locate a sampler pattern
hi I'm looking for a counted cross stitch design I made years ago . It was a sampler that fit on the top of candy jars and the saying was " A kiss a day keeps the meanies away" It had 2 or three chocolate kisses in the design ! Would anyone have this pattern
Posted by: greeneyedmama56 on 01/31/17
I've looked but without success but 1 have a couple of suggestions you might want to consider if you can't find the lid cover.
One suggestion is that if this is a gift for Valentines ( or just as a nice small gift).
There are some craft catalogs that sell a clear plastic cup with handle and come with a blank insert made out of plastic cross stitch material that you can add a design to. When design is completed with your saying "a kiss a day keeps the meanies away", with a few Hershey kiss designs, this completed plastic stitch ( I'm guessing it's either a 16 or 18 count plastic insert) can be placed inside the plastic cup, filled with red foiled Hershey kisses , then cover top with a piece of small plastic clear Saran Wrap with a red bow on top. The one who receives the gift can use the plastic cup as a drink container. The design can be planned out with the wording and "kiss" designs by either using graph paper or using a cross stitch pattern that can help you center design and wording. I'm sure there are some free pattern designs out there that are free but I spent $12.00 for a year of using the "crossstitch.com" website that has different size alphabet fonts and an area in which you can create the font and I think add a design(s).
You can use the same technique above for putting the plastic insert inside the mason jar or creating a mason jar lid insert.
Another suggestion is to type in "mason jar lid cross stitch inserts" and see if something comes up. While searching I saw mason jar inserts and many of them were for different holidays ie. Xmas "a kiss for Christmas" or "Christmas kisses make you all fuzzy and warm" (I made these two titles up). :)
Hope this helps! I'm not an ECS employee but a stitcher that saw your "chat".
by: Bermuda on 01/31/17
I actually made this years ago. I don't have the pattern but I can take a picture for you. I am getting ready to make one for my grand daughter and will write down the pattern as I go. I wish they still made the Country Keeper Kit!! :(
by: ssgilmore on 12/06/17
This is an amazing group! :)
by: VCESS on 12/06/17
I love a success story!
by: Jaj on 12/06/17
That is a real cute design. Bermuda you came up with some great ideas! The creativity everyone on here has is amazing and always willing to help! I love this place.
by: jmirz on 12/06/17
Hi there

Why don t you google it? then if you are not satisfied google then add this sentence pinterest/cross stitch jar tops in cross stitching. I just looked it up for you there is tones of them there as patterns and leaflet. Good luck for finding what you are looking for.
by: miss crossstitc on 12/06/17