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hi , does they have a cherry blossom project , i really want to have that kind of project , just like in the picture i attached.. please help.
There are a couple of patterns that I want to order, but they require 30 count linen. I don't do linen. I know my limitations,ha! So, my question is, will 28 count evenweave work (over 2)? I don't mind if it makes a bit of difference in the project size. Thanks!
what does the letters ul mean in describing the colour of coffee brown or any other colour?
Hello stitchers! As you know, I have been following Merry Lee the Great White Shark who makes her way from Nantucket to Florida. The Atlantic City Press just printed an article saying she is on course to head back to South Jersey for the Holiday weekend. She usually does this every year. She is quite a special shark. The director of tagged her in September of 2012 off the Massachusetts coast. Chris Fisher is the founder of OCEARCH and the person who tagged her. He named her in honor of his mother because she was so special. I have had great fun following her antics. Bermuda.....are you out there??? You have asked me if I thought she was going up and down the coast in the spring with hopes of mating. That is exactly what Chris Fisher thinks this is about! Her estimated weight is now 3,500 pounds. My husband and I will make out way down to Cape May this weekend. I would just LOVE to hear that she was spotted in the waters nearby. She has come as close as 1 1/2 miles off the tip of Cape May. Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!
The only good thing about a rainy Memorial Day forecast is that I get to cross stitch more! Normally, I would work on my flower gardens but with the rain coming I think I will work on my cross stitch flowers instead! A rainy three day weekend is better than a rainy day at the office! Jacquie
This is in booklet form, which I do not like. Before I order more, I will need to find out in what form it is sent. Also, the symbols are on there as to what colors to use but now what stitch to use. Confusing!
Most of us understand that ECS cannot possibly carry all of the supplies for all of your patterns. When the supply list is posted it would probably be helpful to add a disclaimer or a notice that says something like: The designer of this pattern suggests that you use a particular fabric; or the pattern calls for other items that you do not carry. Still list the items that you don't carry. Just make sure that information is available. That way the customer will not be disappointed when he or she does not receive all of the supplies.
Thanks Kristie for your help this week. I know you have been busy ironing out teething problems with the new site. When I tried to go to the payment site the system would not go there - must have had gremlins in my system again! I have new placed the order for the kits and have five months to complete the wedding sampler. We travel hopefully. I like the new site and look forward to many more purchases ion the future (as if I needed any more patterns)!!
what does the letters ul mean in describing the colour of coffee brown or any other colour?
How many different colors of floss does this use?
I just got a huge knot in one of my parked threads. O_O So after unknotting the tangled mess, I decided I probably needed a needle minder, so I made one of my own. I didn't make the design on the front, I used a hot glue gun to adhere a magnet onto the back of it.
Just thought I would share a picture, the bottom paw print is our dogs, I enlarged it a bit from a photo, ( not much, she's got some big feet) the baseball hat I did from a photo too. (I also did one in blue, but it's hiding from me) I still have more xmas lights to add to my string, eventually!
Hello everyone! This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and in observance for the holiday, our office will be CLOSED on Monday, May 29th. We will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, May 30th. That means, I will not be able to answer anything on the message boards or our Facebook page until I get back in the office on Tuesday. Emails to our Customer Service department will still be answered but response times may be a bit slower due to it being a holiday weekend. Any orders that have shipped will also have a delay in their receiving times due to the post office not running on Memorial Day, so please keep that in mind :) We here at ECS wish you all a safe and pleasant Memorial Day weekend. May we never forget the heroes that have fought for our freedom and have paid the ultimate price. We do not know them all but we owe them all! ~Kristi @ ECS this lists some supplies, but it does not seem to list them all (such as the fabric). I had messaged you about supplies before, and you said you could add them if there was a specific one I was interested in. Thank you! Emily
How long would it take to ship this to Canada?