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Hi...someone here might remember me. I fell and broke the daylights out of my right wrist and arm. It looks shredded (doc says comminuted). I also knocked the end off another bone Cast was put on after surgery May1st. Haven't felt like myself yet. I feel like? I dunno. My hair is now about 70% grey, but was only about 50% grey before this mess. Thinking about replacing the hardwood floors with a thick foam. Can't stitch. Might do.some framing. I need to see ortho because the cast is ccutting ,my arm and it has become loose. I will be back sometime soon For the dog people on the chat, I got my dream dog and he lifts both ,my sprit and DH's.ii
I was using a 17x17 frame for a 14x14 project and it became difficult to maneuver the frame around and I have a bad shoulder. Then I went to a hoop and that is working okay. I see a lot of people not using a hoop or frame. I'm guessing they are quite experienced. Any suggestions or ideas you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Bella Ho
It is very hard to see this pattern. Is there a way to make it larger? Thanks.
After thinking about this for several weeks and reading everyone's wonderful advice I came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn't finish the HEAD even though it is beautiful and I love it. I just have a feeling it would end up in the UFO bin because of the amount of work it would take to stitch it and I don't think I would enjoy it and spending that kind of money on something that isn't going to get finished just isn't worth it so went with logic instead of impulse. On that note I did make a decision and decided to buy something I know that I will work on that is similar to the HEAD design I was looking at and I found it on here on ECS. A picture is attached. Like I said similar but not.
The owner of American Dream Products had announced that they're going out of business. If any of you are using the E-Z Stitch No Basting System for attaching your fabric to the scroll rods, you may want to order some before it disappears. The Stitchery is expecting an order on June 26th so I ordered some for both the rods and the fabric. Nordic Needle is also expecting an order.
I'm starting a new cross stitch project and wan to know what size frame I would use? The finished size is 11.21 wide by 14.00 high. It's stitched on 14 ct. Aida cloth. It may or may not have a mat board on it. I know that you leave at least 3 inches on top and bottom for framing. If there is a mat board, what size? If no mat board, what size.
Has anyone done this pattern? I want to do it for a friends birthday in August but not sue I can get it done it time. Looks pretty easy with full cross stitches only and little outlining to do. I would like to do the whole series for her. I especially like the Halloween one and the ladybug one! Even though I am more of a dog person than a cat person! But she loves cats and would love these! Jacquie
I have questions about needle sizing. What is the difference between packages with sizes such as 5, 7, 9, etc., and those with sizes such as 24, 26, etc.? Also, are these two different types of sizing interchangeable and if so, how is that done? Also, is there a way to determine what size a needle is once it is removed from its identifying packaging? TIA!
Hi, I have been unable to find the cross stitch chart for 'Desiderata' by Indigo Rose. Does anyone know where I can purchase one or do you have one that you would like to sell me.
Has anyone used stitchable mesh by dmc? Is it easy to use-What count is it
This is the handiwork of Gracie, the nine pound cat. Pound for pound, she is a bigger stinker than the eighty five pound dog.
Yesterday my husband and I went to his specialist ti see why he has had some pain in his stomach. After a few tests they have found a 4 cm cancer growth in his intestine which they are going to remove. After going almost 10 years clear from his first tumour it has come as a shock to us and I don't know if I can stay strong this time for him (although I intend to try). I just feel completely lost and bewildered this time as I had thought we had beaten the beast but apparently not. So here we go again - another round of surgery and chemo and probably radiography. Sorry I'm just venting my frustration and stress to everyone to try and relieve my feelings..
Good Morning fellow cross stitchers! I was reading some of my back issues of Cross Country Stitching and am so sad they are no longer published. I was browsing online other cross stitching magazines and was wondering if any of you subscribe to a magazine and which ones you would recommend. I am leaning toward Just Cross Stitch. Jacquie
Finished and framed the Serenity Prayer with the lighthouse for hubby for Father's Day. Made it for him to hang in his office but walls are concrete so hard to hang a frame. He hung it in the LR for now! Looks great. I will take a picture and post! Next, I have to finish the anniversary one just a little more to do at the bottom and then I will frame it! Jacquie
When the directions on a box says, "To open, press with thumb" to open it (such as the macaroni and cheese box) and it doesn't work!