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I guess each of us has our time in need..I have been praying and I know all you prayer warriors have been too. My sister Pat has had open heart surgery survived that and now her colon has failed. She is 77 and has been so brave but she is weakening not wanting another surgery. I would so appreciate prayers for her..thanking each of you in advance..
If I won the lottery I would buy so many of the perforated paper kits. However with all the craft items I have now, I would have to live to be 300 years old, to get them all done. Have a great day.
Well I've done it again!! Have just ordered two more patterns and one kit. The kit is a new release called "Christmas Pups Ornaments" and is gorgeous. The two patterns are "Dogs" and "Dogon Good Time" (I think). Some more for the stash. When will I ever learn.
Wednesday I took the dog “shopping”, because the parks were too wet, (and she like to play in the puddles) As we were headed back to the Jeep, we ran into some drama. Apparently a van backed into a car, while parallel parking, a witness saw it and confronted the driver, who said it didn’t happen...F bombs were flying, the air was getting a bit blue, so we high tailed it out of there. Thursday, went to PT, and a woman pulled out of a parking lot not quite in front of me, I had to hit the gas, and do a little swerve dance, but she missed me. On my way home, a woman went around the mail truck (she was behind it) and nearly hit me head on. I had to slam on my breaks, or she would have. I’m thinking I may have accidentally activated some kind of invisibility shield, I looked all over for a target 🎯 , but couldn’t find one.
Hi I am trying to find a color but don't have the number and I can't match it at the store what could I do
but I have been very busy in my garden beds. I don't think about before/after pics so much - might do some afters later on. Still working on the east side of the house, digging up old stuff, clearing out those %*!@**# prickle weeds, cutting down a honeysuckle etc. etc. We have gone to instant summer - high 80's, so I don't last too long out there - especially in the afternoons. Hopefully, this morning I will have that side of the house done and can continue my journey around the whole place! Not going to worry about too many new plants this year, just those I definitely know where I want to place them, plus my annuals for my pots and planters - might even cut back a bit on those! We'll see. It's getting late in the morning so I am heading back outside now.
I was able to get the ‘drip’ tubing in the 2 front flower beds. I know you can’t see it but It is now buried. I had an idea of doing a ‘Before’ Picture of one of the ‘beds’. Then do an ‘After’ Picture in about 5-6 weeks just to see the difference..... Ohh, I haven’t planted any of the purchased plants yet...
No, I didn’t get a lab puppy. Just happy my medical ‘labs’ Have improved. I must be doing something right....:)
Hallelujah! We have a thunderstorm with RAIN. I know you think I am crazy but I can't tell you how badly we need this. I don't like lightning but as long as it rains, so be it. Peace
Hello Everyone! Kristi from ECS here :) Just wanted to remind you that our offices will be closed on Monday, May 28th in honor of Memorial Day and we will resume normal office hours on Tuesday, the 29th. Emails will still be answered over the weekend and on the holiday but response times my be slower due to our employees enjoying the holiday weekend as well. We here at ECS hope you have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And may we all take some time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. May they never be forgotten and may we be ever so grateful for them. Talk to you all on Tuesday! ~Kristi @ ECS
Do you have any idea when you will have the counted cross stitch tote bag back in stock.
I have an old pattern that calls for this fabric. Can't seem to find the color, or one close to it, anywhere. Anyone have it or know where to find it?
Only about 2000 stitches to go!
Is the thread list available for this so I can buy thread with the kit?
Last weekend it was this site down, then my power went out. Now, there is a sound mitigation wall going up across the road from our farm because of new oil wells. Well, it's partially blocking my access to the only internet tower in the area! Oh, goody. So, for the next 6 to 10 months, we will have sporadic service! At least the only time my canvases wii go down will be by my own hands.