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How long would it take to ship this to Canada?
What is the size of each and what count is the fabric?
Just thought I would share a picture, the bottom paw print is our dogs, I enlarged it a bit from a photo, ( not much, she's got some big feet) the baseball hat I did from a photo too. (I also did one in blue, but it's hiding from me) I still have more xmas lights to add to my string, eventually!
I just got a huge knot in one of my parked threads. O_O So after unknotting the tangled mess, I decided I probably needed a needle minder, so I made one of my own. I didn't make the design on the front, I used a hot glue gun to adhere a magnet onto the back of it.
Thanks Kristie for your help this week. I know you have been busy ironing out teething problems with the new site. When I tried to go to the payment site the system would not go there - must have had gremlins in my system again! I have new placed the order for the kits and have five months to complete the wedding sampler. We travel hopefully. I like the new site and look forward to many more purchases ion the future (as if I needed any more patterns)!!
hello. I am wondering if there will be a download for the pattern, or if it will be mailed to me. Also, with some patterns it lists the supplies needed that I can buy from you, and with other patterns it says the supplies but does not list them for sale? are these included or do you not sell them for all patterns?
The only good thing about a rainy Memorial Day forecast is that I get to cross stitch more! Normally, I would work on my flower gardens but with the rain coming I think I will work on my cross stitch flowers instead! A rainy three day weekend is better than a rainy day at the office! Jacquie
I have always worked on the kitchen table. Since I live alone that is no problem. I eat all my meals in the living room and all my sewing in the kitchen. I tried working off stands but the several I tried were too flimsy. I had a square table and laid my pattern on the left my frame in the middle and my tools on the right all side by side. Now have a round table and can't do this. Guess I will have to find a small square table and work in the living room though I see trouble coming with tv on.
I am looking into doing some cross stitching for charity. I did find a few sites by Googling. Does anyone else do this and do you have any recommendations?
This is in booklet form, which I do not like. Before I order more, I will need to find out in what form it is sent. Also, the symbols are on there as to what colors to use but now what stitch to use. Confusing!
Another attempt! Taking pictures in all different directions to see if I can get one to post right side up!if I take it upside down it stays upside down.taking it right side up it turns upside down, taking it on its side switches direction! Is it gremlins? At least posting sideways you don't have to stand on your head to see it😁 Any one else have this problem?
Thinking about purchasing this and want to be sure it's counted cross stitch and not stamped. Thanks.
Good morning Troy - I saw your answer to jenorma2 about putting the calculator on the pattern pages but for the life of me I can't find it. I would prefer it be with the fabric pages so I don't have to keep switching back and forth. I do love the new format of this website and congratulate you for all the very hard work that you all put into it. Thanks so much. cheryl
I just noticed that they misspelled Australia in this pattern :(. I see how I could fix it but not sure I can take it out without messing all the stuff around it. I jumped around a bit in that section when it did it a month ago.
A year or two ago, someone posted they were traveling and stitchers came up with shops that were near the town she was headed. So, i would like to know what if any shops near northern California-ish. I use to go to a quaint shop in St. Charles, Mo. (it's gone now) but when I google search shops, the closed ones still show up. Any help would be appreciated. I really miss the old fashion, touch and buy shopping experience.