Looking for white floss with a slightly fuzzy nap. Have used this a number of years ago. Now have a new project where I need it for a polar bear.
Posted by: gail66briden on 03/19/17
There is a Whisper 88. I used for Santa's beard one time

Hope this helps

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by: lovetostitch on 03/20/17
There is a Company called Rainbow Gallery that markets all kinds of threads. Everything Cross stitch may carry them. I''m looking at an old catalog from a local supplier in Fargo, ND called Nordic Needle.
One of the special threads is Alpaca 18. The description says that it is very strong and can be brushed to maximize the furry effect. I remember using such a thread years ago on an ornament but don't remember which one I used. There is also Fuzzy Stuff, and Wisper by Rainbow Gallery. The description for Wisper says that it is a fine fuzzy single yarn, great to combine with other threads, and can be brushed.
by: bjukniewicz on 03/20/17
I just bought some Wisper 88 White to use on some Lizzie Kate Santa patterns.
by: Bermuda on 03/20/17
Wisper 88 mentioned by lovetostich is a Rainbow Gallery thread. I searched the Everything Cross Stitch and they do not carry Rainbow Gallery. i did a search for Rainbow Gallery and discovered that they have their own website with a very extensive line of specialty threads.
by: bjukniewicz on 03/20/17
bjukniewicz, I have heard of the same manufacturer.
I have a pattern I bought here, Teddy Pair birth announcement. An alternative for the bears was to use
"a wonderful product from Rainbow Gallery called FUZZY STUFF which will add a wonderful extra touch to the design, by making the bears furry".
I didn't try it, didn't have it in my stash and if I recall the weather was cold and nasty when I was working on it a year or so ago.
by: xstitcher522 on 03/21/17