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Can guys crossstich
I love these but have no idea of the name in North America. I can’t remember ever seeing them when I lived in Canada.
Hi folks!!! Me again:) I really would like a cross stitch buddy. Do any of you have one? I would like someone to come to my house like on mondays and thursdays ( doesnt have to be those exact days-twice a week) and sit around and stitch with me and have conversations. And drink coffee. I'd like snacks also, but we know that leads to dirty hands and that just doesnt work. I would really appreciate a motivational buddy who enjoyed the hobby as i do. Also would be nice to not only see my progress, but someone elses also, and have encouraging words for when we get to the parts we HATE to stitch in the pattern. ( ALL patterns have some part thats not so pleasing to stitch) Does anyone do this and have a buddy??? I hope someone has a dream buddy they can share with me via internet since i have no buddy *sniff sniff*
Does the linen need any prep like washing or ironing before I start cross stitching on it?
I want to make this project but on a 10 count aida instead of 16, can you give a quote or estimation of how much naterials do i need especially the threads i will need to finish this?
hi there. is there thread list I can buy the whole list from on here? just curious as to the price. Thank you. John
Just want to share a little piece of the fall design I am working on. Sunflowers are done and outlined!
How do I do two colors in one square? Brain freeze!!!
I need to know how many to order, and can't find this information.
I have been out of the country for quite some time, 19 months to be exact and now that I am back stateside it's time to sew! My sister is having a baby so it's time to make something to be treasured and passed down...I am so excited!
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen I was looking for a Jewish cross stitch prayer in blue pattern, I had found it on facebook under I thing It is in Ashdod the city of Israel It seems I ca'n t find it anymore. Does anybody from you had ever dealt with overseas before like UK or Israel? to buy anything to help you in your cross stitching? I really in need of that pattern to do it. Can anybody help me in this mattern. Hope to hear from any of you. of you.
This pattern is by Donna Kooler. I'm gonna make it into a stocking for my youngest daughter. Wish me luck cause I'm very nervous about messing it up.
Hi everybody, I'm very new to the cross stitch world and my mum did a few many years ago so we've been trying to work this out together but to no avail. I have a fairly small cross stitch pattern which has 2 pages but we can't figure out why it has a second page. The only difference on the second page is that the back stitches are represented as thin black lines whereas they are represented with 3 different varieties of lines on the first page (one thick, one thin and one double). I've googled all morning but can't find an answer which is making me think it's something really obvious or simple! Thanks for any help
I am curious, when you complete seasonal / holiday themed cross stitch pictures how do you display them? I have one or two I have made into pillows but my husband and son aren't throw pillow fans so I don't want to get too many. I have thought about designating a changing exhibit gallery where a framed item would be switched out for the holidays but I do not have a lot of storage space, plus it seems like a lot of work for a short display period. How do you display yours?
My daughter does a large amount of cross stitching. She has always used the basic hoop. I have seen several of the stands - lap stands, a double hoop that can sit on your lap, etc. I was hoping to get your recommendations regarding the piece of equipment that has worked the best for you? Thanks so much!