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Okay, last year I did battle those small sugar ants. And I won-kinda. Now (my son assures me they are not fire ants), I have red and black ants coming through the vent over the stove. Now the red ants are mingling with the sugar ants and I think war is about to break out! All those ants think they are winning the battle, but I swear THEY WON'T WIN THE WAR. All my food is always contained in Rubbermaid so I don't know what they are eating. Pam
I just purchased 25 ct laguna cloth for my cross stitch project, but it looks overwhelming. I don't know how many holes to cover for each stitch.
I think my mother has the early stages of either dementia or alzimers she hasn't been diagnosed by a Dr, because she refuses to have tests done, but I and the rest of my family have noticed her abnormal behavior. She is hoarding food to the point where the refrigerator is duct tape shut and has let her bills go unpaid because she wants to buy more food. My nephew has taken over her checking account 2 years ago to make sure the bills are paid but she now goes down to the bank and withdraws all the money before he can pay them to buy more food. She buys crap toys for great grand kids and is now hoarding them. She calls me at home and then asks where I am at. I can talk to her and 10 minutes later she won't remember talking to me or what was said. She will tell me one thing and my brother another thing and deny she said it just so him and I will argue. I am at my wits end. I don't know what to do because she and my brother won't listen. He denies anything is wrong with her. She gave up cleaning the house and makes my 84 year old step father do it. I think this has been the reason why I hit a cross stitching block. Ok sorry all my rant is over I know the chat is for cross stitch but I needed to let it out and DH is tired of hearing about it. All I really have is this house with this stupid ant infestation, my cats, and what is left of my family and DH.
I just got a severe thunderstorm watch alert....I was already watching it. It was raining sideways, in every direction. Good thing I’m smart enough to look up, and come inside when it looks like nighttime in the middle of the day. And skies and sunshine 🌞
Tomorrow is shopping day for flowers for the yard to do my Spring planting (again). DH has successfully wormed his way out of going with me, but I must say, with legitimate excuses of doing yard work. Without him, I don’t feel rushed to make plant choices either so it works out for both of us. Lots of weeding, planting, etc. to do over the next few days, so if I disappear for the next 2-3 days, rest assured that I’m knee deep in dirt, plants, mulch and manure. 😃
We had a flash flood warning in our area this evening, it didn't flood but we could actually do some fly fishing where it washed out the road but that is normal, a stiff breeze could do that. We were fine until the hail hit the tin roof then bam, bam with the hail, a lot of loud noise, poor Maddie went running as close to the floor as she could get with her tail sweeping the floor, my old cat made it up the stairs and laid down, he is half deaf, poor baby, but at least in this case it was a blessing. She came out after it was all done, it looked like it snowed here. I will be waiting on plants for at least another week.
My needles must be magic because boy can they disappear. Whenever I drop or misplace one I spend at least 45 minutes in full search mode, this includes crawling around with a flashlight, vacuuming ( including inside the cushions) and interrogating any innocent bystanders. I never find them. At this point I can only assume they are falling into a portal to another dimension that's full of needles, single earrings, and mismatched socks.
I bought this Dimensions kit here on ECS quite a bit ago, but didn't get to work on it until January this year. It took me several months to finish and I had quite a hard time with some of the greys and browns toward the end! I have this framed now and will post another pic of it in the frame once I get one taken. Just wanted to share! I sometimes in the past have had trouble with running out of thread on Dimensions kits but this one had tons and tons of extra, so maybe they are getting better about thread amounts. If I were to do this again, I'd backstitch as I went, especially on the owl feathers which were a bear to keep track of where to stitch after it'd been a while and I couldn't always pick out quite the right spot from the pattern with all the colours looking so similar. Lots and lots of counting with the backstitch, whereas usually I'm used to being able to tell where stuff goes from what colours are where.
I try to trust people at face value until things start looking not quite right. This man came to my door that lived in my neighborhood and I had known for about 3 or 4 months and told me he was there for our date to take me to the grocery store. We did not have a date to go any where, We started talking and I needed someone to do some work for me so I ended up hiring him This was back a month or more when it was freezing cold, his power had been cut off on his cousins house where he was staying. I couldn't let him stay in a house with no heat so he ended up staying at my home for about a week to 10 days. To make a long story short I start missing lots of food, jewelry, money, equipment, cameras and the list goes on. During this time I learned a 85 year old lady was staying with him (he likes older women), he is on probation from Florida and he has HIV from a girlfriend in the past. I also think he is selling stolen goods. If I report him he is in violation of his probation, but I have been robbed of a lot of my possessions, some of them I have had long enough to be antiques, I have insurance with a large deductible. If I call my insurance company they are going to want a police report. I know who his probation officer is. What would you do? I need advise and direction., Anne
Hi, I see some familiar names are still around; I haven't been on this site in about a year I guess, so I'm not sure if anyone remembers me or not, but hello again! I had taken on a job that took up most of my time, and became ridiculous (I wasn't getting paid for working monumental overtime, etc) but have left there now and finally have some time for hobbies again. I was wondering if anyone here was into watching FlossTube videos on YouTube? They seem to be the new thing for cross stitchers and one of my friends has started her own FlossTube series. I used to do video reviews and how-tos on YouTube many years ago (haven't made a new vid in maybe five years now) but it has me curious and I'm considering starting up my own FlossTube series. If any of you watch - what kinds of things do you like to see in videos? Or even if you don't, what would you LIKE to see or want to see, that would get you watching someone? Thanks guys!! <3 p.s. - I've attached a pic of my current work in progress. It's from Cross Stitch World magazine and is almost done now :D
I guess each of us has our time in need..I have been praying and I know all you prayer warriors have been too. My sister Pat has had open heart surgery survived that and now her colon has failed. She is 77 and has been so brave but she is weakening not wanting another surgery. I would so appreciate prayers for her..thanking each of you in advance..
Has anyone stitched the "Army Seal" project NOT the "U.S. Emblem"? I obtained an Army pattern few years ago and it seems to be very difficult especially for the 13 small stars in the lettering as well as the 19 "balls" in the upper field, as well as the wings and arrows. I've been stitching for quite a few years but am reluctant to attempt this one. Is there any way that I can view the pattern in the areas I'm concerned about? Or, can I purchase the pattern and then return it if not comfortable in doing this piece. Thank you all for all of your help.
HOT WATER!!! (Canned applause) It’s here and there and everywhere! It’s in the kitchen sink! It’s in the bath tub! It’s even in the utility tub! It’s hot and soothing and it’s really moving! AND here is a picture of the culprit that caused us two days of work trying to figure out why we were NOT getting any hot water! So if anyone can tell us what the *#@$ this is, please let me know. If not, then I saved it and taking it to Lowe’s this coming week to see if this has anything to do with a ‘ball valve’.
I don't chime in often but I read every post . It has become my morning routine Our beautiful granddaughter is in need of much prayer. She is very critical, in an induced paralytic state due to internal bleeding and reduced oxygen level. She is in a level 1 trama center in DE where she is a student at U of DE. Her spleen has been removed and catheter inserted to check for any more aneurisms in her system. Parents were 1078 miles away on business. No flights were available from their location . She is an honor student, a very good girl and in much need of prayer. Thanking you in advance. I know you pray for each other and I hope I am not overstepping my bounds by asking it for Sarah. I don't post often as I am not able to make short comments, I am to wordy.
I want to order this item along with the thread but I don't see anything about the Aida cloth. How do I order the Aida cloth?