floss organizing
Has anyone used the Paco floss organizer? If so, what are your opinions?
Posted by: cklatt0370 on 04/18/17
Since no one has answered your question--you can go to 123 stitch--and then put in Paco needle organizer and you can read the reviews of many people. I'm just a stitcher who saw your posting.
by: maubennett on 04/19/17
Thank you!
by: cklatt0370 on 04/19/17
I like my paco thread organizer. It's beneficial to me only because I don't have to keep winding my thread up every time it's time to change, it's faster to change thread especially when you're doing a lot of confetti. It can get messy but all you have to do is run your hand through it like a comb and it separates the strands easily.
by: Jen on 04/19/17
Thank you! I think I'll order one. I've been making my own organizers with heavy cardstock, but I'm ready for a change:)
by: cklatt0370 on 04/20/17
I have both the Pako floss and needle organizers and would swear by them for a project. Of course each one has only 50 places for different threads so I do have multiples for large projects. I really do like it for quickly finding the color I need. The great thing is you can buy extra cards for your color symbols even though the main kits do come with 10 cards and can be used on both sides. Would highly recommend these.
by: jmirz on 04/20/17
Please bear with me, as I have one more question. I usually start a project by separating my threads into two strands. Then I don't have to stop and separate as I work. I'm a little overly focused:) But my question is this: how many two ply threads will each prong hold? Thanks for your feedback!
by: cklatt0370 on 04/20/17
Each section will hold up to 1 skein of floss - it will be a bit tight, but doable.
by: jmirz on 04/21/17
Thank you for the information!!!
by: cklatt0370 on 04/21/17
You're welcome. I think you will find it very helpful and easy to sort floss for a project. It is very easy to pick out the number of strands you need to use whether 1 or 4. As I said I have been using both items for a few years now and have been very happy.
by: jmirz on 04/21/17
I use floss bags and have them in numerical order in the floss box.
by: pearlandjunior on 04/22/17