1 color pattern
Good afternoon,

Hello, i am not good on cross-stitching but i always want to do it, i have a couple of medium ones that i did long time ago and i always wanted to go back to it, i am looking for a not so big pattern with only has 1 to 5 color of threads that i can start with, any recommendations? Please help. Thank u
Posted by: kimberlygalano on 03/20/17
My suggestion is that you go to the menu box on the left and click on "Cross Stitch Kits" . At the bottom of the screen you will see KITS for "Beginners" and for "Children". I suggest you look at both to see how many colors you see in each kit; many "children" kits have only a few colors because they are just learning how to cross stitch. READ THE DESCRIPTION of what these kits contain because some may or may not have a hoop with it. Plus some of these are preprinted patterns on the material. Also, look at the mini-kits that are also offered under the cross stitch kits section. Again, read the description of what the kit has to help you decide if you need to purchase a small hoop. Hope this helps!
I am not an employee of Everything Cross Stitch but one of the stitchers that saw your chat! :)
by: Bermuda on 03/20/17
Handblessings (http://www.handblessings.com/patterns.html) has several patterns. I use to get their patterns at my local shop, but I am having a hard time finding their patterns now. I was thinking the patterns would be cute in a youth quilt.
Also, Artecy Cross Stitch (http://artecy.com/artecy-shop.html) has a category that is "one and few colours".
I'm not sure what kind of theme you're looking for but Artecy's has many choices.
by: xstitcher522 on 03/21/17
Search tribal in ECS's search box. There are several tribal style patterns and they use one or two colors. I didn't look at the sizes, so they may be larger than you are looking for.
by: MarzHere on 03/21/17
Lizzy Kate has many smaller patterns...some smaller than 6x3...with only a few colors. Her stuff comes with any special beads required, but they are not always kits. Some require additional purchase of fabric and floss...and a needle....but you get that button! :)

Don't worry about getting everything just right. You're going to make the same mistakes we all have made. Watch a YouTube video, check out Scarlettquince.com--she has clear, concise instructions to answer all the questions you forget to ask us and about fabric, needles, patterns, centering your pattern on your fabric...how to get started again. Stuff has changed! Even what was thought to be basics...I hope you enjoy starting again. I started back after about 15 years of doing other "stuff"...once you relax into it, do what you want to do, make your own decisions...you'll find this one thing that you sort of make sense of...it's great.:)

So welcome, come and visit with us...it's as much social as it is a place of teaching/sharing. :)
by: VCESS on 03/22/17