Can the color be changed
Can the color be changed to blue or teals for this?
Posted by: babygirl102696 on 03/20/17
This is a kit. So you get the floss. Just file away the floss, buy the colors that work for you. I would suggest, as you make your change of floss colors, to make a copy of the pattern and on the copy, write down your alternative numbers on the key. I would consider taking a picture when you are finished and attach it to the copy so you can refer back to it when you need to make another one : )
by: xstitcher522 on 03/21/17

You are more than welcome to change out the colors for any design that you stitch :) xstitcher522 gave some really good advice on how to do that since this is a kit product.

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 03/21/17
I did 4 aprons for my daughter and 3 granddaughters. It called for a red. Well one I made in red, another orange, another purple and one for my daughter tan. It worked out wonderful because on my daughters, the veggies on the aprons I made the colors from the other 3. Orange carrots, red tomatoes and purple turnips.
by: ella-27 on 03/22/17