It is so irritating. Do an Internet search for a particular subject. Come up with thousands of hits. Then, when you start clicking you are taken to a screen that says "this page no longer available" or "cannot find this site."

Can't someone do something about links that take you nowhere?

That would be a great Work At Home Job. Enter a topic and then eliminate any links that take you to nowhere. Kind of like that bridge in Alaska!
Posted by: NANCYE G on 03/17/17
I think that's a great idea, Nancy. I get so irritated with those links that don't work, I have a Mac and use Safari for browsing. I've found that if I change to Google Chrome most of the links work. But I sure would like that job it sounds like a good way to work out some frustration.
by: astitchintime on 03/17/17
Another pet peeve.... you are on the internet and you get all these advertisements trying to sell you something! The ads "boink" up right in front of you! If I wanted the newest brand of athletic sneakers, I'd go looking for them!!
by: Bermuda on 03/17/17
There are actually work at home jobs that do that! I did it for a while for Bing and my husband did it for a while for Google!

But there are MILLIONS of pages on the internet, and while people spend hours and hours quality checking search results, it takes time to get to them all. And if it's not a popular search it's way down on the priority list for the company. So my suggestion? If you are getting pages lots - do that search lots! The more it's done, the more likely it'll come up for a quality check!
by: craftydivakat on 03/17/17
Oh - and Bermuda, what internet browser do you use? If you use Chrome, you can get a free extension called AdBlocker that will not only keep the popups on sites from appearing but will also remove most ads from other pages as well. I use it and LOVE it!
by: craftydivakat on 03/17/17
This is the company we worked for, if anyone is interested in becoming a search engine evaluator! (Bear in mind it is really, really detail-oriented and difficult work for not a lot of pay, and you have minimums you must maintain to keep your job. It's very stressful, even if it doesn't sound like it, but it's some of the best pay for work-at-home out there and they do pay on time):
by: craftydivakat on 03/17/17
I'm with you Bermuda, if I want something I'll ask/look for it. I understand that this is their "bread and butter", but, come on I can only take so much bread /7butter. My grandson tells me there's a way to block these I tell him Grandpa can just barely operate his computer now and you want me to learn more?!!!!!!!!
by: dave001 on 03/18/17
I'm going to try and see if I can get that AdBlocker on my chrome. It sounds great.
by: Marydenmark on 03/18/17
Do a search for AdBlock for Chrome and you will find it. I use it all the time and it works great. Even works for Facebook.
by: astitchintime on 03/18/17
I totally agree, Nancye and Bermuda.

I got a little annoyed myself the other day when I tried to find a frame for one of the Lavender and Lace patterns. It says on the pattern that you can get it from Larson-Juhl. Larson-Jul only sells to framers!

dave, like you I am not very savvy in operating a computer, my kids tell me the same thing. I'm happy with what I know and feel it's a waste of time to learn the finer points since technology advances too quickly and whatever I painstakingly learn today is already obsolete tomorrow.

When a website's layout annoys me for whatever reason then I no longer order from that business. One is about to get the boot as soon as I find another source to get my coffee.

Oh, BTW, I had a GREAT experience with "Another Button Company".
by: Texas Stitcher on 03/19/17
Texas, have you tried looking on Amazon for your coffee? I was surprised to find several of the more obscure brands I like on there!
by: craftydivakat on 03/19/17