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The Latest Chit Chat

Ok, so Hunter (the one who got into my pin cushion) scared his daddy last night. He was hacking and coughing and threw up so DH rushed to him figuring he had in fact gotten a needle in his system. Luckily, for lack of a better word, it was a piece of plastic from a drink mix that missed the trashcan. No blood in his throw up and I also inspected his stool outside and no sign of blood. I think we are in the clear but we are still keeping a sharp eye on him. Meanwhile, his mischievous sister Hazel got into the TV remote and chewed the back part off that covers the batteries. I think they are bored and need to get outside and run! I let them run a little this morning but we have been keeping them on the deck because the backyard is so muddy. It was 30 degrees this morning so I figured it was a good time to let them go out and run. They loved it! I think mud or not they need to run and get that excess energy out and maybe they won't chew so much! Wishful thinking.
We've just launched a small sewing shop on Etsy, would love to know what everyone on here thinks of our first pattern - would you do this on 14" or 18" Aida? Currently we've been using the 14" but not too sure about the final look. Also you can check it out at: Thanks again, can't wait to hear your responses!
Whats the difference between Fiddlers Cloth and Aida? Sorry for all the questions.
I am looking for an old counted cross-stitch pattern of a wide brim garden hat in the mist of flowers. I am not sure how old this pattern is....maybe in the 1980s. I also am not sure of the company who put it out. My mother-in-law started the project in the 80s and did not finish it. She has now passed away and I would love to complete it. I have looked everywhere I can think of and cannot find the pattern she was using. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Carol
What do you stitchers use over dyed and variegated floss for? Although I have some I’ve never used them.
Hello everyone, spending my Friday, watching college hoops ( no favorites, just good games), some Tennis ( sorry Sam Querry) and stitching. As with all stitchers, I have lots of projects in varies stages ; just started, in the middle and needing inspiration for the final push. Today is one of my words trees, Faith( designs by M Designs); and a little hardanger angel standing by. Stay safe for those is the way of the weather's peril
Would this be good to use on a cross-stitch project that has a hanger to hang the completed project? Just thought it might hide all the stitching mess on the back. Thanks!
Kristi do you have the supply list for this one? I absolutely love this saying!
We have some bad stuff heading our way in South Jersey. This storm will be much milder on us. A little snow...and some rain. (It is raining gently now.) We have family in Massachusetts who are expecting another foot. I cannot believe it. We have family in North Jersey who just got power back Sunday from the last storm. I told my husband that I have had enough. I am even willing to cut grass. He wants that in writing just in case I have a lapse of memory in July!!! Be safe everyone......
My order was cancelled do u have sku 342068 in stock did you charge my vard
I have always used cotton floss. How is wool and acrylic to work with? Anything I should know before creating this cross stitch pic that would be different than working with cotton? Jill
VCESS, thank you for your sense of humor. Sometimes, when I come in to a chat, I haven't had a great day. I will log in to Chit Chat and run in to one of your comments and I will chuckle (not the candy). I haven't had much to smile about lately but you seem to see the humor in everything. So, again, thank you and keep the quips coming. Sometimes we do things that we do not realize that we are touching a nerve in someone elses life. You have done that for me.
So I am thinking about purchasing a Mill Hill kit. Have any of you ever done one? I was most concerned about the perforated paper instead of fabric. Is it hard to use? Could I change it out for aida? Also would be first time doing beading. Is this really hard? As a beginner should I wait until I have some more projects under my belt before attempting one? It was recommended on here that I do 12 small projects with not very many thread colors to begin with and I am following that advice. Just wanted some of you guys opinions before I order.
So last night I had to sew my son's snow pants because he and his friends are going tubing today. I tried using my sewing machine because the material is too think for a needle to go through. Had trouble with my sewing machine so went back to doing it by hand. I went looking for my pin cushion and just couldn't find it anywhere! I was searching high and low and it was nowhere to be found. Looked over to Hunter on the dog bed and he was chewing on it...pins and all. My heart skipped a beat as I raced toward him and grabbed it from him. I wasn't sure how many pins were stuck in there and was so afraid that he swallowed some. My husband inspected Hunter's mouth and there was no blood and he hadn't yelped like he was stuck with a pin. My husband was pretty convinced he didn't swallow any. I kept a sharp eye on him the rest of the night and even wanted him to sleep upstairs with us (which my DH said wasn't necessary). He said that if Hunter had swallowed any pins that we would have known immediately because he would have yelped or cried from being stuck by them. Both Hunter and Hazel have been getting stuff off the tables now. Got to put everything high! Last week it was the thread, this week a pin cushion...hate to think of what could be next! Puppy proofing the house...again! PS - Wound up using the sewing machine, in the end, to fix snow pants but thank God I had to stop and look for that pincushion otherwise who knows what could have happened!
Could this pattern be done on Adia?