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In light of the recent tragedy in Manchester England where 22 people including children have lost their lives, my heart is breaking! So very sad that a night of fun and for some their first concert had to end in such tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by this horrific crime. May those who lost their lives rest in peace and may their families find comfort in the loving arms of God and their family and friends at this very difficult time. With deepest sympathy, Jacquie
Kristi, when I received the pattern and instructions, I discovered that they do their supplies a little differently--they give an "amount of usage", instead of just saying "you're going to need to order 2 skeins", they list the amount needed in whole and partial skeins, like, 1.4 skeins... Your computer is picking up the "1", or other whole number, but not the partial skeins. I have added the additional skeins I need to order, but wanted to let you know about the problem--it was the same for The Painted a feeling you might be taking some heat eventually over this, you know better than most how people are. :)
I have finished stitching Merchant Mermaid by Mirabilia and am wondering if I should bead it before washing and ironing. I've never really done a project that required beads so I'm not really sure of the steps. Any advice would be fabulous!
I cannot get to chat room from your weekly specials anymore. Maybe it's my iPad setup.
Good morning Troy - I saw your answer to jenorma2 about putting the calculator on the pattern pages but for the life of me I can't find it. I would prefer it be with the fabric pages so I don't have to keep switching back and forth. I do love the new format of this website and congratulate you for all the very hard work that you all put into it. Thanks so much. cheryl
What does cushion mean for the chart
I will be missing some floss for the sky. Can you please tell me what is the kind of floss I should be buying for #13337 (rust) and 15356 (orange brown)? Thanks in advance.
Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you all are as disappointed as I am to see that the calculator that used to be on the left side ,is now gone. I am really upset at this as it was such a big help to me and helped me order designs and kits ,knowing I could change the size of the fabric if I needed to . I have a lot of kits and designs from ECS and wanted to order a few more but am really not happy they have changed so drastically. Does anyone feel like I do? thanks ,fellow stitchers. Norma King
I have started this one and the colors really join by itself. Most of it is halfstich. You have to be very carefull with the needle not to split the stiches. Not for a beginner. If I enjoy it, you will also.
This is in booklet form, which I do not like. Before I order more, I will need to find out in what form it is sent. Also, the symbols are on there as to what colors to use but now what stitch to use. Confusing!
Hello everyone :) By now, you know that we have redesigned and reformatted our website...yay!! It's been a long process in the works and this update stemmed from having to keep up with all of the ever changing ways of technology. In order for our platform (website) to work on mobile devices, tablets, etc....we had to reformat everything and in doing that, we made some much needed updates to things on here. Now, please keep in mind that we are still working on things. We never know what is going to actually work on the new website until we "roll it live" so we are slowly finding things that we need to fix, replace, add, etc...but we would love your input on the new website as a whole. What do you like, what do you not like, what would like to see added or taken away or even done differently?! Now that the new format is out and done, we can now work on the other things that make our website great for you all :) So, post away and let us know your thoughts, opinions and ideas. I am taking all of your posts to the powers that be and we are going to have a meeting about everything. So please know that all of your posts will be chatted about and taken into consideration. While we won't be able to please everyone and do everything that gets mentioned, we are going to do best to make it happen for ya :) Thank you all so much in advance for participating and for being patient with us as we are tackling this new format. ~Kristi @ ECS
I just got a huge knot in one of my parked threads. O_O So after unknotting the tangled mess, I decided I probably needed a needle minder, so I made one of my own. I didn't make the design on the front, I used a hot glue gun to adhere a magnet onto the back of it.
Finished this for a friend.
I just noticed that they misspelled Australia in this pattern :(. I see how I could fix it but not sure I can take it out without messing all the stuff around it. I jumped around a bit in that section when it did it a month ago.
Did this for my husband's nephew.