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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Christmas stockings
Posted By Bonnie bee on 12/10/16.    8 Views
Hi all! This is my first time posting. I am looking for either a printed or a counted cross stitch lighthouse Christmas stocking pattern. Does anyone know where to find ...
Yellow Floss/Ivory Cloth
Posted By holly.e.gleason on 12/10/16.    31 Views
I used a light yellow floss on Ivory Aida cloth. The letters I stitched in light yellow do not contrast enough with the cloth to be read. Is there anything I can do besides...
3 replies
how many...
Posted By dotm on 12/09/16.    52 Views
I was wondering if somebody could tell me how many patterns are in the HAWK RUN HOLLOW series, I have one or two but would love to have all of them..... thanks
1 reply
Monarch Horizons cross stitch ornaments
Posted By grrowwl on 12/09/16.    58 Views
Hi - I've had these kits for a VERY long time (years) and have just gotten around to doing them up. It is the 12 days of Christmas set of 12 ornaments. They came with thes...
1 reply
Sharing Idea's
Posted By stitch102 on 12/10/16.    38 Views
I find it helpful when fellow stitcher's give personal tips on all levels. While recently working on a plastic canvas kit that had lots of pre-cut color yarns. I kept each of t...
Spirit Glenn
Posted By x-stitcher1 on 12/07/16.    217 Views
I purchased this magnificent chart a couple of years ago and, this year, I decided to tackle it. The chart has 31 pages and, as of toda...
12 replies
Posted By wickedwanda184 on 12/08/16.    131 Views
I'm looking for the stockings that u could cross stitch name on the top that were aida cloth the stocking was made of a quilted material! Do they exist still?
2 replies
I found X-Stitcher's "Spirit Glenn" !!
Posted By jerseycrafter on 12/07/16.    165 Views
X-Stitcher...when you posted you comments about beginning the design, I had not heard of it. It is so beautiful!! It is NOT small eith...
3 replies
Posted By xstitcher on 12/08/16.    134 Views
Where are you VCESS and are you all right? We haven't seen you around lately and miss your comments.
4 replies
Charles Wysocki Harbor Scene
Posted By lesternancywarburton on 12/08/16.    109 Views
Had this kit many years ago but it got ruined due to spilled tea and was about 3/4 the way finished. The kit was bought about 20 years or so ago and would really like to find...
4 replies
price on costers
Posted By gramjenniel on 12/09/16.    51 Views
can you tell me if your coastefor &6.00 is for 4
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
To be a Virginian
Posted By jodygreervanness on 12/09/16.    56 Views
Does anyone know a source for a counted cross stitch pattern for the saying To be a Virginian, either by birth . . . Preferably with a border.
miss crossstitc
1 reply
Lost instructions
Posted By georgiafedwards55 on 12/09/16.    60 Views
I lost the instructions and am about half through the project. is there a way to get just the instructions?
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
State Sampler Kit
Posted By gschwind26 on 12/09/16.    47 Views
Is this 3 state kit include what is shown or is it just the 3 or more states that you select? I guess my question is, does the border pictu...
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
Blocking Aida cross stitch
Posted By patricia_337151 on 12/09/16.    53 Views
I just blocked a cross stitch project. I have never done this before. It looks great as far as being squared but, I put the pins too close to the stitching area and now see ho...
what are some items
Posted By patricia_337151 on 12/03/16.    241 Views
I just started this project and can't seem to identify a few items in the picture. Does anyone know what the "jars" are next to the shoe...
10 replies
Please help
Posted By Megs on 12/08/16.    142 Views
Hello, I Crosstitch using one hand I have a disability that affects the right side of my body. So am unable to use my right hand to cross stitch I can hold a frame though. T...
13 replies
Lunch Break aida choice
Posted By NancyAlice on 12/08/16.    100 Views
When I bought the Lunch Break pattern (which I love) it was suggested that I use white aida cloth as the color would not really matter...
4 replies
LED magnify light
Posted By ondrejkam on 12/08/16.    44 Views
Hi, Does anyone know of a good brand magnifying LED lamp that I could buy, that would assist me in my cross stitching. My eyes are getting old, and I need something t...
1 reply
What to charge to stitch something for someone
Posted By lovetostitch on 12/06/16.    178 Views
Hi everyone: What would you recommend? I read a previous thread re by the stitch count... Pls advise when you get a minute Thanks and any help would be g...
Su Pitt
5 replies
Cross stitch sampler
Posted By shorney on 12/04/16.    89 Views
Looking for a cross stitch sampler for mature son. Thanx
2 replies
Rating House Blessing
Posted By jennny.kennedy on 12/08/16.    37 Views
As always found Everything Crossstitch's product excellent.Also would rate their service and range of products the same.
More bobbin chat
Posted By xstitcher on 12/07/16.    105 Views
Here is my start of winding my floss. I just slipped the start under the tape holding my number for this flesh coloured floss (thanks Te...
2 replies
Bad bobbin buy
Posted By xstitcher on 12/06/16.    190 Views
I've landed myself with 100 useless bobbins so out they go and back come the tried and true white ones. The problem is there is t...
7 replies
Posted By nsavery2 on 12/07/16.    186 Views
Here is the final "masterpiece" with framing - so pleased with it and can't wait to find a new project!
Texas Stitcher
17 replies
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