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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Posted By miss crossstitc at 08:15 PM.    3 Views
Today is Sunday. I had waited for the envelop to come Friday had been gone so Saturday too. If it did t come I goof then.
SKU 18353
Posted By micky.volgman at 07:04 PM.    16 Views
I just purchased this pattern and it is on its way to me. A list of the thread required for this piece isn't listed on your website. Will th...
07:56 PM
5 replies
Posted By Bermuda at 04:19 PM.    30 Views
You asked me a question about the "Song of Angels" cross stitch picture/chart. You can see it if you go to Artecyshop.com and type in the artist's name. I think you can al...
07:29 PM
5 replies
Posted By NANCYE G at 11:05 AM.    28 Views
This is a link for a dreidel applique that I received from the Sew Jewish website. I think I sent you information about the site a few months ago. http://us6.campaign-...
miss crossstitc
07:17 PM
3 replies
Found out today by a Needlework shop....
Posted By Bermuda on 11/27/15.    97 Views
Called a needlework shop day before yesterday and left message if she had any counted cross stitch merchandise or knew of a counted cross stitch shop in the Little Rive...
06:29 PM
10 replies
Happy Thanksgiving from ECS and office closing details :)
Posted By Kristi on 11/25/15.    131 Views
Hello everyone!! We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! We hope you get to enjoy making memories with your friends and family and also get to enjo...
05:54 PM
14 replies
Posted By Bermuda on 11/28/15.    63 Views
Are there any stitchers out there who cut their own mats for their completed cross stitch projects? If so, which cutters are the best and which ones should be avoided? A...
05:47 PM
16 replies
Van Gough......
Posted By lpnbarnes on 11/24/15.    102 Views
Anyone know where I can get just the leaflets of the Van Gough paintings? Kits are too expensive, and I have a stash of my own to pull from for thread and cloth. Idea...
Texas Stitcher
04:53 PM
15 replies
Finished piece
Posted By lionapprentice on 11/25/15.    127 Views
I just realized I never posted a pic of my finished project. :D I finished this back in June I believe and worked on it on and off for abou...
Texas Stitcher
04:41 PM
13 replies
question about supplies needed
Posted By imaginesue2014 on 11/28/15.    32 Views
Good afternoon! Are all the necessary threads included with the kit? I noticed a list of threads for 49 cents listed to buy.
04:18 PM
3 replies
Unsure what size count to use?
Posted By bandljames on 11/28/15.    62 Views
I mostly enjoy working cross stitch on 14 or 16 count Aida . If I use either of these counts would this pattern be quite large when comp...
03:08 PM
4 replies
Placing 2 pictures back to back in frame
Posted By teacher30 on 11/28/15.    45 Views
I use these small hoops for ornaments on my Christmas tree. Have for years. My old ones are breaking and falling apart from age. I w...
03:05 PM
2 replies
Size on 18ct
Posted By beckaboo73 on 11/27/15.    104 Views
The description says this was done on 25ct, I was just wondering how large it would be if done on 18 count. And is white aida the reco...
02:55 PM
9 replies
Posted By deschilly on 11/28/15.    93 Views
I ordered this on June 24, 2015 and completed it November 28, 2015. It is gorgeous!!! Much prettier than the picture. It is easy, altho...
02:14 PM
8 replies
japanese beauty
Posted By glennahenn1 on 11/28/15.    89 Views
fini! alright, i didn't put the last 3 pages on because of my error, but i am pleased with what i ended on. thanks to all those who encou...
02:05 PM
14 replies
Posted By NANCYE G on 11/23/15.    133 Views
Adam Below is a link to an article about a group that is stitching a huge project. It is Washington cross the Delaware. Finished size will be 27'9 " x 17'9". The group...
Texas Stitcher
6 replies
more information
Posted By egsugars on 11/28/15.    37 Views
Is this an actual finished quilt stamped for cross stitch, or just the quilt top
miss crossstitc
1 reply
floss and aida
Posted By patricia_337151 on 11/28/15.    67 Views
Can you tell me I these are four separate patterns and the size of each? Also, I need to see a list of DMC floss to place an order. Tha...
miss crossstitc
8 replies
Viktoriya Touched
Posted By mcleodjt on 11/27/15.    135 Views
This is five months of work..While she is beautiful, she is a pale green.. I have been cross stitching forever and had thought I could h...
11 replies
A project's fabric.
Posted By miss crossstitc on 11/26/15.    96 Views
Hi ladies I have a pattern that is asking for 28 ct Thyme Jobelan Hand-dyed by Wichelt imports, inc. Are the holes big as 14 count Aida cloth? I had never had use...
5 replies
American Dream Scroll Bar Frame
Posted By Rina on 11/27/15.    107 Views
Hi there everybody! I contacted ECS three times using three different methods since Sunday 22, but up until now I still haven't gotten a reply. I'm not sure why since...
11 replies
Pattern Paper
Posted By nancylee219 on 11/28/15.    41 Views
Hi, My question is about all Mystic Stitch patterns/charts. I have ordered from them directly and have been very pleased when th...
24 Count
Posted By Lisa001 on 11/27/15.    56 Views
I found a pattern I would like to stitch.. see the following" Fabric: 24 Count Aida Grid Size: 432W x 265H Design Area: 17.75" x 8.79" (426 x 211 stitches) ...
5 replies
What count?
Posted By bandljames on 11/28/15.    35 Views
I want to do this on Aida fabric.Can anyone tell me what count size would be best for this pattern.
1 reply
Posted By miss crossstitc on 11/25/15.    116 Views
To all the stitchers To all the Stitshers the New and the Old ones males and or females who are using this site for their cross stitching I am sending a special wish for...
9 replies
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