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The Latest Chit Chat

I am trying to learn how to upload photos to this website, so that I can show how my projects turn out. Here is my finished piece ... hope this works! :)
Like I really need another pattern considering the size of my stash. I don’t know what came over me!! Maybe it was re-injuring my back and it’s the increased chemicals in my body morphing into a ‘cocktail’ brew of ‘’Buy-itis”. Or maybe it was looking through my ECS ‘Wishlist’ for 2+ years and seeing the pattern today and ....did I hear a soft whisper, ‘Buy me...Buy me” come through the screen? Or is it the fact the pattern is starting to resemble DH and I....or is it that DH and I are beginning to resemble the pattern more? a kind of Dorian Gray in reverse... Whatever the case, I bought the pattern ‘Cape May Gothic’ and eagerly looking forward to receiving it!! :)
Can you tell me how many stitches wide (at its widest point) and how many stitches tall (at its tallest point) this pattern is. I am going to buy the yarn tomorrow (11/18/17) for the afghan to start on it and I just need to know how big the patter is so I can plan accordingly. Thanks
I am considering stitching this beautiful piece, which I just received from ECS, on 11-count Aida with 3 strands of floss for a larger product to put over the mantle. Has anyone else completed a large piece (particularly an Artecy design) on 11-count Aida? If so, any thoughts or advice? Thank you!
Some lady was asking what it means 2 over one? (( 2 strands of floss over the fabric that has just one thread or a hole.)) When I was about 8 years old my late mother introduced me to a small needlework piece which it use to have a design of a house. In my family do not just sit and do nothing but you have to get occupied with something to do. We were at the beach at that time. I had learned how to needlework and embroidery then the cross stitch I had learned in school from nuns . So I combine what I had learned in school and what my mom had taught me as Needlework to do the cross stitch too. My paternal side grand ma use to know how to tatte and crochet. But my maternal grand ma use to like to read. The magazine which she use to have had a supplement in french with full of pictures (( Intimite )) use to be in bookstore around the country biweekly. he use to buy the french magazine to occupied her time from france
Hi, do you have 12171 glass treasures (Mill Hill Glass Treasures Medium Star Alabaster 12171)? Thank you
How do I measure a finished project for matting and framing. Have several finished projects now but need help in measuring.
Hi Kristi, Just wanted to say that I viewed the ECS You-Tube today and I love it! I know it has been on You-Tube for a while, but like the Aesop tale of the tortoise and the hare, I finally get to where I want to go. I would like for you and the ECS team to a consider a couple suggestions for the ECS You-Tube programs; underline the word ‘suggestions’ which can be accepted or pitched into the ‘circular file’ basket.... 1) Have one program dealing with the differences between a cross stitch ‘chart’ and a ‘kit.’ by explaining the differences verbally and having visuals ie. Chart, floss Fabric, needles versus what a kit contains. You can use The supplies at ECS for the visuals. 2) a ‘cross stitcher’s guide to Cross stitching ‘slang’: Ie, what ‘frogging’ means, what ‘two over one’ means, What ‘gridding’ means
Hi Krissie. Could you please post info for Blue Ribbon Designs "Blooming w/Inspiration". Thank you. Karen The SKU is 09-1888.
Tomorrow my youngest daughter, Dani, hubby and I are venturing to Lock Haven University for their open house on Saturday. It is one of the colleges my daughter has on her short list of schools she would like to attend next fall. Looking forward to seeing the campus. It sits on the Susquehanna River. Shame it is supposed to rain all day but we will just have to put on our rain boots and jump in the puddles (embarrass my daughter a little hah lol). Jacquie
Ok, my chit chat friends, I have a question for you. How would you suggest filing patterns? I am currently filing by holiday/season but I have a few new patterns for the jar wrappers. One is for breast cancer and the other for Christmas. So my question is if I put the one in the "C" since it is a Christmas pattern where should I put the other one. Maybe I should put them in "J" for jar wrappers. How do most of you file your patterns? Jacquie
Hello! I'm new to this forum and I need help! I have a cross-stitch project that needs finishing, but I am unable to complete it myself. Where can I go to find someone to help complete it? Are there cross-stitchers out there that do this for extra cash? I could really use a service like that. Any opinions are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
I'm just about done my project and have not found my next one. I will go stir crazy if I don't have something to start after finishing my last one. I have not found anything I love yet and don't want to just settle on something. Am I the only one that gets like this? I feel like I'm having writer's block (if I was a writer! lol). I need to find something that inspires me. Wish me luck everyone!
This Angel reminded me of Simon. Anyone hear from him? Wonder how he is doing. I know he was taking a break from cross stitching and was doing some crocheting. I remember when he did this angel. It was so beautiful! He is a very gifted stitcher. Jacquie
I am about a third of the way through my stocking and I am still enjoying it. Has anyone else noticed or am I just being fanciful. But when stitching yesterday I decided to stitch the eyes on one of the kittens as I had got to their position. Wow the picture has just popped when I look at it. It is not just another piece of embroidery - the kitten seems to be alive. Either that or I need a lot more sleep than I am getting at the moment with DH's chemo treatment.