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Lol! So I learned something about myself, apparently I really like sheep. As I was browsing the farm animals sale today I noticed nearly every item I clicked on and considered for my wish list was a sheep. Maybe I'm just in a sheepy mood. :) Sorry for the Dad jokes but it was fun.
I recently purchased this kit and I want to know if you are supposed to stitch the beard, cat, and bottom of snowman with white floss. The pattern says to only stitch details in white. There is not enough white floss for the beard, cat, and bottom of snowman. Any feed back would be welcomed. Thanks Marylou
So proud of our Philadelphia EAGLES! Super Bowl Bound!
Does all the thread needed for this project come in the kit? What size needle do I need? How do I know what size hoop to purchase? Thanks, Sue
Love this new pattern! Very colorful and springy!
Yes I did say that!! I have just started the "All Because" wedding sampler and marked with a long thread the centre of the material and then counted to the square needed to start at in the bottom left hand corner as I usually do. I the selected my thread and started the back stitch border. After 2 days I was admiring my handiwork and noticed it was a bit high on the material. Would you believe it somehow I had started the border at the half way mark and not only that I was using the wrong colour. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Guess what I will be doing for the next few days!!! I'm either all stitched out or not concentrating. Ah well back to the beginning we go. Better luck this time.
size? supplies?
Is this a counted cross stitch or stamped?
Storm is gone for another day. I honestly never worried about them til my house got hit year before last. We were blessed that it did so little damage except pick up my neighbor's car port which slammed in the front of the house. The siren sounded 3 times before I took it seriously , tossed the cats into their carriers and ran (oh forgot, took hubby too). Hubby didn't have to be crated. We ran to neighbor's storm cellar and listened to what a tornado sounds like. Honestly, thank all of you that were concerned, I know you were praying. Take care and as always, Peace. Pam
and you know what that means. Yes, I’ve already placed some plant orders for here.....🌷:)
I was just wondering if anybody knew where I can get more patterns like this. She is a crocheted bed doll. I have combed over eBay and Amazon. My mother gave me some patterns but I would like more. Yes that is my cat photo bombing He is 16 years young. 😊
Hi, I am looking for 1.5 inch frames with plastic backing for advent calendars. Does anyone know where I can find these? I would need 72 total frames. Thanks, Trish
I am looking for lineman on power pole working on lines. My son is a foreman with power company. I very like to know if there one out there. I like it with just one color but if there more color that be ok
Well, the grand "high" today in South Jersey is a whopping 27 degrees. We went to church this morning. Yours truly started making a huge pot of vegetable soup when we came home. I have one of those enameled cast iron pots. I combined about 10 vegetables and have just let it simmer. My husband is now walking by and saying "how much longer until the soup is done?" It does smell awfully good. I have some fresh bakery rolls I will now go heat up. As long as I don't have to go outside tonight.....I'm good. I hope you are all well...and safe. P.S. Are we still hearing from Texas Stitcher? I realized this afternoon that I haven't seen any posts from her. I do hope she is doing well. I know the weather in Texas has not been that great this winter.
Hi - I love this!! Can you please tell the color of the 14-count aida fabric blue in this kit? Thanks!