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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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2011 Camaro
Posted By hodgeymegan on 10/05/15.    55 Views
My dad has a 2011 Camaro that he loves. Looking at the car patterns I am only finding older models of this car and have them on my wishlist, but what I would really like to...
06:43 PM
10 replies
Posted By tymrdh on 10/05/15.    60 Views
Where would I find this frame?
06:39 PM
3 replies
Getting more of the necessary thread/floss to comple...
Posted By 3goddard at 02:43 PM.    35 Views
Do you know if I can get just get the necessary thread/floss to complete it. I have the pattern but I need more of the thread/floss
miss crossstitc
05:52 PM
2 replies
Need help to try again on this product...
Posted By quilt459m at 03:04 PM.    46 Views
hi i got a kit of this one and i made the biggest mess and i bought it for 17.00 now shipping...is there any way i can get another one ......
miss crossstitc
05:48 PM
3 replies
Thread question
Posted By Mrschapmanstitches on 10/05/15.    70 Views
So I have cross stitched for many years but put it down when life got hectic and I found another passion called quilting 😀 I remember now that I DO NOT like krenik and I a...
05:27 PM
4 replies
Posted By Bermuda on 10/05/15.    68 Views
We're grateful that the flood waters in Myrtle Beach only came halfway up our driveway. We are so much luckier than the other South Carolinians who are currently trying ...
02:43 PM
9 replies
japanese beauty
Posted By glennahenn1 on 10/05/15.    120 Views
here it is one week later
02:26 PM
8 replies
cross stitching on linen
Posted By pnbcindy28 on 10/05/15.    50 Views
I have been cross stitching for years but never tried it on linen. Is it possible to get instructions or close up photos on how or wher...
01:47 PM
2 replies
Changing thread colors
Posted By lawndale_16 at 10:36 AM.    46 Views
I have a pattern that I like but want to use a different palette of colors. Does anyone know how to substitute another color and still get the same shading? Thanks!
01:26 PM
6 replies
Posted By mlstone18 at 11:25 AM.    41 Views
I love to cross stitch but haven't in awhile and would like to get back into it. But I would like to know is this pattern already on the fab...
12:13 PM
2 replies
Posted By wmketown at 12:32 AM.    41 Views
There are no materials such as colors of threads listed.
08:10 AM
2 replies
Posted By NANCYE G on 10/02/15.    151 Views
I would like to say WELCOME to new employee ,Stephanie. I am sure that bagging and sorting of all the supplies is going to be a challenging job. Hope you won't be too te...
12:34 AM
7 replies
Posted By robin lee on 10/03/15.    140 Views
has anyone heard from marlene lately?
17 replies
2011 camaro in cross stitch pattern
Posted By miss crossstitc on 10/05/15.    16 Views
Hi there If U go on sewlycrafts.com you will get your pattern. Have fun.
Posted By NANCYE G on 10/02/15.    184 Views
I know that pictures of the new patterns are listed on the website as ECS receives them. Then Kristie tries to update the supplies list as soon as she is able to. I understa...
Texas Stitcher
8 replies
fabric color
Posted By cindygary8843 on 10/05/15.    33 Views
I did not see the color that I should purchase for Native Eagle.
1 reply
Posted By bthompson2418 on 10/05/15.    28 Views
just watched the news and am hoping you and dh are ok...stay safe...Barb
Texas Stitcher
1 reply
Christmas Stockings
Posted By gakrepps on 10/01/15.    71 Views
I am looking for Christmas stockings that have aida cloth on the top so you are able to cross stitch a name at the top of the stocking. The stocking is a quilt like fabric . I...
4 replies
Posted By renate1 on 10/05/15.    65 Views
There is an offer for 20% discount. How do I get the code number?
2 replies
Posted By loiswoodard on 10/02/15.    142 Views
I can not do counted cross stitch. Is this stamped?
12 replies
Learning Cross Stitch
Posted By jcbeagle1 on 10/04/15.    126 Views
Is counted cross stitch hard to learn? I'm looking for something to do during he evening and have seen some very nice patterns here on the site, especially a lighthouse w...
16 replies
thread required
Posted By djsportgoofy on 10/05/15.    46 Views
Could the thread requirements be posted for this one please? Thanks!
3 replies
Christmas Stocking Direction
Posted By bevk88 on 10/05/15.    46 Views
Is there a way to reverse the direction of a Christmas Stocking???
miss crossstitc
5 replies
Stitch quality
Posted By kristen.ritts on 10/02/15.    212 Views
I have been a cross stitcher for many years, however I am having a lot of trouble with quality stitches. My stitches with certain floss colors are really nice but it seems lik...
Texas Stitcher
16 replies
Posted By kate7trofim on 10/05/15.    43 Views
do those stockings are precut, or i will have to cut them and then sew them up?
Texas Stitcher
3 replies
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