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Can someone tell me where I can order a pattern for a black and white chihuahua dog? My daughter has four and I would like to stitch one for her. Thanks!
I've never ordered from you before. What exactly comes with the pattern? Is it a downloaded pattern? Is it a printed and mailed? Does it come with fabric? thread?
ok so ive worked from kits only for twenty years. i finally found a pattern for my fave painting and it is HUGE! i have no idea how to purchase the fabric at the right size. it says for 14 count 23-1/8w X 44-7/8h in. please help!!! i cant wait to start this project. ive already purchased ALL the dmc thread from your company and it was an easy wonderful transaction with everything in stock.
Help where have you put the wish list? I had several things in it and want to show my husband the list of wedding samplers I had selected to chose from and I can"t find the wish list tab. HELP!!
Hello! I found the perfect baby record cross stitch pattern on line, but now I can't find the actual pattern for the project. Does anyone have this pattern or know where I can get it?
Stopped to pick up Celtic Christmas.
What's the highest number of projects you guys have worked on at one time? Currently, I'm working on three, one is in backstitch stage, one is small, and one is large.
I've been working on it for more than 3 years, just devoting a few hours a day. got to find more hours to complete it or it will be another 2 years...The full sheets take more than 90 hours. There are 60 pages total. Last 6 pages aren't full. Each page on the end of roll aren't full pages, either. I'm stitching mine on 20 count, wanted it a bit larger. I've found some extra hours. Just wanted to share the half way mark.
Hi- I am a lady who can no longer work. I need to make some income to help me pay my bills. I have been buying some small profects on here and I hope to sell some at a craft show or yard sales. Is there any tips or advice you can share with me to make this happen and/or how to make a little profit doing this. I have no idea how or were to start! Thank you! Serena
This is in booklet form, which I do not like. Before I order more, I will need to find out in what form it is sent. Also, the symbols are on there as to what colors to use but now what stitch to use. Confusing!
Hi everyone. I am new to this site, and wanted to say hi. I bought this Ocean pattern from this site, and wanted to share a wip.
I am trying to locate either a kit or chart to cross stitch my favorite character: BETTY BOOP. Can anyone help? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
To avoid a big slap on the wrist from customs I have begun ordering charts from abroad I can download but sometimes the background graph is very faint...not very nice at all. I know that laser printers do a better job but am not about to change printers. Are there any of you that have noticed this?
Had a very fast moving storm move thru the St. Louis are Friday morning. At 5:30 AM the power went out. Went out for breakfast and saw tall trees fallen . Big traffic snafu. Fortunately, no one was killed. After a few hours we packed up the stuff in our freezer and took it over to my son's place. Came back home and sat in the dark a couple more hours. Decided to go to a hotel. Power didn't come back on until 3:00 PM on Saturday. That was almost 35 hours. Could have ben worse. The hotel we stayed at was near a Michael's. Haven't been there for months. Didn't need anything and couldn't find anything I wanted. I did notice that their DMC floss was 52 cents a skein. Plus they had a ton of kits. That really surprised me. Went next door to the Dollar Tree and spent $3.48. Big Spender. The kicker was my husband started complaining about a backache. He wanted to go home and get some Naproxen. I suggested that we just go to Target or Walmart since both were in that same mall. No, No. Why do that when we have a big bottle at home?!?!? When we got back to the hotel I realized that I actually had some Naproxen in my purse. Haven't told him about that yet. The county got busy and has cleared up all of the tree damage. Glad that we didn't have flooding. Our street was lucky. Only a few large branches broken off. We have been vey fortunate. There have been a lot of storms in the St. Louis area the past few years. We must be doing something right. Need to do some stitching tomorrow.
it sure will take along time as, i am doing "I ASKED JESUS " on 1st pg. must complete 6 more