A new finish and framed:)
"Hoopla" by Design Works.
Posted by: Jen on 03/13/17
Jen, I love this design! Also....the mats and frame are perfect! Good job! Isn't it great to actually finish something?? (I have about three things going now. LOL)
by: jerseycrafter on 03/13/17
jerseycrafter, Thank you. I must admit, I don't know how all of you do more than 1 project at the same time. Kudos to all of you. I' clap my hands and give a bow to all of you. 👏👏👏!!!!
by: Jen on 03/13/17
Great job, she looks so fun!
by: MarzHere on 03/13/17
MarzHere, thank you.
by: Jen on 03/13/17
My daughters would want this!
by: Su Pitt on 03/13/17
Hi Nancy G. Yes I tried everything I could think of with my phone. I don't know why it won't post a photo upright. Oh well, I'll stick to the iPad when posting photos.
by: Jen on 03/17/17
Hi jerseycrafter
Thank you for all your help. Still didn't work with my iPhone. Tried with my iPad and it worked. I appreciate you trying to help. Thanks.

by: Jen on 03/17/17
Hi Jen. I love the print you finished and the frame. Where could I find a frame for my project.?
by: darbyann on 03/18/17
darbyann-thank you . I appreciate your compliment. As for the frame, I usually get mine done at Michaels and only with a coupon. The current one that you see would have been around $350.00, with my coupon I got it for $95. If you have a military I.d. they'll give you an additional 10% off. Or if you find a better coupon at Jo-ann's they'll honor that too.
by: Jen on 03/18/17
Polished and light hearted...you did a great job! :)
by: VCESS on 03/19/17