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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Faeries by barbara baatz pattern wanted please
Posted By waters_82 at 08:01 PM.    31 Views
Hello Everyone I'm hoping someone could help me I'm wishing to get a pattern for free please If there is anyone who would be...
11:52 PM
5 replies
Finishing a cross stitch bookbmark.
Posted By bmarchese on 05/24/16.    149 Views
Good morning, I am looking for information on my next project on how to complete a counted cross stitch bookmark. I thought of having them laminated, but information I...
10:34 PM
15 replies
DMC floss
Posted By pollywogca at 09:45 PM.    17 Views
Hi stitchers! I need some help .. i am half done with a frog picture i am working on and it seems as if DMC has changed the color of floss #647. Yikes! Does anyone have...
10:15 PM
2 replies
antique scissors crosstitch
Posted By bunney43 at 09:24 PM.    14 Views
I am after a crosstitch pattern that has antique scissors,thimble and other items on it. It has a maroon/background and crosstitch is done in beige/ecru DMC. Thank yo...
miss crossstitc
09:44 PM
2 replies
Turtle Tropic Parade
Posted By mcelhaney at 02:11 PM.    63 Views
Beautiful! More info , please. Stitch count, etc.
06:41 PM
6 replies
Happy Memorial Day from ECS
Posted By Kristi at 03:00 PM.    44 Views
Hello everyone, Just wanted to wish you all Happy Memorial Day weekend! May we honor those that have given the greatest sacrifice for our freedom. Something we s...
Su Pitt
05:41 PM
1 reply
Posted By marcobee at 05:06 PM.    35 Views
What is a black and white symbol pattern?
miss crossstitc
05:29 PM
1 reply
Posted By evmunro at 02:11 PM.    33 Views
Could you please tell me if you use DMC embroider silks?
miss crossstitc
02:48 PM
2 replies
Looking for an old cross stitch pattern.
Posted By mmwill2 at 07:13 AM.    57 Views
Hi, I'm looking to find an old cross stitch pattern - maybe like 12 years old - that featured black lab puppies and raccoons. The puppies were looking over a wall at them i...
miss crossstitc
10:14 AM
1 reply
Posted By miss crossstitc on 05/25/16.    125 Views
Hi ladies I want to know if any of U has this magazine for sale? Gold cross stitch magazine for 2014 no 116 I am going to pay $10.00 for all
miss crossstitc
10:11 AM
5 replies
Problem with cross stitch patterns - please help
Posted By SharonK on 05/25/16.    186 Views
I have more than a few patterns that I know I won't stitch: many of them were given to me by a lady who was closing her cross stitch shop. They aren't appropriate for ...
09:35 AM
6 replies
Posted By hobbies on 05/26/16.    169 Views
has it been on board why dmc are changing their no?
08:32 AM
6 replies
Changing the Aida count and bead count when you enlarge a pattern
Posted By linT on 05/25/16.    72 Views
I have an old book with very few instructions. It calls for 14 ct. Aida fabric and numerous beads, charms and findings. I would like to use an 8 or 11 count but don't know i...
2 replies
new stitcher
Posted By Terra on 05/26/16.    86 Views
Trying to find mailing fees on this site to mail floss. Can not get all DMC colors here on Maui Hawaii. And is DMC changing their number system ? I'm new at stitching ...
4 replies
Posted By lindahamrick.1 on 05/24/16.    136 Views
I bought this several years ago and put it away after I started it. The instructions have been lost and I would like to finish it. If poss...
3 replies
I have an older janlynn stamped quilt blocks #998-4008
Posted By khallm112368 on 05/25/16.    75 Views
I have an older Janlynn stamped baby quilt blocks set. It gives me a DMC floss guide to match the project model. I am looking on line for those colors and I am not finding...
3 replies
General newbee questions
Posted By khallm112368 on 05/25/16.    98 Views
Does needle size matter when you are doing cross stitch? I am doing stamped quilt blocks. Also my floss keeps breaking while I am stitching. There are no knots and...
Su Pitt
2 replies
Cross Stitch Tecnique Problem
Posted By unitylc on 05/25/16.    127 Views
I am new at cross stitching. I have a pattern that has a bird with an eye.How do I make the eye of the bird?
5 replies
Cross Stitch or Embroidery pattern For the London LDS Temple
Posted By radoughty30 on 05/21/16.    174 Views
I've been looking for a pattern for this temple for weeks.I want to make a special envelop for temple clothing with this on it as my daughter is getting married there July5t...
9 replies
Posted By mobo4 on 05/24/16.    108 Views
If I purchase the recommended materials, is the pattern marked with codes for the various colored yarns and how to combine colors, ...
3 replies
Posted By cybernise on 05/25/16.    107 Views
I would like to do this project but my eyes aren't up to doing it on linen...could you let me know how much Aida 16 count fabric would b...
miss crossstitc
3 replies
Advice Needed
Posted By maubennett on 05/25/16.    111 Views
I would like to make this pattern on 14 count Aida, not the 18 count which was included with the kit. It does not state the stitch count...
miss crossstitc
3 replies
Texas Stitcher....this is for you!! Rose Creek A...
Posted By jerseycrafter on 05/25/16.    113 Views
I couldn't resist. I researched this flower that you just purchased. They are beautiful. I found such a nice picture I decided to post ...
1 reply
Magnifying glasses +6.00
Posted By arottenbucher on 05/18/16.    258 Views
I just received magnifying reading glasses +6.00 from Miles Kimblall, and they are great! I have been using +4.00 for my needlework, but these are even better. I kno...
14 replies
Making the most!
Posted By murillome on 05/20/16.    157 Views
Loving my time back in Canada- but too much going on for cross stitch! Have reverted to ( gasp) knitting dishcloths!!! Love to keep my connection to this chat line and FY...
8 replies
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