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Is the 28 count Lugana considered an 'evenweave' fabric?
Looking for an effective way to store leftover floss from multiple projects....
I am doing a cross stitch pattern and something is wrong. Attached is the instructions but the "map" of the pattern is 70 8 1/2 by 11 pages. So when I found the center of the 70 pages I started but one page is about 5 by 3 inches. There is just not enough room on the 15 by 18 for this to work. Not sure what I am not getting but the math just isn't working. Any thoughts?
Hi, I am looking at ordering about 50 skeins of dmc threads- do you post to Australia and what would the cost of postage be? Oh and what currency are the prices in? Thanks
Where do you guys get your work framed? How expensive? I saw a very good video on you tube but I know these diy videos aren't as easy as they look.
So naturally my husband was home, and he got the mail. Him: You got a package. Me: Oh, okay. Him: What is it? Me: Just a pattern, and some floss, and the fabric. Him: How much did this one cost? Me: $37.00. Him: That’s all? Why so cheap? Gotta love him.
Do you folks think that designers actually realize the cost of framing? Couldn't they have their designs in standard frame sizes? You know, thee are what framers call standard frames, some related to photo sizes, poster sizes and some thatvare just there. You know, 4x6, 5x7, 8x1f0, 8x11, 8x11.5, 9x12, 11/12x14, 16x20, etc. It truly aggravates me to spend about $30-60 on a small or medium project only to discover that I cannot afford the frame! Anyone have any idea how we could bring this to the attention of designers? Oh, and do not tell me that standard frames won't do because the fabric is thicker than the frame ones that can use standard-sized frames do just fine. I check the depth of each frame. It is easier than giving my stitchy money to a framer. The two I use are great, but expensive.
Is there a materials list for this pattern?
I have to admit that I don't do cross stitch - it is hard on my eyes. So,, how did I get here? I needed some embroidery floss and hate to go to the craft shops because the floss is often kept in some dark corner and/or is in a mess which is not enjoyable to plow through. This site has all those pages of DMC and I admit I got carried away ordering colors. Other than cross stitch, I love to knit, crochet, sew, and embroider. At present I am embroidering pillow cases. In the past I embroidered all of our own pillow cases, but people have asked to buy them. I draw my own designs - often incorporating the colors and/or themes the buyer wishes - flowers for mom or a choo-choo train a grandmother wants for her 4 yr old grandson. I am a retired ballet teacher/dancer, love to paint in oils and pen and ink and write (often dance critique both hard copy and online). I live in San Diego.
Well I’ve been saying that for ages but apparently I’m not the only one because look what I found online! Haha yeah I just HAD to get it!
Hi everyone. I recently asked for advice on stamped cross stich quilt squares for a donation quilt for my neighbor who does the lead on the cancer walk and craft show. Some of you said you would be interested in donating a square you have done. I thought about it and realized how terrific that would be to have one made and would be of fellow quilters across this fine USA. So I guess what I am asking if you are serious I would love to put it together and share of course the names of those who participated in making this happen. I do stamped cross stich quilt squares trying to stick to the ribbon or hope theme and my squares are 18" and then I put material around each one. Usually use 9 squares. If you are interested let me know thru this site and trying to do this for her summer event would not be sold for profit. Would be given to her and they could do bidding or what ever she wants to do at the craft show. I thank you ahead of time for any interest in this we are a small town in Hillsboro Iowa but still like to help out. Like I wrote earlier I love to cross stich not counted and have made 41 quilts mostly Jack Dempsey patterns and have given them all away. Keeps me busy. Will be ordering another one soon. Again thank you for any interest in this matter, My motto only 1 stich awway
So, here is how I had this piece framed. Thought you might like to see the final product. Hope you have a happy stitching weekend! :)
Hi , Can you tell me the finished size and the thread count for this piece ? Thanks
Any ideas for storing extra floss from finished projects??
I make a variation of Watergate Salad, but can't seem to mix the dry pudding into the liquid w/o it having tiny pudding balls that have set. Do you make some type of dessert that calls for dry pudding mixed with something and are able to incorporate the pudding smoothly? Please share your secret. My most recent attempt was to drain the fruit liquid into a bowl and use a whisk to blend in the pudding. My whisk 'cage' was full of the pudding paste and I had to pound on the bowl to clean the whisk out. I then switched to usual routine.