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Welcome to Chit Chat!

Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
Chit Chat Message Board!

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A Long Overdue Thank You
Posted By Texas Stitcher on 06/25/15.    142 Views
I would like to thank all of you for being so concerned about me during the heavy rains that hit Texas last month. We were not affected by it other than having to remain at...
05:49 PM
10 replies
Posted By hobbies on 06/07/15.    443 Views
other than a line magnifer what do others use to find their spot or where they are going or have i been?
05:33 PM
50 replies
I am taking a poll
Posted By s1fuss on 06/30/15.    222 Views
Okay everyone. I have been curious and decided to take a poll to either push me on or stop me from trying this.... How many of you, without a free stand, use two hand...
05:22 PM
33 replies
Pattern Search
Posted By elerose on 07/02/15.    43 Views
Good morning all. Does anyone know where I could get a pattern of a couple doing hand dancing, or swing dance?
04:40 PM
6 replies
Posted By maubennett at 02:43 PM.    17 Views
On the Toy Box chat you listed 2 sizes for 14 count. Please let us know which is correct since you are good at math. Thanks.
04:05 PM
1 reply
Container Store
Posted By Texas Stitcher at 02:06 PM.    21 Views
I can't find the post but wanted to comment on the positive comments about the container store. I absolutely love their products. I had all of my closets done with the EL...
03:44 PM
1 reply
Posted By handycampers2 on 07/01/15.    115 Views
HI, does anyone know of a source for Bandaida??? its a banded aida cloth sold by the yard. the edges are banded in different colors a...
03:06 PM
12 replies
DON'T QUIT....a poem
Posted By maubennett at 03:02 PM.    12 Views
Don't quit when the tide is lowest, For it's just about to turn; Don't quit over doubts and questions, For there's something you may learn. Don't quit when the nigh...
Hey! Su Pitt!
Posted By lpnbarnes on 07/02/15.    42 Views
How's the shoulder doing? Just wondering as I count down the days to my own surgery! Marlene
02:25 PM
2 replies
Posted By karenbeth1904 on 05/07/15.    243 Views
I love this pattern but do not want a 21x22 inch piece. I want it at least half that size or smaller. Is this feasible - if so what size fab...
Texas Stitcher
02:09 PM
17 replies
Chit Chat Introduction
Posted By Senior Stitcher on 06/27/15.    85 Views
Troy: What's going on? I just received an email with big news from you introducing the new message board called Chit Chat. Reading down through the messages below i...
Texas Stitcher
01:57 PM
3 replies
Please Note the Date..... :)
Posted By VCESS on 06/24/15.    156 Views
The Husband’s Complaint I’ve heard of wives too musical–too talkative–too quiet Of scolding and of gaming wives and those too fond of riot; But yet of all the er...
Texas Stitcher
01:55 PM
7 replies
I Know this isn't about cross stitching but I just have to tell about it....
Posted By Bermuda on 06/28/15.    155 Views
T-his may not be "up your alley" but this morning I was standing in front of the sliding glass door (with the glass door part closed) and a small chipmunk jumped up on the s...
Texas Stitcher
01:49 PM
8 replies
JCLIFFORD....know it's not what your exactly looking for...
Posted By Bermuda on 06/29/15.    74 Views
Hi, I tried finding your request but unsuccessful. But I found this chart called "Labrador Pup and Kitten" by Artecy that is cute. Might want to look at it if you're still on ...
Texas Stitcher
01:41 PM
4 replies
Posted By clpatt123 at 01:16 PM.    11 Views
I was thinking of you earlier this morning with all the tourists now descending on you. I remember when my daughter lived in Cape May about 12 years ago and she was wor...
Texas Stitcher
01:29 PM
1 reply
Posted By jerseycrafter on 07/02/15.    53 Views
We are not travelling this year. Our daughter has invited the "clan" as we call it to her house for a picnic. What are all of you doing??? If you travel, please be safe. My t...
Texas Stitcher
01:26 PM
5 replies
Posted By NANCYE G on 07/02/15.    114 Views
Let me make something clear. I am not making judgment on what any of you do or don't do. This in information I have to share and my interpretation. I have made Yarm...
Texas Stitcher
01:13 PM
7 replies
Posted By paknights on 07/01/15.    99 Views
I would love to purchase the pattern for Jim shore's " Peace Angel. I don't need the kit, just the pattern. Thanks.
12:22 PM
16 replies
My first big project framed - Jau 11 on Page 14
Posted By lovetostitch on 07/01/15.    63 Views
Someone mentioned this here, but I don't see it on page 14 Pls advise when you get a minute Thanks lovetostitch
12:32 AM
2 replies
Posted By gardenpg on 06/27/15.    182 Views
can i use regular thread than 284z or can this thread split into three sections like it has on me. i never have worked with this thread.thanks
10 replies
Posted By njrichert on 07/02/15.    31 Views
The Sweet Pea pattern is one I am looking at. What is the finished size if I use size 16 cloth.
1 reply
linen fabric
Posted By peggydee on 07/02/15.    33 Views
Hi I am getting ready to stitch on 32ct linen Some people say I should use a hoop instead of a frame I heard or read some place that you don't need either Also I was to...
1 reply
Finally Finished
Posted By eagle1dw on 07/01/15.    93 Views
I am finishing up "The Bees Knees" started on 4/7, sewing one to two hours a day. Didn't want to do this at first but the more I did the more I liked it. This is my first and la...
3 replies
Looking for a pattern
Posted By leadlady13 on 07/02/15.    46 Views
Years ago I had an adorable "grandchildren" pattern that I made for friends and family, customized for each one. Now I'm a grandma, and I can't find the pattern to make i...
1 reply
Posted By Lynnette on 07/02/15.    77 Views
This is my first post as I am a retired woman returning to cross stitching after a long period. My question is about an older kit I have begun to stitch that has a lot of very d...
7 replies
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