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How does everyone store their thread? Looking for advice/opinions......thanking you all in advance.
I am looking for this pattern and/or kit. I have seen them on ebay and they are real pricey. I would prefer just the pattern, but will take the kit if reasonable $$.
Always posting pics of new pups that I thought it only fair to post one of my handsome hound Dante!
Went to PetSmart for their tailgating event and had fun with pups! Our vet called her Witch Hazel from the Looney Toons cartoons. I didn't remember her at first and had to look her up. So now she is affectionally known as Witch Hazel but to me, she is Hazelnut in honor of my Chestnut!
Unfortunately, My memory isn't what is was 20 years ago. But while reading through the chat, I realized trying to remember the state, province or country everyone is from is becoming increasingly difficult, so I'm starting a list of who is from where so I can get unconfused. No body is under obligation to offer where they reside and for security purposes, keep it to state, province or country. Thanks to all for your assistance. I'll start first: Bermuda: USA, South Carolina and Ohio
By any chance is this pattern a 14 count...
Someone takes their parakeets to the beach. You can't make this stuff up.
dear catoverbrat, definitley use a hoop or a scroll if the project is big. It is impossible to keep the tension right on your stitches without one of those.. Bye now. jnorma2
if I buy this today will I get on a waiting list until this item is back in stock? How long could that possibly take ?
After making a few adjustments, and entering all the names, and numbers of people on our "approved" list (got a little dicey when I got to Avon Bird And Animal Hospital) we have not gotten one robo call, or other nonsense. That was $60.00 well spent.
Looking for more advise :) Use hoops or no hoops???? The woman that taught me to cross stitch doesn't use them...just taught me to keep even tension on all my stitches (don't pull too tight) there other benefits from using a hoop?
This coming Thursday - the 28th - I am heading to Georgia to visit some friends for a long weekend. They live about 1 hour north of Atlanta, so I drive down, takes about 10 - 11 hours. All depends on how many orange trees are along the expressway 😉 . I have a couple of new projects all ready to go with me - fairly easy ones. My friend has to work part of the time I am there, but that is ok by me. This trip gives me a break from the normal humdrum house and yard work plus taking care of my 93 yr old mother. Of course it has been so hot and humid here lately that I haven't wanted to do anything outside and as luck would have it, the weather is suppose to break on Thurs and be 20 - 30 degrees cooler. Of course, I am heading to heat - smack hand on forehead. I enjoy warm weather, especially on a cruise ship and can be snorkeling or swimming, but just to be in heat and weed - yuk! Should be able to get a lot of stitching done - yahoo!
Does this kit come with the thread?
can i add this neddle to my order while ago?
So, I just ordered and received this pattern. After I spent quite a few minutes studying the picture and the pattern, I'm thinking it might look better stitched on 18 ct Aida rather than the 14 ct I bought for it. What do you all think? It's for my daughters wedding next summer, and I want it to look good! Thanks! Your opinions matter!! Marlene