What do you do......

.........to keep your pin cushion from "swallowing" your needles?


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I don't push my pins into the pin cushion that far. I also move them from the pin cushion to their box fairly often, so don't let them accumulate in the pin cushion.
I don't use a pincushion. Instead I use a magnetic pin keep or just a plain magnet to hold my needles and when I'm finished a project I put them away in a small zip lock - 1 1/2" x 2" that you can a package of a zillion at the dollar store or use a zip lock snack bag.
I try not to push my pins too deep in pin cushion also, in between projects kept in magnetic pin keep.
Every so often, I take out the needles with threads and lay them aside. I then keep squeezing the pin cushion, top and bottom, until I feel a needle trying to make it's way out. Eventually it does and I pull it out. I'm now working a project, the U. S. Army Sea,l with 35 different threads. I put the needle with thread on it, weaving the needle into the thread on a numbered bobbin. That way I'll be sure I have the correct threads together. I keep all of the project bobbins in a plastic container. Some of the colors look so close to each other, it's hard to tell, especially the dark ones (Black, Navy Blue) apart. Using a magnet is also a good idea. Diana
I have several pin cushions but I like the old fashioned sectioned one the best. I can give each size needle its allotted section. These are marked by different coloured straight pins. If I have a favourite that I'm not using I leave a tiny tuft of thread in it to prevent it from going "under." if the pin cushion falls on the floor. I think it's so interesting to hear about the different ways we do things. Thank you for your input. I'll think up more questions as I stitch away. :-))
You might make your own, if you like pincushions. Use a thicker fabric than your current pincushion, but not so tightly woven that our tapestry needles will not be able to puncture it.
I just remembered another hint when using pincushions - in stead of putting them in point down and risk losing them, thread the needle in and then out so it's lying flat on the pincushion.
Mary, pincushions get hungry too .......... LOL I use a magnet. I usually don't have but one needle out. I keep my needles in the little pill bottles that meds come in here and label the cap with the size number. Nothing fancy but it works for me. I retired my pincushions when my little granddaughter came along.
Hi Tex, I just ordered a pretty magnetic glass paper weight that isn't a paper weight. It's for needles . I just want something to rest a needle on instead of fastening it on to my trouser leg, while I do something else, if you know what I mean.
Totally. Despite the fact that they are not sharp needles, a jab is quite painful and bloody. The paperweight sounds nice.