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Is it just me or am I not alone?? I have just looked at the new patterns released over the last month and none of them excite enough to buy them. I wonder if I am getting narrower in my taste or I have so many in my stash it is going to take something absolutely fabulous to get me to buy it?
I just read the post-tropical storm Ophelia is headed toward Ireland. I know some of the people on this chat are from across the waters. Just wanted to extend a special take care message to all of you. Prayers and good thoughts are with you. Stay safe! Jacquie
Hi folks!!! Me again:) I really would like a cross stitch buddy. Do any of you have one? I would like someone to come to my house like on mondays and thursdays ( doesnt have to be those exact days-twice a week) and sit around and stitch with me and have conversations. And drink coffee. I'd like snacks also, but we know that leads to dirty hands and that just doesnt work. I would really appreciate a motivational buddy who enjoyed the hobby as i do. Also would be nice to not only see my progress, but someone elses also, and have encouraging words for when we get to the parts we HATE to stitch in the pattern. ( ALL patterns have some part thats not so pleasing to stitch) Does anyone do this and have a buddy??? I hope someone has a dream buddy they can share with me via internet since i have no buddy *sniff sniff*
The pattern I am starting has twenty pages and says to begin with page one. I usually start in the center of the pattern. I can't do both. How do I know where to start on the pattern and how much space on each side to leave for mounting. Hope I'm not as confusing with my question as I am with the instructions. HELP!
Good Heavens. One minute you are having hurricanes and floods now you're having fires. What's next? My thoughts are with those of you who are affected by these disasters and hope you can keep strong in the face of adversity. Things can only get better (I hope).
I am curious, when you complete seasonal / holiday themed cross stitch pictures how do you display them? I have one or two I have made into pillows but my husband and son aren't throw pillow fans so I don't want to get too many. I have thought about designating a changing exhibit gallery where a framed item would be switched out for the holidays but I do not have a lot of storage space, plus it seems like a lot of work for a short display period. How do you display yours?
I recently obtained a prayer my children's father's parents prayed at night with him (he passed away when my children were young). It's just a few lines and I want to incorporate them into a pattern for my grown boys and possibly for my grandchildren. Any suggestions?
My daughter in law embroidered this blanket and I machine embroidered the baby's name on the top/center. When she washed the blanket, the stamping of the top middle flower did not wash out. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way to get the stamping to wash out or is this flower permanent? Thanks.
Does anymore know in DMC threads what number or color to use for a softball. I have a ball pattern I am doing a piece for my granddaughter
Is there a way to possibly get a list of threads and material to do this pattern? Thank you so much for your help.
Mother in law they say and yet... somehow I simply cant forget...... Does anyone know where I can find this pattern from 1980?
Just finished this..thought I would share..found this on Facebook..Let's see if I can post the picture.. Tried but couldn't get the picture to post right side up:(
I have looked all over the internet for a picture of the completed cross-stitch Trick or Treat pattern. I have found a few folks who have posted pictures of their initial efforts, but I have not found a finished picture. Would love to see one! I am about to embark on this interesting, detailed chart ... wish me luck! (And post a picture of yours, if you have finished it! :)
I have just looked at the new release of patterns and there are finally some nice ones that I would be interested in buying. I did notice that one of them called "Soft Gray" and a very pretty cat picture is stitched all over but is stitched on black aida. My question is if you are going to stitch all over why would you use black aida surely an off-white or cream material would be better? Your opinion please.
The Trick or Treat Chart says 25 count . What I want to know is could this be done on 16 count over two instead of 25 count over one? Thank You Ann