Help! Please!
I've bought the Mystical Dragon counted cross stitch kit, and I've lost the threads and the color chart that tells me which colors are what symbols. I have the pattern, the canvas, and the special glitter thread. Does anyone have a copy of the chart colors so I can buy the right colors and know which symbol goes to which color? I've attached a picture of the kit.
Posted by: amazonprincess1222 on 01/11/17
Hello...This kit was produced by JanLynn. I think your best bet will be to contact them and explain your situation. I am sure you can not only get the symbol chart you need but may be able to also get the needed threads required. (I am a Stitcher in the chat room...I do not work for ECS.) Good luck!
by: jerseycrafter on 01/11/17

jerseycrafter is correct in her post on this one. Any replacements for kits has to come from the manufacturer. They will have all of the items for their products so just contact them and let them know what item you have and what replacement you need and they will take care of it for you :) Here is Janlynn's contact information:

Thank you :)
~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 01/11/17