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The Winnipeg Jets won their first hockey playoff round against the Minnesota Wild on Friday - 4 games to 1. They play Nashville starting Friday in a best of seven game round. Apparently both Nashville and Winnipeg are both favoured to win the Stanley Cup. Here's hoping it's Winnipeg!!!
What is the best way to mark your fabric before you start a project. It took me all day yesterday using a needle and thred.
Kristi when you get in on Monday would please post a supply list for this. TIA!
Once again we have a robin who is knocking on the window by the kitchen sink. He started yesterday, and only stopped when I opened the window. (It was warm and sunny yesterday) He came back last night, and again at 6:30am today. His routine is vine to window, tap, poop, and back to the vine. The annoying tapping aside, one cat (Gracie) has knocked everything near the window into the sink, and he wakes up the dog who the runs around the house barkinG like she’s scaring away a big bad intruder.
I started a new project a couple months ago and found myself not liking it at all but because of the size of fabric and specialty threads involved I kept pursuing it but today I just looked at it and said "no more". When I have to force myself to sit down and work on a project it just isn't fun and that is what a hobby is supposed to be. I am hoping others on this chat have put projects away and will probably never finish them - I hate being alone in these kinds of decisions. Will just bite the bullet on the cost of the pattern/fabric and specialty threads. The pattern being worked on the fabric was much more drab than the picture led me to believe. Those colors were vibrant and then not so much on the fabric. cheryl
This aft I was scrolling here and there and saw that people had finished projects -cross stitched for sale. I get joy from finishing a project and framing it myself. I also have hand made items people from my past that I treasure even as long as 35 years ago. When moving, they moved with me. When I make something for myself, there's something of me in every stitch and I can't let go of it. I go through my cross stitch mags and patterns thinking I should get rid of some of them and I just can't do it. I guess they get these things at garage sales or estate sales. Have any of y'all or yinz ever sold any of your projects?
This picture is stitched on 25 ct. Can it be stitched 14 ct?
Hi ,i have a little project i start my project and my kid but the page 20 off my pattern on the garbage and in same time i dont make a copy off them it is possible to receive this page by email or postal if you cant give a answer soon of possible
Hi, I began stitching this pattern a few years ago and due to being busy etc I put it down and have only recently picked it up again. I have lost the conversion chart for the symbols to colours. Does anyone know where I can get a new one or have one that they can send me a picture of? I just don't want to waste money and time buying a new one.
After reading so many posts about copyright laws and people wanting patterns I was wondering if you can gift a pattern after you have stitched it. I always make a copy of my patterns to mark up while I stitch and there are some I will never stitch again , example to big or just needed one, can I give the original away or gift it to someone who wants it?
Have you ever noticed that if you are not stitching a kit but are stitching a pattern using your own stash you tend not to be as precious with the thread? I have found that I am not using the thread down to the last inch, whereas when I am doing a kit I treat very piece of thread as if it is gold especially if I have to redo a section due to an error in stitching. Just a thought in the wilderness of stitching "Sweet Rememberance" - 800 stitches completed and counting.
Hi! I put in an order yesterday & was wondering how long it took for anyone to receive their package? I'm so excited to get it!
Saw your reply to Bermuda's post and had to send my wishes your way! Hope you had a great day. Janet
Here is a picture of my daughter Dani for her Senior Prom! And she is 18 today!
So now i've gone and ordered more patterns...Just what I need! Seriously, I working on building up my stash while I'm still working full time and before I retire (which I hope to do this fall) This time it was a number of the cutsie type for Christmas from the collection that was on sale over the weekend. As always, can't wait to get them! Have a good day everyone! Mary