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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Winter White Santa
Posted By sharronportland on 04/16/14.    77 Views
I would like to cross stitch the "Winter White Santa", but I can't find a kit that includes all of the items. I will order from here the design, threads, and fabric, but I have t...
Texas Stitcher
06:32 PM
9 replies
New question to same print....
Posted By lpnbarnes at 02:18 PM.    15 Views
I was going to stitch this for my daughter, who like purple. How do I convert this pink rose to a purple one?
06:29 PM
3 replies
Posted By ohlordie on 04/19/14.    39 Views
question- I purchased this pattern. It has a list at the end of the booklet of the floss colors needed. Unfortunately it does not say how many thre...
Texas Stitcher
06:12 PM
3 replies
Posted By mcook2000 on 04/19/14.    34 Views
I would like to know how to make these pillows. Does anyone know where I can purchase the instructions. I have bought several of them but woul...
Texas Stitcher
05:58 PM
2 replies
Floss Colors II (for gladiola pictures)
Posted By Senior Stitcher on 04/16/14.    78 Views
Rather than add to the 71 replies in my previous entry, I'm starting over again. For those of you who wanted an update on the trials and tribulations of doing four gladiola...
Texas Stitcher
05:49 PM
7 replies
Posted By lpnbarnes on 04/14/14.    89 Views
Stitch count so I can order cloth? Thank you!
Texas Stitcher
05:37 PM
11 replies
Ok, this is going to be odd, but
Posted By lpnbarnes at 01:30 PM.    15 Views
I've had a request from my son and his soon to be bride of what they want in a stitching. They want a pic of a penguin holding a sword riding a dragon, fighting a cat ho...
Texas Stitcher
05:30 PM
2 replies
Contents of this Pattern
Posted By thuctramng on 04/18/14.    55 Views
PLS give me more details what items including in "The last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci" cross stitch? Is it included: fabric, threads, needles, in...
Texas Stitcher
05:21 PM
6 replies
fall picture
Posted By pamp5775 at 04:56 PM.    3 Views
My Mom has done the following cross stitchs: Spring Thomas Kindard, Summer Grant Wood and Winter Currier and Ives. We are looking for a fall one but I want the patter...
Field of Butterflies
Posted By Mindy at 04:16 PM.    6 Views
Never mind. Readers are leaders...
miss crossstitc
04:41 PM
2 replies
Is it possible.........
Posted By lpnbarnes at 12:14 PM.    9 Views
To upload a screen shot from my iPad mini to this web site? There's a particular stitching I'm looking for, but I can only find a pic of it in a game I'm playing; so I took a sc...
04:24 PM
1 reply
Field of butterflies
Posted By Mindy at 04:15 PM.    5 Views
Is this a kit or just the pattern?
There's two of these.......
Posted By lpnbarnes on 03/19/14.    321 Views
By different companys. Which is better?
04:01 PM
11 replies
Pamphlet Information
Posted By dbutler46 on 03/23/14.    61 Views
What are the names of the lighthouses in this pamphlet? I am trying to find some that are on the Alabama coast. Thanks for any information.
03:45 PM
2 replies
colours for Loose Feathers-Wild Berries
Posted By brigitte.castellan on 04/19/14.    45 Views
what colours skein were used on this design?
4 replies
stitch count
Posted By joyce on 04/19/14.    34 Views
I need to know the actual stitches of the pattern. thanks Joyce
2 replies
Posted By miss crossstitc on 04/19/14.    27 Views
U can purchase this instruction here on this site. If I was you I would buy everything at the same time so I wont bother going to the store more than once or pay for extra g...
Scroll Frames for Large Projects?
Posted By wstalder22 on 04/14/14.    174 Views
I am currently working on several large cross stitch projects and I'm trying to find a frame to use as I'm working. I have always used hoops with projects around 8" x 10" bu...
12 replies
Posted By miss crossstitc on 04/18/14.    12 Views
Here on EBAY you will find the pattern for 14 and some change beside the floss and the material and the needle and the shipping.
Posted By miss crossstitc on 04/17/14.    36 Views
I know that there is a book for that flower. I am planning to get the threads to do it
Texas Stitcher
1 reply
Butterflies, etc.,
Posted By mimix5lotusjade on 04/18/14.    26 Views
Are the butterflies buttons or other attachments that can be bought--also what is the fringe around the inner saying? Is that to be made with flos...
2 replies
Posted By asutton121 on 04/18/14.    33 Views
Is tis a stamped pattern or a counted cross stitch pattern?
2 replies
frames for butterfly patterns
Posted By night owl on 04/17/14.    53 Views
I would like to know where I can purchase the frames and matting for the butterfly patterns.
7 replies
Size and fabric used?
Posted By danshelong on 04/18/14.    33 Views
I don't see any details on this pattern regarding size and fabric suggestions Thanks
2 replies
making valances
Posted By rahunt28186 on 04/15/14.    100 Views
I would like to cross stitch a design for kitchen valance. What fabric would be good to use for this purpose. I do not need anything to difficult.
miss crossstitc
6 replies
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