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Welcome to Chit Chat!

Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Posted By brat2313 at 05:22 PM.    11 Views
I bought the $19 pattern and regret it!!! It is spread over 17 pages and they give you a key as to how to lay it out!!!!! That is ridiculou...
06:03 PM
1 reply
Posted By eagle1dw at 03:44 PM.    6 Views
I find all my needles are bent right below the eye. Does anyone else do this?
Posted By stefni76 at 02:37 PM.    15 Views
The supply list that is below the product... is that for the 6 blocks in one package? That will successfully make the entire package?
Kristi @ ECS
03:15 PM
1 reply
Need a pattern
Posted By etoneverett at 03:03 PM.    9 Views
Hi.....I need the instructions for Kappie Original's Tall Sandwich.....I have done this pattern before, but lost it in the process of moving. Thanks Fellow Stitchers
What size needle do I need?
Posted By kpace331 at 01:14 PM.    16 Views
Hello! First time cross stitcher here! I am in need of some needles for this project but am unsure what size I need. Thanks in advance!
01:22 PM
1 reply
1st time linen user again
Posted By eagle1dw on 04/24/17.    109 Views
Can't get started. Haven't put one stitch in yet! After putting linen on my stretcher frame all the rows are terrible. They look like a snake. I then tried using a scroll and sa...
12:32 PM
3 replies
Pencil marks
Posted By helenky on 04/23/17.    110 Views
How do you remove pencil marks on adia cloth without washing the project
10:50 AM
3 replies
Hello all. Kind of newish here.
Posted By Nettie on 04/24/17.    113 Views
Hello to all of my fellow cross stitchers out there. I am newish to the website. I have read a lot of posts but rarely post myself. I bou...
09:41 AM
5 replies
Posted By smhulke on 04/24/17.    61 Views
I have a BUNCH of floss from previous projects so only need a pattern. Does the pattern include how much of each color is needed? T...
Bruce STL
09:23 AM
3 replies
Army Seal
Posted By mmunhall on 04/24/17.    63 Views
Has any one done the "Army Seal" counted Cross Stitch by Cody Country Cross Stitch? I am having an issue lining the pattern onto the 15x18 piece of Aida that was includ...
Bruce STL
09:16 AM
6 replies
Part 1 of 3
Posted By georgiapeach828 on 04/24/17.    68 Views
When/where is let 2 and part 3 available - I'd like to do the entire sampler - thanks!
08:52 AM
2 replies
June Just CrossStitch Ad
Posted By nancygporter at 08:16 AM.    20 Views
Back of magazine has ad for Wichelt ,com. Daughter loves horses, tried to bring up ad for Laurel Burch horses, no such designer in the designer list. Help
Posted By sonny_brc at 06:04 AM.    20 Views
is this pre quilted
Kristi @ ECS
08:05 AM
1 reply
Flame and Burnt Toast Floss
Posted By melisavsanchez on 04/24/17.    62 Views
Hello, The pattern calls for Flame and Burnt Toast floss. I am not able to find these in the stores around me so wanted to know ho...
05:14 AM
2 replies
32 count Lambswool Linen for this project
Posted By brown4505 on 04/23/17.    85 Views
I have searched the internet and cannot find 32 count Lambswool Linen in pink as shown on the chart. Chart states it is from Wichel...
01:13 AM
6 replies
Posted By rosemercurio87 on 04/21/17.    169 Views
Does anyone else get a tingle in their he anw when they are cross stitching and if so, do you know what it is.
12:14 AM
12 replies
Posted By lainee.k on 04/24/17.    34 Views
Do your patterns come in PDF form to print out. I use cross stitch patterns for my Delica beadwork and just require a pattern to follow.
1 reply
Posted By susanjwhite9 on 04/24/17.    44 Views
Are all the patterns 14 count or?
3 replies
the last supper
Posted By denise.ayotte on 04/24/17.    53 Views
I am looking for a particular pattern of the last supper I did it about 10 years ago and I can't find my pattern the last supper patterns t...
1 reply
Stitch Gauge
Posted By eagle1dw on 04/24/17.    39 Views
Has anyone used a stitch gauge or stitch counter? I saw several for the first time on a cross stitch site but can't remember where. Seems like a handy little tool.
Fabric Needed
Posted By repumpkin on 04/24/17.    47 Views
Hello~ I've never crossstitched on linen before so this is new to me. I believe that I would like to order the wichelt 32 county fab...
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
cross stitch or embroidery pattern
Posted By kabrown1129 on 04/24/17.    61 Views
This may be a crazy question but I love this pattern. However, I can't tell if it's a regular cross stitch pattern or embroidery pattern....
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
Making a kit.
Posted By danigrammy on 04/24/17.    44 Views
I am very interested in purchasing this sea turtle cross stitch as a kit. Can you let me know if that is available, is it stamped.
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
Posted By omasews on 04/18/17.    113 Views
I am trying to transition from aida to lugana. Cannot do linen. Is 25ct. Lugana same as 14ct aida, except that it is evenweave. Thanks
4 replies
Posted By fghellinga on 04/24/17.    49 Views
How can I order the buttons alone for the Christmas Banner and the Joy Banner. I have the patterns but need extra buttons
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
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