the piece is 25 count Linen. How much of a finished difference ( and quality difference) would be seen if i used 18 count aida instead of 25 count linen? size also? And does anyone know why i hate linen? I think its because i like to see the bigger hole of the aida ( this is a vision issue for me as well as i like the roughness of aida. both are equally a issue for me) What are your thoughts on linen? do you think me switching the fabric from linen to aida will matter much? if im going to invest my time into this project, i want a good result and dont want to know 1/4 way into it that the (fabric)switch was a bad idea. I wont restart a piece in a situation like that. so i need to make all executive decisions before i start. I know my fellow stitchers understand where im coming from. Ideas? concerns? comments??? thanks guys
What is your preference, I prefer qsnaps , my aunt uses scroll rods, I am thinking of trying these for a larger project, she winds the fabric under does anyone have a favorite way under or over, looking for tips.
Don't need to go to exercise center to build up a sweat, we just have to walk outside. UGH!
I usually work from top left to right. I like to do patterns with borders. I will do the complete border and then when I get tired of a section I I can move anywhere with a careful count. I used to do all backstitching after finishing project but that is so tedious so I now do it as I finish a section or 2 or 3. I like it much better this way. I enjoy these chats and read them all every day.
I crossed stitched a few of the abstract xmas tree patterns and they turned out great. I gave a couple of them for gifts and they were greatly appreciated. There are soooo many wonderful patterns to choose from I don't know which ones to sew first. Thanks for all the fabulous choices. Marylou / Pittsburgh, PA
I got back to doing some stitching.....had quite a dry spell there for awhile.......
How long do you stitch on average per day? How much do you think age has to do with it?
Years ago I joined one of those high school things and it gave me nothing but grief. Oh goodness was I naive. I mentioned that we lived 50-50 in Denmark and Spain. This resulted in 5 people who I hadn't heard of since I was in school with them, suddenly realising that I was their favourite person in the world and they would love to visit me, preferably in Spain with their spouse as it was very important that they should meet this wonderful me too. My cunning plan to test their truthfulness worked perfectly. I agreed that it would be marvellous to meet up and that they should let me know their hotel budget so I could book them into a hotel that would suit it. Guess what....I didn't hear from any of them again. I'm not anti social at all but have no desire to be used as a hotel. I've never used face book....just here and emails.
These are my threads for my next project, which starts as soon as I get my sweaty little hands on the fabric. I need nineteen more colors. I bobbinated 47 new skeins, which is eight times the work, because I precut my floss, which is highly inconvenient when using bobbins, but for a project this size, I think you need bobbins. I ransacked other projects to get many more colors. Now I need to split off the bobbins for blended threads and load those, and put everything that is stitched straight from the bobbins in a different box.
I'm interested in using 3 of the Scotty Dog designs in a vertical pattern with a dog's name crossstitched under each design. I'd like the finished size to be about 16" long X 7" wide. Could you recommend a cloth count to use?
What is the finish size? Is instructions included?
What do you all do when stitching an area that has 1 stitch of this color, then 2 of that color, then back to the original color for 2 stitches, then a new color for 4 stitches, etc. Was thinking of keeping some threads threaded, but it's hard to keep similar colors (some very close but just 1 shade off) straight. Now, I use the baggies on a ring method, pulling out the thread from each baggy, stitching, putting the extra thread into the baggy, and moving on, but that gets tedious when you have to pull a threat out for 1 stitch here, 1 stitch there. I tend to try to stitch ahead, rather than finish the row, and count down and to the side, etc., but that causes me to need to frog some sometimes. Any suggestions anybody would like to share?
Not an advanced cross stitcher. Just wondering how many different colour threads there are in this kit, particularly different shades of the same colour.
The piece I am getting ready to do call for 25.00 x 18.75, I do not see one that size, is it okay to use the 25 x 18?
Oh well it never rains but it pours!! We went out to the mother-in-law's farm on Saturday and I went down the hill to let my horses into the next section of hillside paddock and noticed I was missing one horse. After spending 2 hours in the pouring rain I gave up and went back next day. It took me another hour walking around the hillside and through the trees but I found her. Unfortunately she was dead so now I am down to seven. I will miss her as she was a pretty mare and as I don't have any fillies out of her I have lost the blood line to breed from so I will have to buy a new trotting mare if I want to breed another trotter. More money! Rest in peace "Scruffy" you will be missed.