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What color fabric is used in this sample?
I really like your patterns, but this one is offensive - the wording. I don't get it. Would like to see it removed from your listing.
I need to change skin color from 754 (lt. peach)758( V lt Terra cotta) 948 (V lt peach) to chocolate brown skin tones. Any suggestions?
Table is done, house is dusted, rugs swept, floors swept and scrubbed. (Had to buy a new "mop", instead of the spray going "fssssssssst", mine was going "fsstt") No more excuses, for now.
What is the finished size of this design? I would like to know what size frame to purchase. thanks!
I can't lay claim to the idea, DH discovered it. I have a Mighty Bright light magnifier and, as instructions on most magnifiers state, you should keep the lens covered and out of direct sunlight to prevent starting a fire. Well, Crown Royal Whiskey (Canadian blend whiskey)to the rescue!!! We bought the 1 liter size and the bottle inside the box has a purple (with gold trim) fabric cover with a pull cord that fits nicely over my magnifier! So use the cover, and have a 'nip' of Crown Royal when you realize you're going to have to frog out a section of your evening's stitching. I am NOT an employee or have been paid by Crown Royal Whiskey to advertise their name or product. :)
So, my orders finally got here today!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This little darling was in my order, and I discovered HE AINT SO LITTLE!! It H U G E!!!!!! And, of course it's a cover-all. HOW am I going to stitch this??? DH says I should turn it sideways to stitch. Has anyone ever successfully done this? The pattern is 60 pages long!!!!!!! So the fabric will be 33" X 25" if I do 18 they even make scroll rods that big?? If I go with 14 ct. The fabric would be......lets see, carry the one, add, .........43" X 31"!!! YIKES!!!! This us by FAR the LARGEST pattern EVER!!!! ohwhatdidigetmyselfinto???????? Marlene
What does this include? Fabric, floss?
I am fixing to make some bookmarks but I want to cut my own fabric. The first one that I am going to do says stitch count 24 wide x 100 high and is done on 18 count aida fabric I think it will be 7 x 12 when I finish, but not sure and need to know the exact size to cut to allow for border or turning under thank you
Can you tell me the size range for all crossstitch needles and what size would be good for begins.....Thanks
So excited to be going to my parent's house in the Pocono Mountains and being able to stitch the weekend away. Temps are supposed to be in the mid 70's and sunny. My husband is checking out their heater which is on the fritz. We want to be sure it is working for them come the cooler late autumn nights. Even in the summer, you need a blanket when you sleep! Have a great weekend and happy stitching! Jacquie
House maintenance is, at its best, a nasty filthy chore we all have to perform at some point. For DH and I today was CRAWLSPACE DAY!!! Yes, a day of adding styrofoam insulation and caulking in a 4-foot high crawlspace. DH let me choose my corner to work on which also happened to have most of the heating and air conditioning duct work. My creeping along sloth-like towards the corner dragging my plastic grocery bag of caulk gun and caulk, shoving the styrofoam board ahead of me, I couldn't help but ask myself if I was having any fun yet. No, not yet. The fun began when I successfully put the tube of caulk into the caulking gun, cut off the tip of the caulk and discovered the caulk wouldn't come out. The spiders keeping me company in my corner, looked on from their webs and... did I hear them giggle? I complained to DH that the caulk refused to budge out of its tube; he reminded me I needed a long nail to insert into the caulk tube to open it... uhhhh no nail in my grocery bag.. DH loaned me his as we both moved sloth-like towards each other for the nail exchange.. I returned to my corner and completed the styrofoam-caulk experience having caulked what needed to be caulked, including having caulked myself successfully on hands, arms and hair. 0ne hour later, I surfaced up out of the crawlspace, leaving the spiders to their whispering conversations and de-caulked myself with gasoline; thankful the job had been completed and grateful there was no one around with a lit match. I'd rather stitch.....
I have finished this piece for my son's girlfriend. She love penguins. I am ready to clean/mount/frame. I wanted to mat it but I do not know how to measure for that and then measure for the frame. Can somebody please help me and tell me what size mat to buy and what size frame to buy PLEASE? The material I used I believe was standard size bought on ECS, measures about 14-1/2" by 17" and of course I would like it centered. Not sure there is enough space for a mat, and I am having a hard time figuring out what size the opening should be and what size frame for the mat to get. I remember seeing a website for framing posted here, but I cannot find it anymore. Please help. Also what is the best/easiest way to mount it that will last. Is there a kit or something? Edited to add, the last time I framed a cross stitch project, I paid for it to be professionally framed and paid out the wazoo. I have 9 projects cross stitched and ready to clean/mount/frame that are just waiting for me to get to it.
Hello, I ordered and printed the internet chart (all 27 or 28 pages). (Edinburgh Castle) I'm wondering if I order the leaflet and have it mailed, if it will be several sheets as opposed to the one I ordered and printed out myself. Thank you.
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" that is so not true! Three months ago I'd never heard of snap frames and now I have two sets plus two sets on order. I was a bit dubious in the beginning but am quite converted now.