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I am working on my 1st project in 15+ years. :) I am doing Pansies, Stitch & Zip glasses case by Alice Peterson (14 ct) & lost the only needle. Any idea what size & type of needle I should get? TYIA for suggestions.
Finished this for my youngest daughter's teachers. She goes to Marvelously Made. This was a fun project!
I would like to better understand how these are attached to the box, where you can purchase the box or form they are put on, etc>
So yesterday I attempted to make it into work only to turn around after about 1/3 of the way there due to snow and ice and roads being backed up and closed. So, I came home had a cup of coffee and a bagel, slipped the Little House Disc into the player and sat and stitched awhile. Got a lot done on the Welcome Winter Snowman I am working on. Last night when I picked up my stitching again after doing a few things around the house, I noticed my count was off for the snowman's arms and the frogging began. So sad, because that mitten looked particularly cute.
Anybody had your Facebook account Spanish? So weird...didn't they think I would probably notice? I don't speak or read the language...
I am doing a project that uses lots of overdyed floss, sometimes rows and rows. I know that you complete each stitch one at a time (instead of doing a whole row then coming back to finish the crosses). My problem is the back is looking really bulky to me. I've found that if I make my X's left to right, then I can't come back on the next row and work them right to left - this gives even the front a "ridged" appearance. This means sometimes ending a thread after 6 or 7 stitches, and starting over back on the left side. Is there a better way, a secret to this? I appreciate any advice you might have! Thank you!
Has anyone been to a trunk show? I was on the Rosewood website that Kristi recommended for a box and I saw a blurp about a trunk show. Is it fun and worth while or not so much?
I am looking for the floss no. from Dimensions leaflet no. 03722. It is tropical bell pull. Can anybody help please? Many thanks in advance.
After at least a year of stitching, and getting my hunny to handcraft the frame, I finally gave it to my mother for Christmas! Tears of joy were definitely shed on her behalf. So happy with it thanks EVERYTHING CROSS STITCH!
And carry a big stick...
Hi, I am new to this site, so I guess I'll just dive in ... Do you carry the gel type canvas that dissolves in hot water? Thanks, Heartland Grandma (that would be ST Louis to you)
I am doing a 5 piece set, only 2 are the same color, directions say use fabric 27 x 10. I want to do it I n 14ct Aida [switching from 28ct in directions) what size cuts of cloth do I buy? Thank you
Hello. I bought this kit at a store and half of the pattern and directions are missing. The store has gone out of business so I can not return. Is there anyway to get missing instructions/pattern without having to buy a new kit?
I really like the Eat Good Food cross stitch, but the description does not give the size. Can you please give me the size of the finished product
what is the skill level for this project?