When I say that I've tried and tested various types of scissors here is a photo of some of them so you know that I'm not just talking through my hat. Why I've acquired so many is because I find them fun and interesting. I know, I know, I should get a life ha ha. I might add that all to the left of the white handle ones in the bottom row are counting the daisy which is for use on an aircraft.


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I know what you mean. I had a collection also, but not quite that big. I give a lot on mine away.
"Some" of them? LOL.
Mary, I had no idea! I feel so inadequate!
Djhmum that's a good idea to give them away. We have a charity shop nearby so they'll be glad to get some of them.
Tex :-)) now you know my naughty little secret!
I'm scandalized, Mary! :) You of all people and such vicious tools! Actually, I feel ashamed I have the one and only pair for 10 years now. I ordered a lovely one last year or so and gave it to DD. She admired it. Just as well, I only need one pair and love it. I will order those Fiskars snippers though as soon as I have a chance. I've been busy in the yard. DEspite treatments my pansies are covered with aphids. I want to rip them out but they look so pretty. Then there is my GD and DH and, and, and. I have to get ready to get the car inspected and go grocery shopping. I still haven't gone out for bread. The freezer is full of rolls and baguettes. I'm on my last roll of paper towels and that is a critical item in my household along with TP. My son asked once if I was expecting King Kong because he discovered at least 60 rolls in the closet. One never knows!
Ha ha Tex...before the days of computers I used to "collect" pens, now it seems it's scissors but I am packing them in for my charity shop.
Why, Mary? Turn them into decorative items.
Good idea Tex. I can hang them with ribbons from twigs 😂
Having three kid and I use the term loosely because they are 20, 19, and 17 respectively, my scissors always seem to be lost. I have scissors I use just to cut fabric and I had to mark them with masking tape - FABRIC ONLY. It has gotten better through the years but they are always jacking my sharpies too! lol Jacquie
Having three kid and I use the term loosely because they are 20, 19, and 17 respectively, my scissors always seem to be lost. I have scissors I use just to cut fabric and I had to mark them with masking tape - FABRIC ONLY. It has gotten better through the years but they are always jacking my sharpies too! lol Jacquie
Oh lady117, you are a woman after my own heart! When friends moaned about their chicks leaving home I'd always say, well look on the bright side, now you'll always know where your kitchen scissors are.
My daughter in-law asked for gift card to Joann's for Christmas. She had gotten a sewing machine for her birthday and was making things for my grandsons' and various other projects. I asked her to show me what her sewing supplies looked like since she was just getting started. I had a ball increasing her supplies (I can't just give a GC). LOL they had one scissors in the house. So, she now has 3 scissors for fabric, 1 to keep with the wrapping paper, snips, and the little bird scissors and a garden sheers. I had so much fun putting it all together. When I saw your collection pic, it made me laugh, perhaps I went overboard. But I hated when the scissors were dull when I was ready to start something or the scissors was borrowed by DH and not returned. I have lots of scissors I have collected and aside from sewing, I think I have a scissors in every room. I also go crazy for flashlights.
Crossstitcher522 you should add a scissor sharpner to your daughter in laws stash. I just bought one before Christmas and am very pleased with it.
what kind of sharpener did you get? I still bring them to the hardware of fabric store to be sharpened. My XDH offered to sharpen them on the grinder, which was a mistake.
I have two types of Fkiskars ....the larger table model which is black and grey and the smaller orange one for my snip scissors or small embroidery scissors. I got mine on eBay which is my only available outlet over here. I didn't want any fancy electric ones. I'll put a picture if them now on a new post.
I've posted a new topic with a picture of them.
Mary, I have seen very odd, to put it mildly, stuff in museums. I must be a very pedestrian person because I just don't get it. Or maybe the oohers and aahers are faking it? So, yes, the sky's the limit for your scissor collection.
I guess it's just a case of whatever rocks your boat. I had no idea I had so many scissors until I spread them out. Tex I can sometimes scratch my head in art museums when I see people putting on their "l know my art" faces when standing in front of a monstrosity that a three year old child could have done. Who in heavens name makes the decision to buy such a thing?
Frauds and charlatans! But I did get a kick out of the Van Gogh exhibit...people watching from the museum tea shop was GREAT! Almost as good as the VG! :) Example the 10-year-old and Mondigliani...He did not like it...Mom trying to explain...kid thinks Mom is an idiot. LOL
The "I know my art" folks you mentioned, Mary, buy the monstrosities. :) There are reasons to visit museums and then there a reason. Mine are often to observe the observers. I bore easily...... VCESS. GD "borrowed" my iPad charger, I'm almost out of juice.
Eyerolls don't take long...luckily...they would take up a lot more of my life...and the VGs were terrific...
Do you feel you're being stalked? LOL
Speaking of people watching here's a true story for you Tex and VCESS. location: Spain. DH and I are at a pizza joint having dinner. As one does we cast our eyes on the other dinners, view and whatever while enjoying a night out. Suddenly a huge British woman is invading our space and giving us the finger. Our jaws sank down to our knees. Off she flounced with her pink sun burned skin bouncing like jelly. Fellow dinners were rolling their eyes at her. Our only conclusion was that she thought we were talking about her and I suppose her size made her feel very aggressive about that. The truth was that we hadn't even noticed her until she flipped out. She ruined our dinner. Some fellow diners told us not to think twice about her. She had spewed out something but her dialect was so thick that we couldn't understand her. I love people watching but try and be VERY descret about it now. One more thing....I went to a Monet and fellow impressionists exhibition a year ago. How mind blowing to see the real thing. They made my soul sing. Later I went to a Edvard Munk exhibition but found him very depressing . No singing there.
It is not funny how people assume you're "out to get them"...or what they consider "theirs". You can run into paranoid nuts anywhere...and trying to calm them by trying to explain that you were self-absorbed and oblivious doesn't work! Nor does wide-eyed shock. :) Glad you got away safely...puzzled, but safely! :)
Good thing you left your scissors at home! LOL