Shread suplies
The suplies listed, would that be all I need to complete the project. I am unsure as the 49c price seemed rather low.
Regards Pat
Posted by: richopat on 01/10/17
The price of $.49 per skein of floss is not that low. That is about what you would pay at craft stores and JoAnn Fabrics. If you bought 1 skein of each floss color needed it would come to $28.91 for the entire project. Enjoy your stitching. It is very pretty.

Kristi at ECS is very good about listing the supplies needed for a project.
by: syagel on 01/10/17
Hello Pat,

The floss list that is listed underneath the pattern comes right off the color key of the design so those flosses are all that you need to complete design pictured. Each skein is floss is 49 cents each and each color only needs 1 skein of floss. You can either check off the boxes of the flosses that you need or want or you can hit the Check All button at the bottom of the floss box to select all of the flosses and then add them to your shopping cart. The fabric that is needed for the design is listed to the right of the floss box, so if you are wanting the fabric as well, make sure to select the circle and then hit Add to Cart :) Hope this information helps!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 01/10/17
WOW -- First time I've heard someone say the price of a skein of floss seems low!
by: NANCYE G on 01/10/17
Try buying it in the UK- 95p each translates to about $1.35 US. Thank goodness for ECS and occasional trips to North America😊
by: murillome on 01/11/17