DMC floss
I've just started Guardian Angel. One of the flosses is 282Z. I can't find it anywhere. Has the number changed? I'm thinking it might be a gold metalic.
Posted by: KA in PA on 03/20/17
Were you unable to find it here? If you can't find it here, you can find it over at "". It is called "DMC light gold thread". Tap on their thread heading and then type in the 282Z in their search box and you should come right to it.
It did this Lavender and Lace Angel some years ago and it is fun to stitch and beautiful. I did change out the gold thread with a gold blending filament, but that was my own personal choice. Have fun!

I'm not an ECS employee but a stitcher that happened to see your "chat". :)
by: Bermuda on 03/20/17
Thank you for your suggestion of going to 123Stitch. I was able to order the thread there. I've stitched a couple of other angels by this artist and love all the detailed shading in them.
by: KA in PA on 03/20/17
Do not use the DMC metallic, it is like wire and just awful to stitch with. Go to Nordic Needle and order Rainbow Gallery metallic floss. By far the easiest to work with. I have a ton of the DMC stuff and am throwing it all in the the trash during my next cleaning out.

I just finished a project for which I used almost five cards of the Rainbow Gallery metallic, I had to attach loads of beads with it and it worked really well.
by: Texas Stitcher on 03/21/17
NOW you tell me! LOL
by: VCESS on 03/21/17
So, so sorry. I'm working on my mindreading and telepathy skills but it's slow going. LOL
by: Texas Stitcher on 03/21/17