looking for girl kissing doll cross stitch pattern
I lost my pattern. 1980 by Josef Mueller by Paragon needlecraft. It is of a girl kissing a doll counted cross stitch pattern. help. thanks, Arlene
Posted by: arlene.a.mills on 03/20/17
I went to Google search engine and typed in quotes, " "Girl kissing Doll" cross stitch pattern. " and when it went to the websites I saw a row of small pictures, one of a girl kissing a doll. Is this what you are looking for? I did try to do a Search of Paragon Cross stitch Pattern/Josef Mueller but didn't come up with anything. Was this doll the little girl kissing a BROKEN doll? If so, I saw one on ebay.fr (meaning ebay in France but when I went to the site, it was all in french (which I can neither read or write in) but there was a picture of a little girl kissing a BROKEN doll.
Also, if you go to the Yahoo search engine, type in "Girl kissing doll cross stitch patterns" it will take you to a bunch of websites, AT THE TOP HEADINGS find the word "Images" and click on it; it will take you to a bunch of pictures that you can scan through and see if you can find what you are looking for.

Consider using the word "vintage" when looking for this pattern ie. "vintage girl kissing doll cross stitch patterns". Hope this helps!
I'm not an employee of ECS, but a stitcher that saw your "chat". :)
by: Bermuda on 03/20/17
Bermuda, Thanks so much. You found it!!! Now I just need to find the pattern so I can cross stitch it again for my grand daughter...like the one I made for my daughter...you made my day!
by: arlene.a.mills on 03/20/17