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I can't lay claim to the idea, DH discovered it. I have a Mighty Bright light magnifier and, as instructions on most magnifiers state, you should keep the lens covered and out of direct sunlight to prevent starting a fire. Well, Crown Royal Whiskey (Canadian blend whiskey)to the rescue!!! We bought the 1 liter size and the bottle inside the box has a purple (with gold trim) fabric cover with a pull cord that fits nicely over my magnifier! So use the cover, and have a 'nip' of Crown Royal when you realize you're going to have to frog out a section of your evening's stitching. I am NOT an employee or have been paid by Crown Royal Whiskey to advertise their name or product. :)
Ok. First please be patient with me! This project (Little Dragon) is SO big, I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around it. VCESS: I think I remember for gridding, that I measure from the edge of the fabric to the end of the excess for framing, then start the gridding. Is this correct? If so, then I have a couple more questions but I'll wait for your answer. Please don't get ahead of me, as I am getting thoroughly confused! I have to go one step at a time, ok? TEREENA: I will be stitching it sideways. By turning it sideways, that puts me starting at the lower left corner, but help me figure out the order of pages from there, please? Thank you! - Marlene
May i know how much it would cost if my project size is 14 counts Aida Cloth = 57.1"x26.9" 145.1cm x 68.4cm. There is no ready size for this project so I guess I would have to request for a customized cut. Please advice. Thank you. Karen
I am needing a specific size of 14 count Aida cloth, but I didn't see it, how do I order it? I'm needing a piece of 14 ct. white Aida measuring 18" X 18". How much would it cost? TIA, Marlene
Just finished my eclipse cross stitch I just need to decide size, and what color fabric to use.
I need to change skin color from 754 (lt. peach)758( V lt Terra cotta) 948 (V lt peach) to chocolate brown skin tones. Any suggestions?
Every stitcher deserves his or her own special stitching glasses. I wished for and received my new pair for my birthday. They are titanium and as light as a feather. I put my readers in the background so you can see that they are much smaller. I had my current project with me when I went to the optometrist so I could get the right strength for stitching distance.
Table is done, house is dusted, rugs swept, floors swept and scrubbed. (Had to buy a new "mop", instead of the spray going "fssssssssst", mine was going "fsstt") No more excuses, for now.
Hi, Kristi, I noticed today that when you post, your pic doesn't come up any more and it says Charles Mathias as your user name. Going incognito this week or has there been change to chat I missed?
I really like your patterns, but this one is offensive - the wording. I don't get it. Would like to see it removed from your listing.
I am looking for a pattern or a kit of a Christmas mouse in a mailbox house. I saw this on ebay but it is now sold. I can't find it anywhere and I don't know the designer. Please see the picture I posted. Does anyone know where I can purchase this design?
So excited to be going to my parent's house in the Pocono Mountains and being able to stitch the weekend away. Temps are supposed to be in the mid 70's and sunny. My husband is checking out their heater which is on the fritz. We want to be sure it is working for them come the cooler late autumn nights. Even in the summer, you need a blanket when you sleep! Have a great weekend and happy stitching! Jacquie
Now that I've recovered from that 'dry ' spell I had, I'm heading for my stitching... I'm making progress with the very light blue, medium blue, Lavender blue, gray blue, medium dark blue, ... well, you get the picture.... I was encouraged when I got to the part to do 5 different color stitches of the flagpole yesterday evening...
What color fabric is used in this sample?