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Taking a day trip to Gettysburg this Saturday to take in the fall foliage! My daughters and pups are going with us. We are packing a picnic lunch and plan to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and scenery and escape for the day! So excited to bond with nature. Jacquie
So, I purchased a pattern and it's a tiny 6.5in x 4in on 14 count. Not only do I want to use a larger count, I want to ENLARGE the pattern. How do I do this without my dyslexic brain exploding?
Does the linen need any prep like washing or ironing before I start cross stitching on it?
I have been out of the country for quite some time, 19 months to be exact and now that I am back stateside it's time to sew! My sister is having a baby so it's time to make something to be treasured and passed down...I am so excited!
My question is what color material is this chart being worked on?
Hi folks!!! Me again:) I really would like a cross stitch buddy. Do any of you have one? I would like someone to come to my house like on mondays and thursdays ( doesnt have to be those exact days-twice a week) and sit around and stitch with me and have conversations. And drink coffee. I'd like snacks also, but we know that leads to dirty hands and that just doesnt work. I would really appreciate a motivational buddy who enjoyed the hobby as i do. Also would be nice to not only see my progress, but someone elses also, and have encouraging words for when we get to the parts we HATE to stitch in the pattern. ( ALL patterns have some part thats not so pleasing to stitch) Does anyone do this and have a buddy??? I hope someone has a dream buddy they can share with me via internet since i have no buddy *sniff sniff*
I love these but have no idea of the name in North America. I can’t remember ever seeing them when I lived in Canada.
Just want to share a little piece of the fall design I am working on. Sunflowers are done and outlined!
My daughter does a large amount of cross stitching. She has always used the basic hoop. I have seen several of the stands - lap stands, a double hoop that can sit on your lap, etc. I was hoping to get your recommendations regarding the piece of equipment that has worked the best for you? Thanks so much!
After completing 20 of the above patterns I handed them to a friend to make into a quilt for my sister-in-law for Christmas. On Monday she came to the office where I work and showed me the progress she had made. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! She still has to put on 2 more border bands and then she will quilt and back it. I can hardly wait to see the completed quilt. It will be better than I thought it would be. And I will stitch up the patterns I got from Nancye and make them into pillows and cushions to match for next Christmas as her Birthday is in January and there is no chance of me doing it by then. If I can work out how to load a picture into this sight I will try and get one on so everyone can see and admire my friend's work. It is definitely one of a kind.
Does this picture has a bigger size?
Kristi, dearest... Could you please put up the neeeded floss for this item?
I am curious, when you complete seasonal / holiday themed cross stitch pictures how do you display them? I have one or two I have made into pillows but my husband and son aren't throw pillow fans so I don't want to get too many. I have thought about designating a changing exhibit gallery where a framed item would be switched out for the holidays but I do not have a lot of storage space, plus it seems like a lot of work for a short display period. How do you display yours?
Just curious does the pattern come with thread i mean it says its a kit but only states size? what else does this come with?
This morning, DH and I have worked on putting together a pvc floor stand with two different frame sizes for it.. There are 2 different frame sizes: 0ne on the stand is: (inside diameters of tubing): 36 1/2 inches wide x 11 1/2" high Larger frame laying on floor (inside diameter of tubing): 36 1/2 inches wide x 17 1/2" high The floor stand legs fit on the outside of my chair. Pros: with plastic clamps holding the fabric onto the Frames, the frames are big enough to put clamps on Fabric areas NOT being stitched; not having to put Clamps on stitched areas . * (see con below) I will manually roll the completed Stitched areas onto the top rod of the frame so I don't have to use clamps on the stitched areas, Thereby avoiding 'clamp' marks. Entire frame is light enough to pick up or slide. Stability is decent, but use 1/2-inch SCH-40 pvc pipe It is thicker-walled; do NOT use the 315 pvc pipe Because it is thinner-walled, therefore more flimsy. Nothing was glued or screwed together so I can Break down the stand and frames Cons: * the upper and lower 36 1/2 inch pvc rod part of the Frames do NOT ROLL like the wooden scroll frames; allowing you to roll the stitched area of fabric up Onto the upper rod of the frame and by Rolling an Unstitched area of fabric onto the frame to be Stitched. For now, I will have to remove upper and lower horizontal rods from frame and MANUALLY roll the completed stitched area onto the top rod and reinsert it into the frame; , then manuallyadjust roll the unstitched fabric onto the lower rod, apply clamps and re-insert onto the frame. I'm working on this problem.... Cost for building stand and two frames (without clamps used for clamping fabric on tubing): pvc tubing, pvc fittings: approximately $25.00. Materials were bought at Lowes in Myrtle Beach, SC. Haven't 'road tested' it yet but will try it in the next day Or so. IMPRORTANT!! The pvc Pipe has black inked information Stamped on it. I would suggest that you Remove this inked information off all the Tubing and any Parts if you decide to build This but clean it off BEFORE you build it. I was able to completely remove this ink By using Windex sprayed onto the damp Green side of a Freshine scrub sponge, Then rinsing off the Windex and drying The tubing and parts. Sorry if picture is upside down.