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The Latest Chit Chat

I lost the pattern for this cross stitch kit. Can I replace it?
Any idea if the designer meant this to be a Star of David/Jewish Star? Any 1/4 or 1/2 stitches? Backstitching? I could be very tempted if it wasn't so large.
Are your charts color? or black and white? I only like black and white charts because the "precolored" ones are too hard on my eyes. Thank you. Melanie McCarter
I'm looking to buy this basket cloth
Which product would I need to transfer a pattern onto a fabric that I already have? Do these patterns or alphabets have an ink to iron on the pattern to my own fabric?
Just wanted to ask you a question because I had never heard that before. Are you serious that it takes 5-7 years to complete an Artecy project? If you are, I will move it down to the bottom of the stash. I am quite sure that I will not have that amount of time to complete this pattern. Any feedback from other stitchers? The pattern I have is beautiful, but oh my,my, my, my,my goodness. Peace-Pam
I have 11 count Aida cloth, is this the right cloth for that project? If not, Can you Please give me the right count of cloth. Thank tou
I am just griding up the material for "Sweet Remembrance" and I am looking to you fellow stitchers for pearls of wisdom. It recommends starting in the top left hand corner which is a first for me but I can see where they are coming from. But I am wondering do I need to put this in a frame to stitch or can I free hand it as I am finding holding frames is giving my hand severe pain after awhile? This will be my first all over pattern so I will be stitching for a long time methinks. But just think of all the WIPs that will get finished during this project as I can see me putting it to one side when I start making mistakes as I HATE unpicking.
The pattern shows the frame for the pictures separate from the actual picture. The heart floral part doesn't fit inside the frame but wouldn't making the frame bigger mess up the placement of everything else?
I am interested in "regular" cross stitch embroidery, not counted cross stitch; My teenage granddaughter has gotten interested in this and is working on a Victorian House from some "Aunt Martha's" iron-on patterns I bought many years ago. Is there a good source for iron-on patterns that are cross stitch and some other basic stitches as well. She has a coloring book with short Bible verses and other designs that would be good to use and I know these could be traced and transferred but how difficult would it be to add cross stitch pattern to them and get the stitches uniform? I hope this makes sense-LOL
Sending your family prayers and good thoughts for tomorrow. Your dad amazes me=out shoveling snow? Take care and keep us posted. Pam
Well folks, because of the weather or other circumstances for our anniversary, my husband's birthday in January and Valentine's Day....we couldn't make it to the Lobster House for dinner. Today we have sunshine...low winds...and the temp is all the way up to 42 degrees so we are going down this afternoon. This restaurant has been around for ages and sits on the "Wharf" in Cape May. I am attaching a drawing which is actually from their home page on the internet. You can google the restaurant and read about it as well as their full menu! I hope if any of you are ever in Cape May you will stop by this place. It is truly exceptional! In the summer there is a schooner docked along side the restaurant where you can eat outside!! No complaining for me today!!!! I just reviewed the menu....yours truly will be having the House Special which is Lobster, Scallops & shrimp over an order of Clams Casino!!!
I don't use moisturizers but guess I need to. My hands are like sandpaper and grab any piece of floss nearby when separate ing or changing colors. How long after using do I need to wait before stitching? No laughing vcess!
Hi, exactly what does "over-dyed" mean??? Is the "over-dyed" floss color deeper, sharper and/or more vibrant???? Thank you for your help. WV Corvette Lady
I have a siloette pattern that calls for a NP300 glow in dark thread. I have never heard of this or know where to find this. Has anyone ever used this or heard of it?