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The Latest Chit Chat

I haven't seen Janet (jmirz) posting lately. I know she helps care for her elderly mother and hope all is well. I don't post often, but I read the posts daily and you regulars....well...become regular! :) Liz
Last time I went through and answered several questions. It was about 6 months too late-how do those old posts turn up? It's like they are lurking and then just suddenly-poof=they appear. Why aren't you drinking the elixir of life?
Mine just arrived. I’m sure that I’ll find a use for them????? My Dad''s saying comes to mind "a fool and his money are soon parted"
Has anyone stitched “wherever you go” by candamar designs? I can find no website for this company for help. It seems like the entire ducks face on the stitching chart is wrong! I’m trying to figure out the correct symbols by looking at the picture but it’s not going too well. Also they don’t seem to have sent enough floss. I did find the conversion chart to help with that but I’m having a hard time with this chart.
What stitches are used in this pattern and is there backstitching?
It is not like our friend Bermuda to "drop out of sight" like this. I believe it is too soon for her to have made her "pilgrimage" north to Ohio for the summer. I am going to ask all of you good souls to hold her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. This wonderful lady has given me so much "exceptional" advice about stitching. She is the one who convinced me I would actually be capable of finishing designs such as: Heaven & Earth: "The Toy Box", "Angel lion and lamb", "Away in a manger" & "Portrait of Father Christmas" one thread over one stitch of fabric on 25 count Laguna. I have all three designs and have actually started Father Christmas. I miss her and pray for her return to the chat room soon.....
It’s finally here, at least according to the calendar!
Updates from my world... My new knee is coming along well. After close to 7 months, I can finally say I feel confident with it ...although any snow and ice outside throw me right off. I am going out more and more without my cane, however I do keep it in the car when I go out. Stairs continue to be an issue, but this is improving. I still cannot navigate the stairs if I need to carry anything bigger / heavier than an laptop. Baby Dayton is coming along well. After a bumpy week, she has been diagnosed with a cow protein allergy. After a formula change last Thursday, she gained almost 7 oz by Monday. Dayton's mom is doing well also. I'm on the home stretch for the baby announcement for Dayton and will post when complete. I recently found out one of my best friends will be a grandma again, so need to stitch another one for this little one. No wonder I don't have time to complete anything for me! It continues to be cold here in SW Ontario. No snow predicted for this week, but flurries on the weekend. Please hurry spring..I can't take much more. Have a great stitching day!
Has anybody noticed the dates on a couple of postings are about one month ago 2-18-18 or is it just me?
I am just griding up the material for "Sweet Remembrance" and I am looking to you fellow stitchers for pearls of wisdom. It recommends starting in the top left hand corner which is a first for me but I can see where they are coming from. But I am wondering do I need to put this in a frame to stitch or can I free hand it as I am finding holding frames is giving my hand severe pain after awhile? This will be my first all over pattern so I will be stitching for a long time methinks. But just think of all the WIPs that will get finished during this project as I can see me putting it to one side when I start making mistakes as I HATE unpicking.
I really like this frame. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks! Deb
Well folks, because of the weather or other circumstances for our anniversary, my husband's birthday in January and Valentine's Day....we couldn't make it to the Lobster House for dinner. Today we have sunshine...low winds...and the temp is all the way up to 42 degrees so we are going down this afternoon. This restaurant has been around for ages and sits on the "Wharf" in Cape May. I am attaching a drawing which is actually from their home page on the internet. You can google the restaurant and read about it as well as their full menu! I hope if any of you are ever in Cape May you will stop by this place. It is truly exceptional! In the summer there is a schooner docked along side the restaurant where you can eat outside!! No complaining for me today!!!! I just reviewed the menu....yours truly will be having the House Special which is Lobster, Scallops & shrimp over an order of Clams Casino!!!
I am so excited my new patterns finally made it yesterday. There is nothing like the feeling of getting a new project. 🤗 It is now time to sit back put on my favorite movie called Fried Green Tomatoes, and stitch. I am such an
I received the Cross Stitch Pattern "Served with Love" and it didn't have the pattern for the one that said Good Cooking Served with Love. Did that pattern not go with that booklet? It is the bottom picture on the left. That pattern was not in the leaflet. I would like to have that pattern if you have it.
hi just wondering what’s included in the package? is there a pattern sheet so that i can follow to stitch? i’m new to it so please don’t mind if i ask silly question..