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mystic stitch
I love the mystic stitch pictures but the patterns are terrible. how anyone can do them is beyond me. can someone let them know . I would love to ...
Posted By dsevern2 at 06:04 PM.    5 Views
If anyone can help. It's greatly appreciated
Hi everyone, My grandmother was a big fan of cross-stitch quilts. The last one she bought was called "Cuddly Friends" #64653 She boug...
Posted By S. Garcia at 05:56 PM.    6 Views
Continuing from another thread........
Maubennett: THIS is what that HUGE piece of cloth is for!!! It will take a very long time to complete, but it's pretty! This is the first time I've...
Posted By lpnbarnes at 02:19 PM.    16 Views,   1 Replies:
Bifocal glasses
Have any of you ever used those clipon magnifying glasses with your Eye glasses. I was told they would. I have bifocals with verilux lenses. I jus...
Posted By SydneyG at 03:19 PM.    24 Views,   3 Replies:
how much fabric is required for the antique santa stocking
Posted By bpeake1 on 05/29/15.    35 Views,   1 Replies:
Cleaning completed projects
I know that I will have to wash my projects before framing, but I saw a post of someone does not. How do you keep it clean when working on it, Esp...
Posted By elerose on 05/28/15.    130 Views,   10 Replies:
Christmas stockings.
My grand daughter has requested 2 Christmas stockings, 1 with Monkeys and one with male teddy bears. any one know where I can get either one...
Posted By connieplasterer at 05:18 PM.    6 Views,   1 Replies:
Tide Stain Stick
I am working on the June pattern by Vicki Hastings from Cross Eyed Cricket and it has a lot of white thread cross stitches. I noticed there is one s...
Posted By Bones on 05/29/15.    99 Views,   8 Replies:
Need some answers
1. I'm curious, why are there no knots in cross stitching? I've cross stitched for years, but never knew why there were no knots? 2. Can you ...
Posted By l.d.lapinski on 05/28/15.    160 Views,   18 Replies:
As if I don't have enough to do right now........
Anyone know where I might find a pattern/chart of the Twin Towers in a remembrance type of pic? I just want to add it to my collection of charts I ...
Posted By lpnbarnes at 03:02 PM.    20 Views,   4 Replies:
And THIS is..........
The SIZE of the cloth I'm gridding!! It's H U G E!!!!! That blue thing by my left arm is my iPhone 5 to give you some perspective! So, I've ...
Posted By lpnbarnes on 05/13/15.    285 Views,   18 Replies:
Lavender & Lace Pattern
I have the "Angel of Love" cross stitch pattern by Lavender & Lace. Any advice on stitching with this many beads on 28 count linen will be greatly...
Posted By lafviper on 05/27/15.    129 Views,   19 Replies:
Message for SydneyG
I wanted to tell you about a little floss tip: When I'm winding the floss on a plastic bobbin I cut off the color # from the floss wrapper and put it ...
Posted By maubennett at 10:17 AM.    28 Views,   1 Replies:
Daughters Wedding
My daughter is getting married when she was very little I bought "through a mothers eyes" by Paula Vaughan and now my opportunity to do it. I've...
Posted By joe.ashford at 12:18 AM.    73 Views,   5 Replies:
Hi: I read your message about the pattern you thought was ok for a beginner. There is another one called Now Bloom; just a single flower and...
Posted By lovetostitch at 02:44 PM.    11 Views