Almost done


This is my first try


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Sorry this looks so messy. My first try posting a pihoto. Thanks for your help, Bermuda, it took about 10 minutes. I'll post another photo once it's been framed. I am taking 3 or 4 for framing this Saturday. Mary, you are so right about iPads. What a neat gadget!
What beautiful work!
Thanks. :)
Texas - I did this one about 6 years ago and every time I see one that someone has just finished I am again overwhelmed. It is such a gorgeous pattern and I was amazed when I did mine how easy it was to do. This is the project that I learned to bead with and have used beads ever since on mostly all my projects. I am anxious to see this posted when you get it back from the framers. Take care. cheryl
It is stunning!!!
Stunning is a good word for this finished piece. As is beautiful and gorgeous. Red is my favorite color and it is stunning in this cross stitch piece. Great job! Jacquie
Wow! She is beautiful! Can you hear me clapping my hands?
Looking great!
Ted, she is breathtaking! I see what you meant about the border! Pretty impressive display, too!
Wow! This is so pretty! The photos they show of the finished pieces just don't do them justice! Now I want to stitch the Celtic ladies.
Wow! She's very pretty! I do like the beading. Nice work! Can't wait to see it framed.
VCESS, I thought that you would enjoy the display on my cluttered desk with a lamp holding down the fabric. I was under time pressure. This life vest that DH has to wear is such a pain in the neck. I have to help him with taking if off and putting it back on. The battery has to be disabled when he takes it off, the alarm has to be turned off or else he'll get shocked. The nurse said that it feels like getting kicked by a mule. That's all I need, poor guy. I have to hand launder it every other day and place it in the dryer for 15 minutes. These instructions alone set my teeth on edge. Oh, V, we signed our wills on Valentine's Day! How's that for romance?
jsimon, I have the patterns for the other four along with all the "stuff" and at one point not so long ago, I was convinced that I would not ever stitch them. Celtic Christmas was my practice piece. Now that it's almost completed, I'm tempted. I'm almost finished with a Bent Creek Christmas stocking for extended family (I have to do one more) and cannot wait to get back to my 28ct fabric. The stocking is done on 18ct over two with 4 strands of overdyed floss. Not my cup of tea. You do such beautiful work, you should stitch them.
Hi Texas Stitcher! I have been waiting for you to post a picture of this design. She is absolutely gorgeous. I have not made this one...however....I did see her framed and hanging at my shop in Cape May. I know you mentioned the huge amount of beadwork but once she is finished and framed your heart will "fill with joy". The reflection of light off all of those beads is just outstanding! I cannot describe it! (I have been out of the Chat Room...we had a medical emergency in our family last week which was quite scary. It is over...we are all good...and "getting our bearings" again.) Best regards.
What is this pattern called?
It's Celtic Christmas by Lavender and Lace. Texas has done a great job! Diana
This is gorgeous, Texas Stitcher!! The colors just pop out at you and it's so elegant looking! Wonderful work :) Thank you so much for sharing with us!! ~Kristi @ ECS
Love It!! You have done a wonderful job!!
I love it! So Elegant!
This is the first one I have seen finished and it is absolutely stunning!!!
Breathtaking! These are such marvelous designs for the best stitchers! Your work makes me cry tears of joy!
Texas, this is extraordinary! What beautiful work. It's going to be amazing when framed!
Texas, this is extraordinary! What beautiful work. It's going to be amazing when framed!
waooooo beautiful!!!!!!!
how long does it take to do something like that?
I am so glad I decided to check Chit Chat tonight or I might have missed your picture! It's absolutely gorgeous! I made a copy and showed it to Cap. He sees dozens of mine, of course but rarely sees what someone else can do. Hope you post it again when it's framed.
It's absolutely gorgeous Tex. I didn't think you'd be done so soon. Meanwhile I struggle along with all my greens in the trees. The chart griding is saving my sanity. It really works on something like this with blocks of shading. All I do is outline a 10 x 10 grid and stitch all the stitches inside it, then move on to the one below. It prevents me getting lost. It's not necessary to grid off the fabric as I'm only working on one grid at a time and lo and behold everything matches up. I'll take a picture and post it as I just scanned a clean chart.
Such incredible work! She is lovely!
Such incredible work! She is lovely!
I'm overwhelmed by your praise! Thank you so much. noemi, it depends how much time you have. I'd say six months for someone like myself, half that for a dedicated stitcher. I had to do a couple of other things in between.
tlmc, it's called Celtic Christmas by Lavender and Lace.
She's absolutely gorgeous and I love all the beads. Great job!