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Now it's my turn to be unwell. I have somehow manged to injure my back (and we all know what that's like). I went to see my doctor and was told I could not see him as he was booked up until the middle of January!! Now what doctor has patients that can tell him they are going to be unwell in January???? I ended up seeing the practice nurse the next day and she took tests and gave me medication to take for the next 6 days. So we will see if things improve. I told the secretary that one had to be dead to see the doctor and even them one would probably have to wait in line to seem the doctor!! Was not amused but I was angry as I don't go anywhere near hospital unless it is something that is serious.
From single digits to 40+ for the next few days...the snow is rapidly disappearing, being replaced by muck.
Afternoon nap kit and Benji tiger kit colors got mixed (don't ask) having trouble figuring. Out rust, peac, coral and terra cotta shades looked at charts but it's hard to tell is one more pink or orange????tried picture but the colors look different
I’m definately shortening the length of my floss I’m using on ‘Sacred Hour’. Not because it is fraying the one strand of floss that I’m stitching with, but twice now I ended up (don’t ask me why, I honestly can’t figure it out) not pulling all the floss through and ended up with 1-2 loops on the back of the material which I was not aware of until three or four completed X’s further past the area. This past time, ‘Frogging’ was out of the question because the single strand of floss gets ‘torn up’ pulling it back out. Soooo, I clipped the loop evenly to make two strands of equal length and finished them under the completed stitches. I switched to Bohin needles to reduce any fraying of my strand of floss by the ‘eye’ of the needle and that’s working out well. 😊
Has anyone did this pattern yet? i would love to see a picture of the finished project on a table so that i can see where the pattern would lay on the table.
My grid lines on fabric did not errace or wash out with soap and brush. Any help ?
Hello, just wondered about the floss to go with the Home For The Holidays project by Sherperd Bush?
Did you & your DH ever finish that PVC stitching stand?? Can you email me the designs so my DH can make me one? Email to: Thanks!! Marlene
Love them!!!! Makes it seem so ‘Christmas-ie’......crackling fire 🔥 in the fireplace, the smell of baking cookies, a lit Christmas tree 🌲, gently falling snowflakes seen from the windows with tinges of frost snuggled in their corners.... Ahhhhhh, Christmas...🎄☃️🍪🥛❄️❄️
Hi everyone, I'm new to this so please be patient with me. I'm looking for White 10ct. Aida Cross Stitch Fabric by the yd. I make Victorian Christmas Tree Skirts for my children and now I'm starting them for my Grandchildren. It's something they can and will use every year and to remember me by when them bring them out every year. I use to purchase the fabric from 'JoAnn's Fabric' and now they no longer sell it by the yard. I have looked on eBay but all I am finding there is called 'Monk' Material. I'm very confused about the difference between Aida Cloth and Monk Fabric, could someone please help me with this. What I'm needing is - White 10ct. Aida Cloth by the yard. If I could find it I would purchase at least 10 yards.
I'm getting ready to start an oversized heirloom project (finished on 14 count = 28.5" x 28.25") but don't know how to work with that width of material in a frame. Does this frame have extensions to hold that large a project or do you have other suggestions for managing all that cloth!
Does anyone subscribe to "Cross Stitch Gold " or World of Cross Stitch? I am not going to renew my sub. to Gold but I am going to subscribe again to World of Cross Stitch because every month they put something free. The mags were my Christmas present. I remember that years ago America had a few mags (which I saved). My husband does not get that my mags (dating back to the 80s} are full of designs. Does anyone know Alma Lynnes patterns? Anyhow I am hiding my stash of mags so they do not get thrown away. I m kind of kidding. I wonder if you all frame your own work or have it done by others.
Well, it has been snowing here in Berks County for the past two hours or so. Big flakes that don't seem to be sticking to the parking lot. Hope the roads are good in about 2 /2 hours. Be careful out there. Jacquie
This is for my sister-in-law as well. Now everyone in the family has a Christmas pillow, except me!
Little battery operated Christmas lights, I can’t get enough of I had to have these, for the kitchen....but now I think I need one more.