Conversion chart for Craftwys > DMC foss
Where can I get a conversion chart???
Posted by: maxian on 11/05/16
HI there

Just google it. Have fun
by: miss crossstitc on 11/05/16
I did google it and did not get a conversion chart for Craftways> DMC floss. If you have one; please forward. Thanks.
by: maxian on 11/05/16
Cyberstitchers has conversion charts. I don't know if they have the one you want, but it's a good place to start.
by: astitchintime on 11/05/16
Tried cyberstitchers; no luck. It seems that no one has a conversion chart for CRAFTWAYS>DMC. I wonder why????
by: maxian on 11/05/16
I saw a website, I believe it was "" and it gave me the impression that the craftway threads are somehow connected to DMC. I suggest you go to the website and type in "craft ways thread conversion to DMC" and see if you come up with information. A call to DMC would be my other suggestion....
by: Bermuda on 11/06/16
I think Craftways is Herrschners own brand.
by: Sunshine on 11/06/16
Thank you Sunshine. I wonder what that DMC website regarding the craftways thread was about. I found and read it but can't understand what the connection would be.
by: Bermuda on 11/06/16
Maxian - After reading your post I was curious myself to search for a conversion chart. Some patterns I've ordered from 'Herrschner uses both DMC and Craftways floss. Whenever a pattern gives both numbers I would add the Craftways # to my DMC list. - I then contact 'Herrschner's customer service with a sent E-mail requesting if there's a conversion chart.
Herrschner E-mail me back a complete list of Craftways >DMC conversion chart. So glad they responded back and hope this also helps you.
by: stitch102 on 11/10/16
Hello everybody and Stitch102!

I was wondering if you have the file for the conversion Craftways to DMC floss? I wrote the company and google it haven't found any answer.. I am disappointed... Does anybody has the chart?

I would appreciate your help

by: usapharmacist2005 on 10/10/17
Apparently the answer is above your last post. I will try that and then, I will send an email to cyberstitchers asking to add this conversion chart to the others that they provide. As I understand it, someone just wrote to Herrschner's and they replied with a Craftways-to-DMC floss chart!
by: Su Pitt on 10/10/17