For this colour it asks for 1 strand, do I join both ends together or do I leave as a single strand
When also asks for 1 and 2 strands do I keep as single long strands
Just getting back into my cross stitch and am a little confused, thank you
Posted by: pmcharles16 on 02/15/17
Hi there. Never add any of the knots at the end for cross stitching just wave it under the stitches. Good luck.
by: miss crossstitc on 02/17/17
Im sorry asked this wrong, i know no Knots

The pattern is asking for 1 strand, do i fold strand in half too make 2 strands, is what i meant
Also there are mixed colours in pattern, do i use just strands asked for and keep at one long length or fold all in half /
by: pmcharles16 on 02/17/17
I usually cut the 3 foot floss in half to shorten it, this helps not having tangles and it is easier to work with. Also helps keep the floss from twisting. Your floss will have 6 strands to it. If the kit says 1 strand of the floss, that's what it means, 1 strand. Then if it says 2 strands, use 2 strands. Or you can thread your needle with 1 strand and thread it until you have 2 strands (in half) if the chart calls for 2 strands of the same color. Sometimes that is easier so you don't have the needle falling of your floss. If it calls for combining the colors it will tell you how many strands of which color to use, although the "in half" method will not work here.

I hope this helps! Happy Stitching!
by: tspitz on 02/17/17
I have not stitched this kit before. I assume from your question that if the directions may say to use one strand of floss, that's all you may need in a particular area of the pattern. You may need to use two strands of floss in other areas.

I hope this helps.

by: djrb7213 on 02/17/17
As tspitz says, if it says to use one strand of floss in a certain area, pull one strand of the specific color and just cross stitch with just the one strand. For example: directions say to use "DMC 310, one strand for the & symbol" then I will use only one strand of floss to make my cross stitches that have the & symbol

Another example : let's say your pattern says to use "two"strands of floss for a certain area of the pattern and the symbol key shows this symbol @ { 310 / 400 . That means for this symbol @, I would use One strand of floss color 310 AND one strand of floss color 400. I would put these two strands of floss together and thread my needle and do my cross stitching for that particular area. It called "blending", I believe.

Also, as the other stitcher stated, you don't want to have your floss too long. I usually don't have my floss any longer than from the tip of my thumb to my elbow. Hope this helps! :)

by: Bermuda on 02/17/17