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So, my orders finally got here today!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This little darling was in my order, and I discovered HE AINT SO LITTLE!! It H U G E!!!!!! And, of course it's a cover-all. HOW am I going to stitch this??? DH says I should turn it sideways to stitch. Has anyone ever successfully done this? The pattern is 60 pages long!!!!!!! So the fabric will be 33" X 25" if I do 18 they even make scroll rods that big?? If I go with 14 ct. The fabric would be......lets see, carry the one, add, .........43" X 31"!!! YIKES!!!! This us by FAR the LARGEST pattern EVER!!!! ohwhatdidigetmyselfinto???????? Marlene
Started stitching yesterday, when I suddenly decided I really don't like the color of little table I've been using. It's a light color, wood, kind of shiny finish, and just doesn't fit in with my "decor", which is old, scratched, dented, and chipped. So I thought I would paint most things I do, it's going to take longer than I thought, and is a bit more work intensive than I thought. I managed to sand, paint, and stain it yesterday, but it's still a little sticky, and smells a bit. (turpentine) Now I have no table to hold the chart for my current big (for me) project. I've taken procrastination to a whole new level.
I am about to start working on this pattern, but I was wondering what the 25th Anniversary motif and the motif down lower that has a year and the number 50 stand for. The initials on the 25th don't match any of the names on the rest of the sampler. Thanks!
Do you have the March, April, May & December pattern?
Love working on this colorful summer project. I am stitching it for my sister who lives in Florida and always says, "Life is better in flip flops." To all those who are thinking there is a project that says that too... I am on it. Will probably do that one for her too! Jacquie
Do I need a stand for this frame or can I use it as is? Is it light enough to just hold?
I was just thinking as I count my Art Deco project that we who do counted cross stitch and are "mature" people are really doing our brains a favour. We're giving them a good work out every time we pick up our needle.
Has anyone done a conversion of riolis floss and/or wool Yarn to DMC floss? I was looking at a riolis kit and wondering about conversion since I remember a chat about difficulty with using the riolis wool Yarn that comes with the kit. I still may want to purchase the kit since I love the design ( it's the one with the wine bottle and grapes) and change out the kit threads and the black aida.
Is there anybody else like me who buys the latest xstitch gadgets (i.e needle holders, magnets etc) only to find they don't work as well as advertised or end up in a "stash" box? I can't seem to resist even if I know I probably won't use them; I just need to have it!!!
Hello my fearless stitchers! So, I'm looking at this chart getting ready to, think about starting it and I noticed that there are no arrows to find the center of the chart. I thought I remembered quite awhile back, there was a chat about this and there is a way to find the center.........? Can anyone help me? Please? Marlene
I have been looking for counted cross stitch patterns for tree skirts and I'm not having any luck.
I am looking for a pattern or a kit of a Christmas mouse in a mailbox house. I saw this on ebay but it is now sold. I can't find it anywhere and I don't know the designer. Please see the picture I posted. Does anyone know where I can purchase this design?
I need you to step away from your Kindle, and make an eye appointment. LOVE YOU! Your loving DD :-)
What is opalescent fabric? I saw it offered for a Christmas pattern I want to purchase but am not sure what it is. cheryl
I would like to find all zodiac cross stitch patterns that measure approx. 2" x 3" Hope you can help me. Thanks Thelma