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I have been cross stitching for 30 years -- all projects were on 14 count aida except one. That was a 16 count aida and I found that it was do-able. In the bottom of my stash I found a couple pieces of even-weave. all these years I found a couple pieces of even-weave. Didn't know that I had it. Must have been in a box of stuff that I was given. Always thought that even weave was a linen Fabric so I ignored all postings that mentioned it. I'm thinking that I might try evenweave on my next project. it kind of looks like aida ; would the stitching on aida be the same? Obviously, I would grid the fabric. Maybe you can teach an old stitcher new tricks. NANCYE
Ok, folks, before you know it Xmas will be here. So keeping your wish strictly to a cross stitch item, what would you love to have Santa leave for you under the tree? ๐ŸŒฒ
I seriously think she can find at least one other seat....Anyone else have this trouble?
Didn't Kristi mention that there would be a Black Friday coupon to be posted today? Has anyone seen it?
May i know how much it would cost if my project size is 14 counts Aida Cloth = 57.1"x26.9" 145.1cm x 68.4cm. There is no ready size for this project so I guess I would have to request for a customized cut. Please advice. Thank you. Karen
Nov of 2013 I purchased Olde Irish Blessing H- Sku 03-1264 by Erica Michaels. I also purchased all the supplies to complete it. Shortly after I moved. i still have the materials. But I have misplaced the pattern which I loved. It has since been discontinued and the new one that replaced it is very different. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement pattern? Kind regards Anne.
Maybe most of you already know this, but wetting the end of Floss with saliva to thread the floss through the needle AFTER you have drank and/or eaten something can discolor the floss color. Noticed this after I drank a cup of cocoa in the kitchen then went back to threading white floss onto my embroidery needle. Now itโ€™s not only keeping your hands clean when stitching but also keeping your saliva clear....๐Ÿ˜›
HAED's wins!! I have a Santa Claus that I started a few years ago & every so often I haul it out & work on it for a short time then put it away again. This last time was the last time. I would rather do back stitching than all the "confetti". It has finally defeated me!. I did a small one (Christmas stocking) many years ago that took me 9 months to do but now am giving up on HAED. I don't have enough years left to finish one plus all the other projects in my stash & found I am now enjoying smaller simpler projects. So...... I've packed it away probably never to be seen again. Anybody interested in HAED can have mine as I foolishly have several others in my stash & will gladly send them to you. (I also have the pre cut & serged edge material for each one.
Can you please give me the DMC floss numbers for this project? Thank you SOOOO very much!!!! Valerie Romanin
I just wanted to share my latest finished project. I love stitching old homes. This is Houmas House in Louisiana.
Just finished "Key to Wonderland" l was worried it wouldn' be done in time for Chrismas (it's a gift for dd). Off to the framer's tomorrow and then I get to chose one from my stash to get started on! It's the little things in life.....๐Ÿ˜œ
How many colors of DMC used in this chart? How many pages is the pattern? Thank you
I am looking for 14 count potholders that I was able to buy at Joann's Fabrics. I can no longer find them and would like to purchase more. The one I have was for a Watermelon design UPC code is 078243057273. dimensions: 8x8 100% cotton stitching area 6.5w x 5.5h 14 count white Thank you for your time Rose
What did the turkey say to the open refrigerator door? โ€œShut the door, Iโ€™m DRESSING!โ€
Hi there You can find white ones on But I believe if you google it you will find more. As charles Have fun