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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Posted By flutterbye on 05/20/15.    136 Views
Hi everyone!! This is my first time ordering fro Everything Cross Stitch, and I have a few questions. Is there a printed pattern for th...
10:23 PM
18 replies
out of it for three months
Posted By robinlee on 05/11/15.    195 Views
i know i don't write much (formally misfit2day) but i was in the hospital and rehab for over 3 months had an infection in my spine and then i found out i have a fracture in 1 ...
10:16 PM
14 replies
level of difficulty
Posted By fushia32000 at 07:34 PM.    16 Views
Can you tell me the level of difficulty for this pattern: beginner, intermediate, advance Thanks
09:56 PM
3 replies
Halloween squares
Posted By miahamlie at 08:40 PM.    14 Views
Even if I enlarge this, I cannot tell what the 8 pictures are - I am sure one is a pumpkin, but the pictures aren't clear enough for me to...
09:48 PM
1 reply
Posted By Bermuda on 05/15/15.    187 Views
Overcast, cloudy, rainy by Lake Erie. Great day for me to work on my stitching......
08:09 PM
28 replies
Posted By marya1183 on 05/19/15.    137 Views
I bought this to do for my girlfriends daughter. It is so perfect for her. Once I received it and started looking at the instructions I fou...
07:58 PM
8 replies
Posted By Bermuda at 06:34 PM.    13 Views
A Safe and Happy Memorial Weekend!
07:13 PM
2 replies
Midsummer fairy
Posted By thiswitch at 04:15 AM.    55 Views
Hello, I have recently finished "midsummer fairy" from the Mirabilia collection. Had a lot of fun doing this but I have one comment to make. The beading on this is horrend...
06:38 PM
2 replies
So much to be excited about- Woooo Hooooo!
Posted By xstitcher522 on 05/21/15.    196 Views
Many of you know I am preparing for my first grandbaby in Aug. I am quite excited. I was divorced months ago and the house was sold. Mom invited me to stay with her s...
06:25 PM
9 replies
Posted By ethjoed1 on 05/20/15.    52 Views
What brand of thread does this project call for?
06:16 PM
2 replies
Wolves....LOVE SONG..
Posted By Bermuda on 05/20/15.    81 Views
For those of you stitchers who like to stitch wolves, just saw the chart (on sale) here at ECS titled, "Love Song"......beautiful pattern.
06:11 PM
4 replies
Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!
Posted By kristi at 03:36 PM.    19 Views
Hello All, We hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be closed on Monday, May 25th, for the Memor...
05:27 PM
2 replies
Needle sizes
Posted By jm_krause at 02:46 PM.    18 Views
Do needle sizes get larger or smaller as the number goes up? For example is needle size 28 the longest or shortest needle in the cross stitch/tapestry category?
05:21 PM
1 reply
never did this
Posted By gmairowitz at 02:47 PM.    22 Views
How difficult is the picture to do for someone who has never tried it? I cross stitch.....
05:18 PM
1 reply
Looking for a pattern-Salem witches
Posted By amyd508 on 05/21/15.    75 Views
I was watching a video the other day and someone was working on a cross stitch of the Salem witch trials. To the best of my memory is had 4 witches in it and it was a large...
03:20 PM
5 replies
Cross Stitch magazines
Posted By bthompson2418 on 05/18/15.    193 Views
Are there any cross stitch magazines being published anymore? I used to subscribe to Cross Country Stitching but i know they stopped publishing in 2013...i looked at the...
03:01 PM
14 replies
Pearle Cotten thread
Posted By peacock68 at 01:24 PM.    19 Views
What size pearle cotton should be used on 14 count Aida & 11 count Aida, I have lots of pearle cotton &I would like to use it up. Thanks🍰
02:37 PM
1 reply
The Frogin' Life
Posted By jlhewes on 05/19/15.    170 Views
Last week i spent ripping out stitches on Lilac Cat's right ear & head. Off pattern, bad stitches, fuzzy stitches. Three times! Was so discouraged. Then, Saturday night ...
01:11 PM
16 replies
Wanna take a trip?
Posted By xstitcher522 on 05/20/15.    125 Views
I think it would be fun is ECS or Tereena Clarke at Artecy Cross Stitch offered destination workshop trip. I know Artecy is in AUS and I believe ECS is in CO. I think ...
Texas Stitcher
12:07 AM
11 replies
repairing tear
Posted By mcelhaney on 05/18/15.    84 Views
I have mended a couple of pieces-in-progress with iron-on pellon---including a MAJOR cigarette burn by a visitor.
Texas Stitcher
3 replies
Posted By ethjoed1 on 05/20/15.    65 Views
What brand thread does this pattern call for?
3 replies
stamped cross stitch problem
Posted By toledo on 05/20/15.    75 Views
The stamped cross stitch design (the blue X's) are disappearing as I work my project (crib cover). I have penciled in the design X's on parts of the project. Is there anythi...
5 replies
pastry chefs
Posted By memeann on 05/20/15.    89 Views
Hi.I am searching for a pattern of a FEMALE pastry chef.......my daughter is a pastry chef and I would love to stitch something for he...
3 replies
Cross stitch question
Posted By beckyh0629 on 05/21/15.    63 Views
what is the difference between the Wichelt Imports fabric and the Charles Craft fabric?
1 reply
Cross stitch question
Posted By beckyh0629 on 05/21/15.    35 Views
is it counted cross stitch or stamped? Is the fabric in the size I will need or do I have to trim it down?
1 reply
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