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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Monopoly Game
Posted By Senior Stitcher at 01:06 PM.    23 Views
I remember someone asking about Monopoly here but of course I can't find the post and I can't remember if it was a pattern or not (Senior Moment). Anyway, I just saw a M...
Senior Stitcher
06:09 PM
2 replies
Posted By hicks_carla at 02:52 PM.    19 Views
I downloaded the PCStitch program to work on project I am thinking about working on. The picture is in color and when I click on the ...
03:57 PM
4 replies
Posted By tmcclain on 02/23/15.    60 Views
Yes could u tell me how many stitches for the blue turtle
03:08 PM
2 replies
Posted By hobbies at 07:37 AM.    18 Views
On the pkg.you'll find size and what type of aida. Yes you can use DMC or any Co.
01:53 PM
1 reply
cute snowman/snowmen pattern for ornaments
Posted By udon at 11:04 AM.    24 Views
Does anyone have a cute snowman pattern for cross stitching Christmas ornaments? It is only March, but need to start soon, I want to make my gifts this year. Thanks to ...
01:52 PM
2 replies
Floss Colors
Posted By hintzer on 02/28/15.    61 Views
I just ordered and received this pattern and am looking forward to working on it, but the floss colors are not specific. I thought they ...
12:55 PM
8 replies
Dry and cracked...
Posted By terryslat on 02/26/15.    155 Views
A finger on my stitching hand just split open and is bleeding. I've always had dry hands in winter. For years it was because of writing with chalk on the chalkboard; now I ...
12:35 PM
23 replies
Order supplies
Posted By CJ at 07:40 AM.    23 Views
Is there a way to order the threads and cloth today? Not sure what is needed.
12:29 PM
1 reply
size of stitch
Posted By tinkerbell61683 at 09:01 AM.    17 Views
I was just wondering if this pattern is all full cross stitch is there half stitches as well.
12:27 PM
1 reply
What size
Posted By evtrue at 06:59 AM.    18 Views
What size is this? Does it get put together with another kit?
12:20 PM
4 replies
Needlework shop travel book?!?
Posted By theneedlegnome on 02/28/15.    48 Views
Does anyone know of where I can purchase a recent publication of one of those needlework shop travel books? Mine is over 10 years old, so useless......but would love to...
12:06 PM
5 replies
Posted By mmoore on 02/28/15.    43 Views
I started embroiding quilts squares using floss # 4240 . have band from floss, so the number is correct. Cannot find and need more. thank you
10:48 AM
2 replies
Colonial Dry Goods
Posted By debbiehargrove1952 at 06:42 AM.    23 Views
How big is subject. How much are the crescent colours. What count linen is the picture done on. Can I use DMC floss?
08:51 AM
1 reply
How are you staying warm?
Posted By xstitcher522 on 02/25/15.    134 Views
Just a new question...How are you staying warm. I love being barefoot. I hate wearing stuff on my feet. With this weather, I am wearing thick socks. I want to know your ...
07:44 AM
39 replies
Calls for 32 ct fabric
Posted By afarmlady2 on 02/28/15.    42 Views
My eyes aren't that great could I do it on 14 ct material? Or would it take away from the design?? If I did purchase the 32 ct what colo...
Su Pitt
02:23 AM
5 replies
Syagel and Mehouk
Posted By Su Pitt on 02/27/15.    43 Views
Syagel, are you near Toledo? That is where I was born and raised, until I was six! Mehouk, I am in Eureka, where are you in NorCal?
Su Pitt
02:19 AM
2 replies
Posted By mcleodjt on 12/16/14.    309 Views
Snow is beautiful.well worth the time..
12:24 AM
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Posted By hobbies on 02/26/15.    92 Views
Would like to know what things to use besides fray check to keep cornersfrom raving
17 replies
Posted By sydgreg on 02/28/15.    63 Views
Well I have finally finished the gridding (or is it graphing?) of my fabric for this design. Only took me a month of 2-3 hrs days to get to this stage. ( 9 x7 design area ) I know...
14 replies
Posted By Lisa001 on 01/11/15.    165 Views
I am looking for this pattern to download. I don't want the entire kit as I already all of the floss needed... Any ideas?
8 replies
Posted By Bermuda on 02/28/15.    21 Views
Did you receive my chat regarding stitching places that are in the Rochester, NY area?? Information is under the chat, "Moving My Stash..." that's on the 2nd chat page...
Gladiola Picture #4
Posted By Senior Stitcher on 02/27/15.    65 Views
UPDATE: For those of you who have followed the four Gladiola pictures since the beginning (or whenever), I'm happy to report that #4 came home from the framer today! ...
5 replies
Aida cloth
Posted By pakonglee on 02/27/15.    82 Views
Is it just me or the Aida cloth isn't stiff as it claim on here? I thought it was supposed to be the stiffest of all the cross stitching fabric? Have you ladies try it before. Its s...
3 replies
Water Erase Pens
Posted By jlhewes on 02/27/15.    80 Views
Months back a chat came up on these markers. There was something you should not do because it would make the ink permanent. Anybody remember? I'm wondering i...
7 replies
Mokuba Ribbon
Posted By llanderson619 on 02/28/15.    33 Views
I have a counted cross chart (It's A Fashion Show) that requires Mokuba ribbon (red, black & white) I am not having any luck finding this item and when I do, I have no idea...
1 reply
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