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Are these designs color printed brochures or black and white on copy paper? Thanks for your help. Phyl'
I would like to know if someone knows if the Wichelt Oatmeal Fiddler's cloth is the same (or very close) color as the one sold by Charles Craft.
Unfortunately, My memory isn't what is was 20 years ago. But while reading through the chat, I realized trying to remember the state, province or country everyone is from is becoming increasingly difficult, so I'm starting a list of who is from where so I can get unconfused. No body is under obligation to offer where they reside and for security purposes, keep it to state, province or country. Thanks to all for your assistance. I'll start first: Bermuda: USA, South Carolina and Ohio
Zebra Fractal. StitchX Cross Stitch
Do you get all eight animals to stitch? Are the little plastic frames included?
It is that time of year for me and I am relatively new to canning. I have only been doing it for about 3 years. I usually do it with my mother but she is getting up there in age and we can't find some of the recipes we used to use for dill pickles, spicy carrots, spaghetti sauce and tomatoes. She put them in a safe place and doesn't remember where, god love that woman 😊. I used to have copies of them but we moved recently and I can't find them either, imagine Does anybody have any of these recipes they are willing to share? I have looked online but they just don't look right, these were passed down for generations and it kills me that we lost them. I have asked around our little town but nobody will share because we have a little farmers market and they sell them which I understand. If you are willing to share let me know and I will give you my e mail address if not I understand. Thank you😊
Puppies are 10 weeks old! Hunter is 16 pounds and Hazel is 14 pounds! Vet says they will grow 10 pounds a month!!!!
Hi! I really want to make this awesome project, but I need a fabric in 18 or 14 count. I can't stitch on 32 count fabric.
if I buy this today will I get on a waiting list until this item is back in stock? How long could that possibly take ?
Yesterday, DH hadn't hung the 3 hummingbird feeders up for more than ten minutes out in the backyard, when the trio showed up laying claim to the backyard. They continue to 'squabble', chasing each other hither and yon like ballistic missiles streaking across the backyard determined to establish who is number #1 of the three. Inadvertently, they've drawn DH and myself into their battles by chirping their high-pitched annoyance and hovering not more than 8-10 inches in front of our faces to 'eyeball' us and determine whether we are worthy of sitting on the patio within their tiny kingdom. The saga continues....
How does everyone store their thread? Looking for advice/opinions......thanking you all in advance.
Gift of the Eagle Feather by Dimentions. My mom surprised me and had this framed for me. Fun fact- his breast plate took me 3 months to do. There was a Stitch called couching that at the time I didn’t know how to do. I finally learned. Lots of patience and putting it down only to try try again.
This is Hazel! Jacquie's
This is Hunter sleeping' Jacquie
Marydenmark. So glad you feel better and stop the coughing. Take it easy and get your strength back.