A new finish and framed:)


"Hoopla" by Design Works.


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Jen, I love this design! Also....the mats and frame are perfect! Good job! Isn't it great to actually finish something?? (I have about three things going now. LOL)
jerseycrafter, Thank you. I must admit, I don't know how all of you do more than 1 project at the same time. Kudos to all of you. I' clap my hands and give a bow to all of you. 👏👏👏!!!!
Great job, she looks so fun!
MarzHere, thank you.
My daughters would want this!
Hi Nancy G. Yes I tried everything I could think of with my phone. I don't know why it won't post a photo upright. Oh well, I'll stick to the iPad when posting photos.
Hi jerseycrafter Thank you for all your help. Still didn't work with my iPhone. Tried with my iPad and it worked. I appreciate you trying to help. Thanks. Jen
Hi Jen. I love the print you finished and the frame. Where could I find a frame for my project.?
darbyann-thank you . I appreciate your compliment. As for the frame, I usually get mine done at Michaels and only with a coupon. The current one that you see would have been around $350.00, with my coupon I got it for $95. If you have a military I.d. they'll give you an additional 10% off. Or if you find a better coupon at Jo-ann's they'll honor that too.
Polished and light hearted...you did a great job! :)
Great job, jen. What a welcome relief from the fancy, beaded gowns that some of us have been and are working. Love it.
Hi Texas Stitcher. Thank you . I have yet to tackle the beads. 😂 It's on my bucket list.
VCESS- thank you.
jen, no rush. If you never attach a single bead, life will still be great. It's not something I have ever sought out. It just happened that way. LOL
Beautiful job Jen. It looks lovely! You are not alone when it comes to working with beads...on my bucket list too! :)
Nice to know that there are others out there with simple bucket lists. I felt so inadequate because at this point I don't even have one really. :( Right now I'm wondering what I should pick as my next project. Maybe I'll do one of the mermaids. jclifford got me to order several. She worked on them. I wonder why she no longer posts. Hope that all is well.
Bermuda- thank you so much.
Texas Stitcher- looking forward to seeing your bead work. I still look at your stitches on google drive. Very nice work.
Jen this is darling. I love the combination of mat and frame. Your work is beautiful.
xstitcher 522- thank you for your lovely compliment. :)
Jen, I'm washing this thing today and hopefully get it to the framer on Saturday. I can't believe that the google drive thing is still available. I don't know what happened to jclifford, she set it up for us and every six months had to update the password or some such. It's been at least a year since I heard from her. I hope that all is well. I give just about everything I stitch away to family and friends. I did so many birth samplers. I have seven grandkids. I wish that I had taken pictures. Not that my work is so great but just to remember the patterns. Am I getting nostalgic in my dotage? LOLOLOL I just rescheduled an appointment. It's the second time this month. Also a new development for me. It feels great. Not only did I reschedule, I asked for a different hair stylist. I feel so bold. LOLOLOL