Have a pattern - no DMC color key!

I have a pattern torn from a magazine "Holiday Crafts Fall/Winter 1996" page 43 that I have saved in my 'future projects' binder. Unfortunately, I forgot to tear out the DMC color key before I tossed the magazine out!!!

Scarecrow with pumpkins - photo (jpg) attached

Does anyone have the key to this pattern by any chance?

Thanks a million!!!!!!! TeriB
Posted by: TeriB on 03/20/17
I found a Holiday Crafts 1996 Fall Winter Better Homes and Garden magazine when I typed in on the Yahoo search engine "Holiday Crafts magazine/Fall Winter 1996" its by Better Home and Garden. Would you recognize the cover of this magazine if you saw it?
by: Bermuda on 03/20/17
Go to Yahoo search engine and type in "terapeak.com". It should take you to the magazine I was telling you about in my previous message.
by: Bermuda on 03/20/17
Thank you for responding - I did see that, but haven't a clue if that pattern is really in the magazine - was hoping someone had the full mag to tell me it is in there before buying it unnecessarily. Or someone could send the key page? Thanks!
by: TeriB on 03/20/17