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Posted By:    hobbies
Am in need of marker pen and/or line magnifier. Am wanting to know which one is best or both .? It also depends on Stitcher?
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So, Elaine, are you wanting to keep your place on the pattern? I work from a copy & prefer a highliter pen. If you want to keep the pattern clean, the strip ahouldwork too.

But what is this business about "depends on the Stitcher"?
Like jlhewes I make copies of my patterns and do my marking on them. My computer printer has a copier with it so that makes it easy for me to make copies. I also use a line magnifier sometimes. It just depends on the project.
Su Pitt
I do it both ways, too. It does depend on personal preference. We live a ways out, so when I can copy and/or enlarge a pattern, then I use a regular highlighter pen. For some reason, I have trouble seeing the ylloww highlighter markings, so I use orange or blue. That's just me. And if it's a pattern I might share,.then it's the line magnifier...a big help if the pattern is small and you can't access an enlarging copier. I like it because it does both vertical and horizontal. I don't mark on my original patterns so that I don't confuse a borrower.
I too make a copy (enlarged) and use colored markers to highlite the items that are completed. I use two colors. when there are multiple colors on a section, I use one color marker for a certain thread color and use another colored marker to show the other thread color so I don't get confused (not hard to do). It's easily visible and don't have to hunt for my place.
I want to thank all you people that have given ideas to use either line marker or pen It helps to have Board like this one.