Hi there,
I am trying to locate a source for DMC Glissengloss floss, with no luck yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated,
Liz (sitting in snowbound Nova Scotia with cross-stitch in hand)
Posted by: countrylizzie1 on 03/20/17

GlissenGloss is it's own brand and I don't think DMC manufactures it?! We do sell some GlissenGloss on on our website and it's located on our Floss & Thread page. It's the second to last link on the page so just scroll down to the bottom and click on the type of GlissenGloss you are looking for :) We sell the Silks and Rainbow Gallery but we do not have the Wisper line available. Another source for GlissenGloss Thread is www.123stitch.com. Hope this helps :)

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 03/20/17
I've used Glisson Gloss when doing some Stoney Creek ornaments. The Stoney Creek company carries Glisson Gloss. I haven't done any Stoney Creek projects for a long time. Most of their designs don't use quarter stitches, therefor I don't care for the designs, because they look boxy to me. Some times a quarter stitch is need for rounded shapes.
by: bjukniewicz on 03/20/17
I just searched the Stoney Creek site and it carries sevearl kinds of Glissen Gloss threads. Colorwash is very extensive. What kind pf therad are you looking for?
by: bjukniewicz on 03/20/17
I looked in my stash contained in empty Danish butter cookie tins and found two cards of Glissen Gloss Colorwash. Colerwash is handpainted Japanese silk from Japan. I couldn't find the other card that i have which is not Colorwash and is a metallic gold by Glissen Gloss.
by: bjukniewicz on 03/20/17

I agree some patterns should have quarter stitches. I've added quarter stitches when they weren't included in the pattern, but I thought it made the finished cross stitch look much better.

by: djrb7213 on 03/21/17