Nantucket Rose
I am just getting back into cross stitching and love Lavender and Lace. Somehow lost all my threads and patterns in last move. However have pattern for Nantucket Rose. Trying to decide whete to get fabric and thread from. Where do you usually get your supplies? Im English and miss my local cross stitch store.
Posted by: sarasievert on 02/16/17
I love that design! I get all my supplies here at Everything Cross Stitch, except for the few threads they don't have. I love how they display fabric choices and I like their floss ordering system. I don't know if they're feasible where you live, though.
by: Simon Purple on 02/17/17
sara, I have completed about half of this design. It is just beautiful. I encourage you to make it. I am taking a break because her "lab robe" in white kind of "wore me out".!! Anyway, soon I will get back to it. I live in Southern New Jersey. We are about an hour north of Cape May. This scene looks exactly like Cape May. There is a peacefulness about it that I love. I also order from ECS. If there is something I cannot get from them, I also order from Best of luck. Let us know how you feel about this design once you proceed!!
by: jerseycrafter on 02/17/17

Just curious, but is this one designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum? (lavender and lace) A lady holding flowers with a cottage and water in the background and flowers at her feet,

Pls advise when you get a minute

Thanks and greatly appreciated
by: lovetostitch on 02/18/17