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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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HELP! Adding beads...
Posted By Su Pitt on 09/28/14.    97 Views
If beads are added, ddo you add the beads over a cross stitch in the bead color or just one strand through the bead into the empty space? It seems to me that adding over a...
11:50 PM
17 replies
Thank you all
Posted By lanasparadise1 on 09/23/14.    167 Views
Thank you all for responding to my post. The majority of you all agree to finish each color first. I wondered if parking thread would cause a real mess now I know. I really...
Texas Stitcher
10:31 PM
38 replies
Posted By lacasiello on 09/29/14.    50 Views
Any suggestion as to what type of fabric and what count to stitch on? It is hard to tell what the sample here is stitched on, but it looks like a high...
Texas Stitcher
10:14 PM
5 replies
aida size
Posted By sboshky at 07:52 PM.    18 Views
I would like to do this pattern on 14 count aids instead of 18 count. I already have a 15 x 18 piece of navy blue aids. The pattern is 10 inches roun...
09:25 PM
2 replies
where to order the letters I want
Posted By 2930sherwood at 01:35 PM.    22 Views
I was about to order these monogramed pillow cases;when I realized I did not see where I put in what letter I wanted for each order. Did I miss som...
08:30 PM
1 reply
printable aida 14 cross stitch cloth
Posted By junebuggranee25 at 01:19 PM.    20 Views
are you familiar with printable aida cloth. Saw this mentioned in cross stitch magazine, and wonderred if you all carried it
07:46 PM
1 reply
Tooth fairy pillow pocket?
Posted By jilmac at 04:54 PM.    17 Views
Is there a little pocket on this pillow to put the tooth in? I can't see one and I can't find a description
07:39 PM
1 reply
Spring Tension Hoops
Posted By jclifford at 05:03 PM.    23 Views
JHewes and/or Syagel: Can't remember which one of you uses this, but I found the spring tension hoops when I received my magazine of "The Stitchery" today. It has 3 si...
07:28 PM
3 replies
pretty basic question
Posted By threeoutside on 09/27/14.    125 Views
It's been many years since I did counted cross stitch, and I just fell in love with this sampler. However, I've never done such a large project. Wha...
Texas Stitcher
06:04 PM
22 replies
Results for my Stitchy Friends
Posted By Su Pitt on 09/27/14.    81 Views
Okay. The breasteses are okay...after two mammograms and an ultrasiund in two days. The left eye thing not clear even after the MRIs, so two more times seeing the eye d...
05:24 PM
11 replies
Website search isn't working....
Posted By Elizabeth246 on 09/28/14.    74 Views
Hi all, I'm new to this website, and am back to doing some cross stitch after about a 20 year break. Anyway, I found the website and was interested in some designs b...
05:23 PM
14 replies
Any news???
Posted By lpnbarnes on 09/27/14.    93 Views
Has there been any news on Senior Stitcher??? Hoping she's ok!! Been praying! Marlene
Texas Stitcher
03:26 PM
11 replies
Winter Cardinas
Posted By elgiewells on 09/29/14.    44 Views
I wrote you earlier concerning lost instructions on the above kit. You asked me to contact Dimensions. I still have not been able to get an answer to help me. Please let...
11:28 AM
2 replies
Posted By elgiewells on 09/29/14.    51 Views
I purchased a kit for this a couple of years ago and decided yesterday that I I would start to work on it, but apparently I have misplaced the inst...
2 replies
Info please
Posted By annaandgary on 09/29/14.    41 Views
Can someone tell me what is included in this kit. Thanks only info is this picture onthe listing.
1 reply
Posted By aireleo on 09/27/14.    95 Views
Do you sell the fabric for this pattern?
10 replies
Doing a pattern on bigger count
Posted By donna44 on 09/29/14.    52 Views
Has anyone ever done the Santa Claus at The North Pole or Spirit of Winter by Heaven and Earth Designs. I'm 70 and my eyes are not what they use to be and I am having a...
1 reply
aside with paw prints
Posted By the2deuces on 09/25/14.    105 Views
Hi Doreen~ I was just wondering where you purchased the fabric with paw prints. I interested in doing the same. Thank you, Julie
9 replies
Snowy Owl by: Artecy Cross Stitch
Posted By dianelourenco7 on 09/29/14.    35 Views
Can you please let me know if this includes the pattern, cloth and floss
2 replies
counted or kit?
Posted By cmruffing on 09/29/14.    34 Views
Is this a counted cross stitch picture, or a kit - everything included?
3 replies
Stamped cross stitch crib cover
Posted By robinann615 on 09/29/14.    21 Views
Does anyone know if they make stamp cross stitch western or camo crib covers?
What fabric should I use?
Posted By kainzj on 09/28/14.    58 Views
I will be doing this for my daughter…please tell me what fabric I should use, and how much should I purchase. Thank you!
3 replies
sandy days cross stitch piece
Posted By clemstalcup on 09/28/14.    42 Views
what are the demensions of this piece and is it stamped or counted? thanks so much.
2 replies
Need Advice - Please
Posted By Texas Stitcher on 09/27/14.    74 Views
Should I use DMC floss or Crescent Colors for Little House Needleworks "The Library"? My daughter asked me to stitch it, she likes some of their motifs. I have both floss...
Texas Stitcher
13 replies
lavender aida cloth
Posted By mosalts on 09/28/14.    71 Views
I am looking for lavender or purple Aida cloth in 14 count. I have looked high and low. When ever I search the search brings me to this site but this store does not offer lav...
Texas Stitcher
4 replies
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