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I'm looking for 14ct 13x23 in ivory. Do you make custom sizes? If not what would you recommend?
Hi - I love this!! Can you please tell the color of the 14-count aida fabric blue in this kit? Thanks!
I'm getting ready to start a large project and am looking at the floor and lap stands for holding your work. I normally use the q snap frames so I'm not sure if the wooden stands will work? What are your favorite products to use for holding your work? It will be on 18 count Aida fabric size 24x37 (356 stitches wide x 577 high). I saw one stand on amazon that looks similar to q snap but not sure it is large enough.
Well...after many tests and consultations the doctors have scheduled my husband for open heart surgery next Thursday. He is scheduled for a TAV R procedure which goes in through the groin area to take the new aortic valve to his heart and put in place through a vein. He is very weak but looking forward to having this behind him and getting on with his life. The doctors believe he is too weak to do the open chest procedure which is wonderful because that has a long and arduous recovery period. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of my stitching friends for your continued prayers. We can feel them working. One thing I have learned here is I am not in control. I have turned this over to God which was easy - the hard part and one I have to work a lot on is stepping back and letting God take care of things. I will keep you posted on everything. Thank you all again. It is very humbling when people I have never met in person are there for us. cheryl
Please, what type of thread is included with this project?
Well, the grand "high" today in South Jersey is a whopping 27 degrees. We went to church this morning. Yours truly started making a huge pot of vegetable soup when we came home. I have one of those enameled cast iron pots. I combined about 10 vegetables and have just let it simmer. My husband is now walking by and saying "how much longer until the soup is done?" It does smell awfully good. I have some fresh bakery rolls I will now go heat up. As long as I don't have to go outside tonight.....I'm good. I hope you are all well...and safe. P.S. Are we still hearing from Texas Stitcher? I realized this afternoon that I haven't seen any posts from her. I do hope she is doing well. I know the weather in Texas has not been that great this winter.
size? supplies?
Just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed that they have a pattern of damselflies mating on this site? I find this hilarious, as in has anyone bought this item? Who would want to spend hours stitching insects having sex? Did those who have purchased this pattern even know that they were swapping the good ol' genetic material? Not to mention that these insects are damselflies and not even dragonflies in the first place? So many questions! I have to admit that this would be a good icebreaker picture to have framed on the wall hahaha ~note that this post is meant to be taken in good nature~ EDIT: sorry if there was some confusion, but the reason why I pointed out that they are damselflies and not dragonflies was because the item is titled "Dragonflies". I just meant to point out the identification error; I was not in fact making a lesbian joke but I now can see how some may think I was in regards to this picture 😆
Has anyone read the Mitford series? I’m 2/3 into my first one. I wouldn’t think it was my type of book but I’m loving this gentle, humorous story with bits of "who done it" thrown in. I can even remember all the characters in this small town because the writer describes them so vividly. It gives me a warm feeling to have it waiting for me my bedside table.
Does anyone know how to get the acorn and squirrel buttons shown on this project?
ATTN: Person who made a request this morning. I have three "Dennis Originals Transportation Classics." I see that Book #19 is listed on eBay for $11.95 plus postage. I would be very happy to gift these pamphlets to you. Just send me your contact information. GIFT MEANS -- NO CHARGE!!! I would appreciate if you acknowledge that you read this posting even if you decide you don't want the booklets.
Hi everyone, does anybody know where I can find 1964 falcon cross stitch or other old car patterns?
What is blending filament and how is it used?
I would like to know what floss and fiber are recommemded for this pattern, please. I want to order it all at the same time so I could possibly complete it by Valentine's Day.
An absolutely beautiful Bald Eagle flew over my house today. I know there is a pair that nest in the nature preserve behind us, but I have never seen one fly over.