Needle for 18 count


I just purchased the 18 count Star Wars pattern. I mostly do 14 count and need to know if I use the same needle for 18 count pattern. Thanks, Jacquie


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I would use a #26 needle as you don't want to leave a hole after you pass the thread through. I use a 26 needle for everything except when I'm using metallic threads. I use a beading needle for beads. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much. Is that something I can pick up at any notions store? I have always used the needle that came with the kits. Lately, I have been buying patterns so I am not sure where to get these specific sized needles for counted cross stitch. Thanks, Jacquie
I get mine at my local needlework store. I save the ones from kits as they are usually #24 and use them with metallic threads.
Hello, A size 28 needle is what is usually recommended for an 18ct. fabric but a 26 would work too. A size 28 needle is the smallest so it wouldn't make the fabric holes any bigger when stitching. Hope this helps :) ~Kristi @ ECS
Thanks so much for all of your help! I will visit my local notions shop and get a 26 and 28 and see which one works better. I am so excited about doing this Star Wars pattern for my husband who is a huge fan! Thanks again! Jacquie