Have a pattern - no DMC color key!

Greetings! I have a pattern torn from a magazine "Holiday Crafts Fall/Winter 1996" page 43 that I have saved in my 'future projects' binder. Unfortunately, I forgot to tear out the DMC color key before I tossed the magazine out!!! Scarecrow with pumpkins - photo (jpg) attached Does anyone have the key to this pattern by any chance? Thanks a million!!!!!!! TeriB


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Hi, I found a Holiday Crafts 1996 Fall Winter Better Homes and Garden magazine when I typed in on the Yahoo search engine "Holiday Crafts magazine/Fall Winter 1996" its by Better Home and Garden. Would you recognize the cover of this magazine if you saw it?
Go to Yahoo search engine and type in "terapeak.com". It should take you to the magazine I was telling you about in my previous message.
Thank you for responding - I did see that, but haven't a clue if that pattern is really in the magazine - was hoping someone had the full mag to tell me it is in there before buying it unnecessarily. Or someone could send the key page? Thanks!