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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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chart numbers and symbols
Posted By sbrightbill on 11/21/14.    118 Views
My pattern for this cross stitch calls for #958 and shows a red color...958 is Seagreen...is there some way that you can check another pattern and...
03:37 PM
7 replies
I am looking for large letter patterns.
Posted By marebear7623 at 10:28 AM.    18 Views
Hello all! I've been looking around forever and haven't yet found this so I thought I would try here. I am looking to cross stitch the letter 'M' and the letter 'L' only. E...
03:36 PM
4 replies
Floss likes and dislikes
Posted By Lisa001 at 11:12 AM.    20 Views
What is your opinion of the cotton floss compared to the satin/rayon? All of my work has been done in cotton so I decided to try the satin/rayon. Not very impressed w...
03:35 PM
3 replies
Posted By zigas on 11/24/14.    48 Views
What other supplies will I need to frame my cross stitch in this frame?
03:30 PM
9 replies
Posted By elainecripe001 at 07:28 AM.    19 Views
have no #932 so what would replace/
03:27 PM
4 replies
serenity cross-stitch
Posted By waterlily2003 at 03:15 PM.    5 Views
can this also be done on 14 count aida, I find I cannot see well enough now to do 18 count.
03:21 PM
1 reply
floss guide
Posted By d_thomas on 11/22/14.    99 Views
I have an old pocket-size floss guide. It starts with the DMC floss #208 and ends with DMC floss #3708. Is there anywhere I can find an updated floss guide?
Senior Stitcher
02:55 PM
10 replies
Posted By dbye468 on 11/23/14.    55 Views
The holidays are coming !! Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.. I know it's early, but we all will be busy in the days and weeks to c...
02:09 PM
4 replies
Posted By vcess on 11/24/14.    31 Views
Can you mix mediums? Should you even TRY? Should you try to mix a shiny thread mass with DMC? Will the contrast in textures be too distracting? I have in mind the eye...
01:42 PM
2 replies
floss numbers
Posted By misled68 at 10:48 AM.    20 Views
I would like to order this along with the floss. Which numbers are required and how many of each skein? Thank you
12:12 PM
2 replies
Acrylic Coasters
Posted By lehelfer on 11/21/14.    72 Views
Does anyone know where I can buy/order 4" square cut acrylic coasters for small cross-stitch work? Thanks for any help[!
11:30 AM
4 replies
I am looking for someone to cross stitch a prayer for me
Posted By cathykramer at 09:02 AM.    27 Views
I would like to order a prayer cross stitched and ready to frame. Does anyone know someone who does this for a business that I could hire for a one time project?
09:08 AM
1 reply
amount of Floss
Posted By azatzakarian on 11/24/14.    52 Views
Hi, I am new at cross stitching. I recently bought a pattern. the pattern tells me what floss color I need but does not tell me how much of each color I should purchase. I w...
08:45 AM
5 replies
Need your prayers
Posted By jclifford on 11/13/14.    234 Views
Well on Monday I went into work and around 8a.m. I started having stomach so as spasms. Went home and could not get in to see my family doctor. I waited till DH got hom...
08:19 AM
18 replies
Stitch count
Posted By jennet at 02:04 AM.    16 Views
Please - what is the stitch count of these two designs ? Thank you for any help .
08:16 AM
2 replies
friends are cheaper crossstitch
Posted By savanaoberts at 02:36 AM.    26 Views
Anyone know of a of a way to get instructions to a project without buying the full kit? I have the thread and fabric stil just not the key.
08:14 AM
2 replies
stitching and praying
Posted By xstitcher522 on 11/24/14.    25 Views
I am stitching and praying for St. Louis. I have lived here my whole life and have been affected by in recent years. Stitching and praying
Su Pitt
03:57 AM
1 reply
Posted By gayeb on 11/24/14.    43 Views
Does this pattern list only the Weeks Dye Works colors necessary to complete the pattern? Or is there a chart that lists the comparable DMC (or o...
Su Pitt
03:44 AM
5 replies
Stretcher Bars
Posted By mawandpaw on 11/24/14.    47 Views
I have never used the stretcher bars. I am used to using the Q-Snaps which I love, but would just like to try something different. When ordering the stretcher bars for on...
4 replies
Just finished this past weekend! Material for back?
Posted By jellokat on 11/24/14.    57 Views
Hello everyone, I posted a while ago about the Starry Night project I was undertaking. I got through 10+ colors and only about a thousand sti...
2 replies
Question before I order
Posted By Renee on 11/23/14.    57 Views
Is this a kit or just a pattern? If it is a kit does it list the DMC colors needed? I like to work on linen, so would get linen to do it on plus new floss. ...
3 replies
Question befor I purchase
Posted By Renee on 11/23/14.    58 Views
Is this a kit or just a pattern? If it is a kit does it list the DMC colors needed? I am very fussy and like to get new floss and material. Thank you
2 replies
Posted By glanunziata on 11/24/14.    31 Views
Where can I order backing and protective covers for these frames?
miss crossstitc
1 reply
Posted By donna44 on 10/25/14.    300 Views
I have been an avid cross stitcher for over 30 years. I recently retired and was looking forward to spending more time on my favorite hobby. But recently I have noticed th...
10 replies
Posted By maubennett on 11/22/14.    69 Views
Could you please list the colors of floss that is needed for this pattern? Thank you!
2 replies
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