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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Simon's SQ Topaz Progress
Posted By jsimonpurple on 07/21/15.    153 Views
I'm going to post weekly updates on my Topaz progress. If you want to see them, reply to this thread. If not, please ignore! I tend to p...
11:15 PM
22 replies
Does Anyone Know How To Take Wrinkles out of Aida Cloth
Posted By karthurs1224 at 10:00 PM.    11 Views
I had several cross stitch pictures completed and decided to hand wash them, let them dry and then press them with steam. The steam didn't seem to be enough to remove...
11:08 PM
1 reply
How do you NOT buy way too many patterns?!?! :)
Posted By khtreasure on 07/26/15.    114 Views
This is a rant...haha!! There are so many patterns I want, and I have neither the cash nor the time to do them all. Things are worse because I love doing large, full-co...
miss crossstitc
09:07 PM
17 replies
Looking for opinions on....
Posted By Bermuda at 04:41 PM.    32 Views
A BASIC sewing machine. Don't want all the "gingerbread" on it. Just a basic machine for straight stitching and also zig-zag stitching. I never learned how to work a sewin...
08:47 PM
8 replies
Best way to carry threads
Posted By lorrainejwellman on 07/25/15.    108 Views
I am doing the largest & most complicated---similar color pattern I have done thus far. Can anyone suggest a way to keep the threads when you have to change them so oft...
08:47 PM
14 replies
Summer Finishes
Posted By bthompson2418 on 07/26/15.    81 Views
Finally finished my two projects...my dh and I are going to try and frame both pieces as I can't afford professional framing..I enjoyed...
07:34 PM
17 replies
Posted By lpnbarnes on 07/26/15.    77 Views
THIS is the sampler I want to do for my new grandchild! Kristi, any idea when/if it will be available? Anyone know if I can pu...
06:33 PM
9 replies
Does anyone know..?
Posted By Bermuda at 04:26 PM.    31 Views
What type of fabric is used on making the "Ribbon Candy" ornaments?
miss crossstitc
06:00 PM
3 replies
Posted By elerose at 12:19 PM.    44 Views
When you are doing a pattern that covers ther entire fabric is parking recommended or not?
05:40 PM
6 replies
Crescent colours
Posted By coleclaire627 on 07/25/15.    71 Views
This is my first time using crescent colours. Do I have to cross stitch each stitch individually because of the dyed pattern or can I do a row one way and then back. Tha...
04:35 PM
5 replies
God Bless This Marriage
Posted By grandmagraeler at 01:57 PM.    26 Views
Can't seem to order it. Order comes up blank!
04:13 PM
1 reply
Ornament Sale- Attention Kristi
Posted By lbcatlovr001 at 02:07 PM.    31 Views
Kristi- Can you post the price for this sale item please. Thanks and have a great day! (-:
04:11 PM
1 reply
Need info on product
Posted By susan.breeman on 07/20/15.    87 Views
This is not a stamped pattern, correct? What thread count is this pattern? I am assuming that I can put any date across the top that...
04:10 PM
3 replies
Christmas Blessings
Posted By barbara_7533001 at 02:03 PM.    19 Views
What is the size of this pattern? Do I use DMC thread? Where is the list of colors?
04:02 PM
1 reply
Cross stitch
Posted By glider131 on 07/25/15.    52 Views
I am trying to figure out how to put Christmas lights (strand) onto cross stitch fabrics. Any one every do this before?
Bruce STL
03:46 PM
8 replies
Floss list
Posted By ziphii at 12:19 PM.    27 Views
Hello. Can you please add the DMC floss numbers so I can order that with the pattern? Thank you!
01:49 PM
2 replies
Happy nappers cross stitch kids
Posted By djhw68 at 12:13 PM.    33 Views
The happy nappers cross stitch does it come complete with aida and strands
12:56 PM
1 reply
counted or stamped?
Posted By bdero07 at 12:22 PM.    21 Views
Is this a counted or stamped cross stitch pattern?
12:54 PM
1 reply
No product description - Fae Eyes
Posted By alowes123 on 07/26/15.    46 Views
Could you please provide finished size by stitch count? Plus any suggested fabric would also be appreciated. Thank you
12:11 PM
3 replies
Stitching time
Posted By katyeholman1975 on 07/26/15.    67 Views
If someone has lots of time to stitch and has 4 pages done how long would it take to finish
12:00 PM
9 replies
Guardian Angel and children crossing a bridge
Posted By dtscaddy987 at 10:03 AM.    23 Views
Is this project for cross stitch or counted cross stitch?
10:58 AM
1 reply
Do u sell the thread pack for this quilt.
Posted By headturner1970 at 05:31 AM.    33 Views
I can't find a lot of the floss.
09:39 AM
2 replies
Re: Size
Posted By fredhrv64 on 07/26/15.    32 Views
Can you tell me how big this cross stitch pattern is?
08:44 AM
2 replies
Posted By dmckoski on 07/25/15.    52 Views
I am looking for ultra suede from Rainbow Gallery UO1 white, not sure which one it is or if you have it. The pattern we are using is spirit dancer from Butternut Road. Tha...
08:36 AM
3 replies
Posted By Bermuda on 07/25/15.    98 Views
Hope that ECS has another sale on Artecy cross stitch patterns soon...
Su Pitt
01:09 AM
24 replies
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