2 strands on blue spruce
Here is the angel healing in 2 strands on 32-count Belfast blue spruce linen.
Posted by: Simon Purple on 02/14/17
HI! Long time since we saw you on the chat, welcome back!! I LOVE your angels! Will you use 3 strands of floss when you start your new angel? I love the blue fabric a lot but your other angel looks great on the other fabric, color....is that a taupe color?
by: Bermuda on 02/14/17
It's a dark taupe, I guess. I like stitching on the stiffer fabric, but the dark blue already looks better. I'm using three strands.
by: Simon Purple on 02/14/17
Oh I just started mine this week! Doing it on a very pale blue fabric called Alma that Wichelt no longer makes. I had this brainstorm. I always having trouble doing beads because it's so easy to jar that little plastic Mill Hill container and scatter them all over. Been there-done that more than once. Ran across an extra one of those 7-day medicine boxes and the light bulb went off. Used a Sharpie to label the little doors and put the different beads in the pill-slots. LOTS easier to handle. Wish I had thought of it a long time ago.

Are you having trouble getting the specialty threads and beads? My local store had the metallics and is ordering me one of the beads that they didn't carry. But I was goggling and there are places where you can find the Kreinik equivalents to the metallics .

Have a great day. Spring is here in South Carolina and we have a gentle rain----perfect for stitching with a blanket over my feet. :)
by: mcelhaney on 02/15/17
I too was having problems with beads and then I discovered a Tacky Bob. It's about the size of a CD case and has sticky surfaces on both sides of the inside. I put the beads I'll be working with on this and then I'm able to take with me. Although sometimes the beads do pop off when you're trying to put them on the needle but mostly don't.
by: judy.boatman on 02/15/17
Hi. I am make a question

how much can a picture of those framed?
by: noemi_salazar18 on 02/15/17
I bought my beads here at ECS and bought the rainbow gallery threads at another online shop, can't remember where. Just do a Google search on rainbow gallery treasure braids and you will find it. Seems like no one carries everything you'll need for a project.

I'm just now starting the face over one, my least favorite part. The last/first one I did looked great, though. Then I'll do the hair and wings so I can start the fun part.
by: Simon Purple on 02/15/17
I try to spend some money from time to time at my nearest shop although it's about 40 miles away. There's just no substitute for putting your hands on the actual fabric, seeing the real graph etc. I try to help her stay in business even though I can't get that far very often, maybe twice a year. She had some of the Rainbow Treasures and some of the beads. Getting me the rest.

I was taught 50 years ago to ALWAYS start in the center and work out. Can't seen to break that habit. So I'm doing the white part of the dress. I do the beads as I go. I love the look of the one-over-one faces but you're right. Ain't easy!

I have done most of these angels and when somebody sees them , they beg me to do them one. My mother has two framed in her living room. I only have a little house and not much room for big things so all I have on display is a couple of my beloved dogs.
by: mcelhaney on 02/15/17
I strongly prefer to work down and to the right, so I get to the top as soon as I can. I started in the upper bodice. I will do the beads and metallics last when I put it on a scroll frame. I did cross-stitches in one strand of 729 to mark the places of the gold beads to help with counting.
by: Simon Purple on 02/15/17
Just finished the face! It seemed easier than the last one-over-one face I did, maybe because there were fewer colors and less contrast. I'm really happy with it. I'll post a picture when I finish the hair and maybe the wings, too.
by: Simon Purple on 02/16/17
jsimonpurple, It is so good to hear from you. I wondered where you had "disappeared to".!! I love this angel. She looks beautiful on this fabric. Last fall I purchased: Angel of the Sea. I had to do a little homework. The pattern recommends 32 count "Blue Wing" linen from Wichelt. I didn't find it right away....what I DID find is that the color is also known as Amsterdam Blue. I bought it and love it. It is more of an "sea green/blue" (the internet does not show it well) than the Blue Spruce which looks like a "true blue". Marilyn Imblum gave a description which is sweet: "The angel rises from the waves with splashes of tiny pearls. She holds a child in her arms and a seagull floats near her. Ribbons and stars surround her. I used lots of shades of blue and sea green for the swirling waves crashing at her feet...her dress is emerald." My husband and I have spent many years boating on the ocean. He has had a Captain's license for about 40 years...so....how could I NOT make this design??!!

P.S. She also said that she lived near the sea at that time and folks asked her for an angel to protect their family members who worked or travelled on the ocean.
by: jerseycrafter on 02/17/17