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What a wonderful place this Chat is. The best thing is how much everyone seems to care about each other. Sharing ideas and making suggestions is the second best part. I am feeling lots better. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. (Wonder if it is an OTT lamp -- tee-hee!) Saw the oncologist two weeks ago. I thought that I was going to have 17 infusions of Herceptin. That would take me into February of 2018. NOPE. Turns out that I had six blasts of the drug along with the Chemo. Now, I only have five more to go -- ending on October 2nd. Saw my Primary Care guy last week. Told him I was still tired/sleepy most of the time. We tweaked some meds. WOW. What a difference. More energy and ambition. Not enough to clean the bathrooms or wash the kitchen floor. LOL! The hair on my head is growing back. Very white. Too soon to tell about the texture. I was salt and pepper with very thick hair before. Eye lashes are gone. Eyebrows are still gone. Bought my first ever eyebrow pencil. I was nervous about the look. I was going to ask someone I trusted to tell me the truth. Before I said anything she told me how great they looked. The worse is over with. I will still go for six month check-ups and Prolea injections for the next five years. No big deal!
I was reading your answer to JIAQI on 6/27 regarding 25 ct fabric. I saw the stitched area as 14"w x 38 3/8"h. The fabric size you quoted as 38"w x 62 1/2" high seems excessive. Math is not my best subject so please excuse my ignorance if I am wrong. Is this right? cheryl
is your lakeside cabin full x stitch only. I have tried them and they are extremely time consuming and take forever to complete. You need to stitch one color at a time and must constantly have to change thread
Is this pattern actually printed on the cloth? If so nothing further. If not, what does the kit include?
Do you take projects on vacation? I'm taking this one home to Nantucket on Friday. I hope to just relax and sit on the dock, and stitch a bit...but it might just be going for the plane ride.
I thought for fun and because I am nosey, I thought I would this into the mix and just see what shakes out. (pun intended) I know some people don't snack because they want to keep their material clean but I also know others do but limit it to things that don't leave a mark. I am a terrible snack addict and will do it while doing anything . I try to go healthy with fruit, veggie or nuts but my go to snack when I indulge, because my local grocery store starting carrying them again, is Jelly Belly jelly beans, so addicting, or popcorn with white cheddar seasoning on top, yummy! Happy snack stitching! Nettie
Since my husband's serious illness in February we have stayed "pretty close to home". Tomorrow morning we have reservations on the Cape May Ferry to travel to Lewes, Delaware. We love to antique shop!! I have researched where we should go to do some of that!! We will leave early tomorrow morning, have breakfast in Cape May at a "Staller Restaurant" and then catch the Ferry. I am so grateful to God in Heaven that my husband feels well enough to do this trip. I know that "faith" is a very personal thing to all of us.......but.....when they were placing two stents in my husband's heart in February (while I waited for three hours!!) I had plenty of time to know where my trust was placed. I am attaching a photo for you to see this outstanding Ferry Ride that we will take!!!! Have a great day everyone!!!!
I stitched nine Artecy mini squares to keep me busy while I was recovering from Cancer and having Chemo blasts every three weeks. Eight of the squares were from one of her patterns. The ninth was one of her freebies. Sent the finished squares to World of Charity Stitching in Florida. It has been made into a quilt for a resident of a senior facility. Picture is attached. Next project is going to be something much less labor intensive. HAVE A STITCHING DAY
I have bought several Dimensions Kits and was wondering if anyone has had a problem with their work being crooked. I have tried everything I know of to try and keep this from happening. I thought it was my imagination. So I bought my own fabric. I did my last kit using my own store bought fabric and it came out spot on. I would appreciate it if anyone has some feed back on this. Thank you
What is the approximate size of each flower?
I'm looking to order this project I have found all the floss I need but I can't seem to find the fabric
Thanks for the feed back on my post about Diminsions kits projects coming out crooked. I have tried to square up the fabric. I have counted all the weave up and down back and forth. Nothing I do works. I try not to buy in kits anymore. I try to just get patterns. If I have to get a kit I buy my own fabric. Nothing more maddening then not being able to square up your finished project so you can frame it and display it with pride. I appreciate the feed back, I thought I may have a crooked eye.
Kristi, I applaud your endless patience responding politely to the people who can't even manage to say "please" and "thank you" when they ask a question. You handle everything with so much good cheer. Glad you are here. Thank you.
I want to buy a 25 count, Fabric. And I am not sure how big should I buy?
Does this blanket include the pattern? I see it is noted that specially marked packages have the pattern, but how can I guarantee getting the pattern if I order the blanket?