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I usually work from top left to right. I like to do patterns with borders. I will do the complete border and then when I get tired of a section I I can move anywhere with a careful count. I used to do all backstitching after finishing project but that is so tedious so I now do it as I finish a section or 2 or 3. I like it much better this way. I enjoy these chats and read them all every day.
What do you all do when stitching an area that has 1 stitch of this color, then 2 of that color, then back to the original color for 2 stitches, then a new color for 4 stitches, etc. Was thinking of keeping some threads threaded, but it's hard to keep similar colors (some very close but just 1 shade off) straight. Now, I use the baggies on a ring method, pulling out the thread from each baggy, stitching, putting the extra thread into the baggy, and moving on, but that gets tedious when you have to pull a threat out for 1 stitch here, 1 stitch there. I tend to try to stitch ahead, rather than finish the row, and count down and to the side, etc., but that causes me to need to frog some sometimes. Any suggestions anybody would like to share?
Other than professional framing, can any of you tell me your favorite framing process? I found a video on these. Anybody use them? I hope links are allowed and if not, I am sorry. Do you all use something on the back of the project before framing?
On this one pattern, can you use an aida 14 count cloth? It didn't specify. If there is a count like 18ct or 32ct, can you use a 14ct?
Edit: It's done! I just put it in a frame I got for my wedding. It's now sitting on top of my storage cabinet in the bathroom. Hello, I thought I would share my wip of my Ocean mini that I bought on this site last month. I'm really enjoying it. I have had to frog a few stitches, but that hasn't deterred me. At this point, I'm almost done with the picture on the right, as the left has the word Ocean running down the side. I haven't been able to put it down because I am almost done with the picture on the right. LOL.
What type of floss is included in the kit?
These are my threads for my next project, which starts as soon as I get my sweaty little hands on the fabric. I need nineteen more colors. I bobbinated 47 new skeins, which is eight times the work, because I precut my floss, which is highly inconvenient when using bobbins, but for a project this size, I think you need bobbins. I ransacked other projects to get many more colors. Now I need to split off the bobbins for blended threads and load those, and put everything that is stitched straight from the bobbins in a different box.
Just wondering if price is in Canadian dollars. I have been hit with customs charges on occasion when ordering online and it can significantly increase the cost. Need to know if customs will apply
Why don't all patterns have supply lists, ie thread color information?
I've been trying to sort out my social media preferences. I really like Instagram. I've been watching a lot of flosstube on YouTube, but I'm beginning to lose interest in it. I don't think I like Facebook much. I don't like the way it rearranges the posts. I always liked this chat, though. I'm going to start this Scarlet Quince chart as soon as my supplies arrive. I tried a different Mucha a couple years ago and it made me miserable, but I watched some YouTube videos to learn some new techniques that I think will be very useful. I'm going to try diagonal parking. I am so excited about this next project, I can hardly concentrate on the current one.
Hi I am in the UK and love the sea babies, my daughter is expecting and is a diver. However I couldn't see the fabric on your website. Could you supply it and let me know the cost and how to add it to my order. Thank you
Are Walmart getting rid of their craft section? A lady I know got dmc Floss at her local one for .10c. a skein. Wow
Hi there, Most of your patterns show numbers of stitches width and length, this does not. Can I get that info please? Secondly, how many threads will I need to purchase and please let me know if ther are any specialty threads. Thank you! This is for the Enchanted Reindeer Stocking in cross stitch
How long do you stitch on average per day? How much do you think age has to do with it?
Not an advanced cross stitcher. Just wondering how many different colour threads there are in this kit, particularly different shades of the same colour.