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All All Fabric on Sale in June!
I will pray you will all be safe this summer with wild & sudden weather. I'm in NoCo and am under t-storm, hail, and tornado warnngs & watches. I do NOT handle this form of stress well. It's nothing I can affect...AZ monsoons never scared me this much! Barb
Has everybody except me been doing this since the year dot or have I stumbled upon a good trick? When fastening your thread on the back it’s easier if you insert it at an angle instead of straight on. Do I get a pat on the back or a scornful laugh? 🤗
Haven’t quite figured out if I want to hang it, or leave it like it is. I’m going to live with it for a bit.
Hi there, I had a pattern many years ago, it was just black with a park bench, a tree, a light post and a saying about friends. It was single stitch very simple. I can not find it anywhere I would love to try and find it again. It was from a cs mag over 20 years ago.......... But after many moves and several states later. Please help. Thanks in advance.
I started working on a stamped cross stitch table runner. I have only worked with counted cross stitch on aida. The stitches on the table runner just don't look as neat as counted. Any suggestions on working with stamped?
When I'm feeling blue all I have to do is visit the chat room and new charts and kits sections of this site and I am smiling again! It is my go-to spot for a little happiness during my workday! Also, gives me something to do while I sit and wait for the phone to ring.
Good Morning I have a question about hooping. My fabric is to soft to cross stitch and not use a hoop I’m concerned about hooping over my stitches and damaging them I see no way around it does anyone have any suggestions or tips Thanks so much Cindy
I came to ECS today to buy this - it's been in my wish list for a long time and I figured it would be a part of the birds sale, but it doesn't appear to be. Kristi/powers that be - was this overlooked? Or not intended to be birds as the swans are a smaller element of the piece?
How difficult is jobelan material to stitch on. I have used lugana cloth for a few projects but have just bought(!!!) an opened kit called Mary Adhern's House?? (Shakespeare's mother) and the material has been replaced with 14 count aida instead of 27 count cloth. I was looking for a variegated cloth and noticed some pretty ones on jobelan and just hope the eyes will stand the strain as this is going to be the alternate to Sweet Rememberance when that one starts to become a chore instead of a pleasure to stitch. Also whoever had the kit has marked the aida with ball point pen!! so you can guess what is going to happen with the material.
Help! I'm working on a new project from a 1995 DMC pattern, King Henry and his wives. As the figures are spaced out in the design a friend recommended I "chart" the fabric with the Easy Guide red line. I've never done this before but could definitely see the benefit to finding my place on the fabric. I was anxious to start and so just used 14lb red fishing line from WalMart. However now the actual Easy Guide line has finally arrived and I noticed that it is about half the thickness of the fishing line I used. Is this going to be a problem? Will the "holes" still shrink back to size when I wash my project? This is what happens when you get in a hurry... Thanks!
Hello, I’ve got the Me To You TT100 A New Baby cross stitch pattern by Anchor, but have lost the key for the outlining. So I don’t know which colours to use for the different outlines. Does anyone have this pattern?
Love this new pattern! It's on my wish list!
Where do you start on the fabric?
Are there advantages to one over the other? I know all y'all have done both, which did you prefer and why? Are there coverage issues? Is one fabric significantly more expensive? How would YOU decide? I feel like the two over two would be an added math complication, although probably easily overcome once you got accustomed to working in that method.
When will the new Mirabilia designs be added to the website? Also, what is included in the 25th Anniversary package other than the cameo chart? Thanks!