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Chit Chat!

Posted By:    c-beller
I was wondering if you have any marbled fabric like the 14 ct Mountain Sage in a 28 ct fabric or any marbled fabric in 28 ct of other colors?
Posted ByReply
Here's a link where they sell a lot of 28 count marbled fabrics. The closet I found so far (I went to page 7) is the Thyme and Laurel (this color is absolutely beautiful), but you can check.


Also, check out the Stoney Creek website. They have cuts from several overdyes fabric dyers. I believe ABC Stitch does too. I buy a lot of fat 1/8 yd cuts from Picture This Plus. There is a British dyer that does a lot of marbled dyes. I'll have to look up the name & edit this reply. Check back, please!

It's Polstitches. ABC Stitch Therapy carries it. 2-3 weeks delivery.
Su Pitt
I love these! I have only tried Picture this Plus, but now I can look at the other ones! Thanks! I have not been disappointed at all with PTP. Their photos on the site seem to be pretty color accurate. How we stitched all those years without them is beyond me. I have tea-dhed stuff my self, and tie-dyed vestment for a young priest, but never thought about dyeing cross stitch fabric! So glad someone took the plunge. Now folks do it at home. I won't because I have enough other things to do!