One can dream


I have a large poster of this Kandinsky print hanging on my living room wall. I was just thinking of how much I would love to do this print in a cross stitch. I think it would make a fantastic pattern.


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Rose, could you have it converted to a pattern? It would be a lot of stitching! It's a beautiful piece of art. Exactly my taste. Rosebud is what I call my GD. Rose is one of her middle names. When she gets sleepy her little cheeks look so rosy.
Texas- I did briefly consider that. But then what would I do with my framed poster?
I've seen this somewhere in a pattern or a kit. Did you actually research it? I think ECS will order if their distributor carries it... :)
I thought the same thing, Rosebud. Great minds! LOLOL Stick with your poster. It's a great piece.
I would make it into a pillow for the same room where your poster hangs! It's one of my favourite Kandinsky paintings and looks like it would be so much fun to stitch. Or you could divide it into squares and make coasters!
Those are good ideas Crafty! I would be kind of afraid of making it into a pillow though. I'd be afraid that all that hard work would get ruined with a pillow's use. But I do like that idea.