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Just started my first cross stitch pattern today.! So far so good except......I have a Chihuahua dog, Miss Minny, that can't stand my hands being busy. She is pretty jealous.! Anybody else have a dog or a cat that gets their nose out of joint when you are stitching.?
Posted by: darbyann on 03/20/17
I've read on the ECS "chats" of a lot of dogs and cats that are showing passive-aggressive behavior by chewing on patterns or carrying floss all over the house.
Always when their "human" is not looking of course....
by: Bermuda on 03/20/17
We have 2 7month old kittens... and when they decide they want to curl up on my chest they start playing with my pattern or highlighter until I pick them up then I am stuck until their nap is over lol. They do the same thing if I am working from home... at least then I can usually get them up on my shoulder so I can still work :)

I usually close my floor stand up in the office closet and put away my threads/patterns etc in the coffee table cupboard when I am leaving it for a while. But they are so far pretty good and leave it alone if I am not working on it.
by: Sarandipity on 03/20/17
That's a good idea to put it away where she can't get it when not working on it.! I don't think that she would chew it, but I wont take the chance. Thanks
by: darbyann on 03/20/17
Whenever I'm working on a project my dog decides she wants to take a nap on my lap. If I try to work "over her head" she grabs it and pulls it down. One day I wouldn't let her on my lap and when DH and I went out that evening she got into the project (I had it in an open bag) and ate most of my pattern and chewed on all the floss. Fortunately, I was working with a copy of the pattern. I now keep all projects in a bag that zips close and keep it up on a table out of her reach.
by: astitchintime on 03/20/17
I went to the store and bought Minny a chew bone to keep her busy. It worked for a while and then she wanted up on my lap. I just kept telling her no and she finally went to sleep at my feet. I think we will be fine. BTW, so good so far on my new project. I am enjoying myself.!
by: darbyann on 03/21/17
Sounds like my granddaughter. She demands my undivided attention.
by: Texas Stitcher on 03/21/17
We(me & wife) rescued two cats recently that joined with another rescued cat. All three are spoiled rotten--having been abused and abandon we are very guility of overloving. They do seem to enjoy and demand attention from both my wife and I, especially while she's reading or I'm stitching. She bought several "toys" that don't need human power or batteries to give them to keep "busy. As the cats play with them they move. Well now if we don't get them out when in our tv, reading/stitching room, they go to the closet we "keep" the toys and stare or meow until we get them out. When we do amazingly everyone is happy happy!!! This also works for when our grandchildren come over--only they usually bring their own electronic games. So I guess I'm suggesting find a diversion for the "furry kids!!!!! I have never left my pattern or stitching "out" where courious kids, furry or non furry would be tempted.

What we stitchers must put up with sometimes!!!!!
by: dave001 on 03/21/17
2 cats think my floor Ott light is their personal spot light--a couple of ear scratches and a personal chat and they are both "out"--one on the arm of my chair, the other on the back...first come, first served. :)
by: VCESS on 03/21/17
I have a dog and two cats that crave my attention whenever I sit down to work. My dog will stare and beg and pant until I give in to him. Kitty will get her fill of attention quickly, then curl up on my footstool, though she is sometimes interested with me pulling out a strand of thread and will want to play with it. Zippy will want to curl up on my lap. Sometimes I'll be successful in getting her to settle for sitting beside me, but she'll play with my thread, the fabric, or my hi-lighter. But I love them so I tolerate it!
by: Rosebud on 03/21/17
Yes, these cats love to play "hide the highlighter", too. :)
by: VCESS on 03/21/17