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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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In regards to "confetti" in a cross stitch pattern.....
Posted By Bermuda on 05/03/16.    120 Views
I'd like some opinions regarding stitching the "confetti" in a pattern. I know there are "pros" and "cons" to it; but to be honest, I really haven't experienced doing a patter...
10:11 PM
17 replies
Counted cross stitching on linen.
Posted By pvogel435 at 07:36 PM.    18 Views
Fellow Stitchers, I am now retired and thought I might try some more counted cross stitch again. I like the look of linen best but it looks much more difficult than the Aida...
10:09 PM
2 replies
Sue Coleman
Posted By chrisarlington3 at 04:52 PM.    26 Views
Has anyone stitched a Sue Coleman design? There is a beautiful Raven on Everything Cross Stitch. I love all her animal designs. Really thinking about it.
08:32 PM
2 replies
DMC gold braid
Posted By SKY at 05:55 PM.    21 Views
Does anyone have a trick or suggestion for using gold braid? I am working on a project that using this and it is constantly knotting, tangling, and breaking. I am stitching...
miss crossstitc
08:27 PM
1 reply
Posted By Rosieposie at 01:34 PM.    39 Views
What is the difference between Jobelan and linen? Also Welchelt and Cashel linen? Roseposie
07:39 PM
3 replies
Quilts on Clothes Line
Posted By ladybug at 04:24 PM.    36 Views
I am looking for a Sunbonnet Sue cross stitch pattern that has Quilts hanging on a clothes line and around the perimeter it says, "If a...
05:54 PM
2 replies
How to sew on beads on counted cross stitch
Posted By jhig200 at 10:17 AM.    58 Views
How to sew on beads on counted cross stitch...
miss crossstitc
04:51 PM
4 replies
Just curiuos
Posted By Sheava on 04/13/16.    426 Views
I'm wondering what everyone does with all their finished projects, Do you give them as gifts or keep them. Do you have more than one going at a time? I love doing thi...
03:52 PM
52 replies
switching ears
Posted By cathiedavis on 05/03/16.    60 Views
I have a Snoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle) who is just as cute as you'd think he would be. of course, there are not Snoodle patterns but I s...
12:52 PM
2 replies
Question. ..
Posted By mommabear512 at 10:31 AM.    39 Views
Does this come with the essentials (thread, needle ect.) Or is it already made or is it just a pattern and have to buy my own supplies? ...
miss crossstitc
12:38 PM
2 replies
Floss Needed
Posted By patriciacrenca at 10:10 AM.    38 Views
I am just about out of the dark green floss for this pattern and still have quite a bit to finish. Also, the pale yellow is getting low. I ne...
11:54 AM
1 reply
Floss list?
Posted By Bix on 05/03/16.    55 Views
Is there a floss list available for this pattern "Clumber Spaniel"? I have an extensive collection of floss and would like to check if I h...
09:39 AM
2 replies
is this counted cross stitch or stamped.
Posted By bev0216 at 08:52 AM.    30 Views
is this counted cross stitch or stamped
09:03 AM
1 reply
Posted By andilee52 on 05/03/16.    49 Views
Is this pattern on regular paper or is it like a chart.
08:31 AM
2 replies
what level of experience is required
Posted By justemp on 05/03/16.    83 Views
Is this cross stitch for "experienced" stitchers?
3 replies
Posted By gay.groves on 05/03/16.    57 Views
I love the cross stitch kits but finding a real job to separate the yarn, got any helpful hints
miss crossstitc
1 reply
16 ct aida
Posted By murillome on 04/30/16.    124 Views
Kristie- why are there differences in the dimensions of fabric cuts depending n the colour? I wanted 18x25 16 ct Aida in "dirty" but it came up 18 x21 for that colour, so I...
4 replies
Posted By hobbies on 05/03/16.    61 Views
what do other stitchers use to view a line and what is the best one ,have had the line magnifier but would there be anything different
3 replies
In stock?
Posted By rutheiverson on 05/03/16.    66 Views
If you have this item in stock, I would like to purchase.
1 reply
Looking for Desiderata chart
Posted By michelle001 on 08/21/15.    452 Views
Hi, I have been unable to find the cross stitch chart for 'Desiderata' by Indigo Rose. Does anyone know where I can purchase one or do you have one that you would like to...
9 replies
Posted By jandjdale on 05/03/16.    47 Views
I have been looking for and waiting for the letter S. I have made 2 of the fairy alphabet for my grand daughters.I enjoyed making them...
embroidery floss
Posted By toots37k on 05/03/16.    61 Views
I would like to know if the floss used in this kit that I purchased from you is DMC floss? I always run out of thread when it is sent alo...
1 reply
Couldn't understand at first.....
Posted By Bermuda on 04/30/16.    263 Views
I couldn't understand at first why I have NOT had the desire to cross stitch for the last two weeks..... UNTIL I realized what the last two weeks have been like here and n...
18 replies
Posted By deidrea66 on 04/30/16.    73 Views
Are the patterns in color or black and white?
3 replies
Posted By health-nut on 05/03/16.    35 Views
What are the dimensions of this after it is stitched?
2 replies
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