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The Latest Chit Chat

Thank you all of you that responded to my chat. Now I feel like I belong to a group of friends.I am glad that others use the loop method. I should not tell on myself but a couple of my first projects I ran the stitches at the end and did not have the sense to even cut the "tails" of my thread on back. I was afraid the stitches would unravel. While I am fessing u( a couple of my first projects (I swear I read the instructions) the stitches should go one way. Well, one row I did go one way then the next row slanted the other way. Gulp. I admitted it to all of you but none of my friends know. I honestly think I threw them away to erase the crime . (and everyone is free to call me Pam.] Showing my age I will always sign out "Peace" I had to use that word in school because-brace yourself-teachers have to break up fights.
This a shameless method to get someone to chat with me but a valid if simple question. Do any of you use the loop method to secure your first stitch? I like it because it makes the back of work look neater. When I first started I used the run the thread under several threads then I found the loop method. Again, I am being shameless. Peace.
Just saw a weather report for tomorrow and guess what? Can you guess? Bet you can. That's right, another winter weather advisory for SE Mich. starting mid-morning on Wed. through to Thurs. They are talking about snow accumulation of minimum 4 to 7 inches with snow falling at times of 2" an hour. Local weather reports for us are 7 to 10". This could be tiring very fast. But the good thing is I should be able to finish my wrapping and lots of stitching since I don't plan to go anywhere now. Marym, no doubt this will be heading your way after us!
Hi, In my wanderings looking at different cross stitch patterns, I went to “The Sisterhood” patterns just to see if you carried the pattern I had stitched a few years back and you do carry it. It is called, “The Rede Sampler” and I found the ‘thumbnail” picture (3rd row down, last pattern to your right) and clicked on it, but the picture that came up next to the poem’s saying is the incorrect picture. It shows 3 girls, not the picture of the poem. It shows an SKU 22533 but don’t know if that is the SKU for the 3 girls chart or the Sampler.
Thank you for getting ahold of me. The title is QS Littlest Fairy finished design size is 175W 213 H (7WX 81/2 H inches on 25 ct fabric) I'm sorry I wasn't more accurate earlier. The question was is it 2over1 or 1 over1 and will it lose to much if it is done on 18 ct. KLThank You Bermuda you have helped alot
I hang it on the door since it’s only about 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches.....
Has anyone done "Little Girls Are Made Of"? I had so much trouble I had to put it up. Designer Bobbie G. One of my biggest problems was hopscotch blocks of about 400 quarter stitches not vertical or horizontal but at an angle. A lot of symbols were not legible, mostly 2 quarter stitches in same block. Read on chat where symbols on different design by Bobbie G were not legible. After many many hours on this project I had to stop. No joy, no fun. I have started new project and am having a lot of fun. P.S. It was very hard to stop but I'm sure my blood pressure is better!
The weather here in SW Ontario is wretched ❄❄ and expected to worsen over the course of the day and overnight. The visibility out the windows is poor and I have decided to stay home today. All the school buses for miles around have been cancelled. Hubby has ventured out to work and just called to tell me I wasn't being a wuss for staying home. Sheltered areas are not too bad, open areas are drifting in with poor visibility. I think I will get some wrapping done this morning, then spend the afternoon stitching. Mary
I just finished this guy, love him. I cannot decide if I want to frame him or maybe make him into an ornament. How has everyone else finished him?
Just finished shoveling our drive and sidewalk. The drive is a rear entrance garage so quite long and back by the garage it turns into a lot of shoveling! We only had about 2.5 inches so it wasn't too bad. When we get more, my neighbor behind us does the drive with his snow blower - thank goodness! Actually, the snow blower was originally ours, but after Dad passed away I gave it to Rick because it was too powerful for me - I had to practically run with it to keep up. Anyway, guys and their toys means he doesn't mind doing it. BTW, just heard on the news we are expecting more snow any time now and through the night - enough already!!!
Making a birth announcement for a new granddaughter in April. Hopefully will have it done shortly after birth. Been working on it for a couple of weeks. I still have a blanket to knit.
I have had this project on my To Do list for decades. The pattern came from an old "Cross Stitch and Country Crafts" magazine. I changed the berries from a burnt orange to red to add depth and a more modern look. Luckily, ECS has all the DMC floss colors - including those not carried by my local, small-town craft store. Hope to finish before the end of the year!
Will you be adding the list of supplies needed for this counted cross stitch chart soon? Thank you.
The verdict from the Doctor about the tingling and pain in my left hand and fingers is carpal tunnel. Palm is a little swollen today. Thank God I am right handed although I fear that holding the hoop with my left hand as I stitch might be causing some of the swelling and pain. The doctor is prescribing me a brace to wear at bedtime. Hope it helps! Don't want to have surgery it will put a damper on my stitching!
So when I made my order I was charged on my card and then I was charged again after the order was shipped out