Stores & Quater Stitches
Last store I know of in Orlando closed over a year ago. She would order a pattern for me and if I didn't like it she would just put it on the shelf. I found one that specializes in needle point but they will order special flosses and patterns for me. Big box stores have pretty much given up on cross stitch including Michaels. Any way I order from ecs now. Bought the Little Girls Are Made Of pattern which is full of 1/4 stitches Had I been able to see the pattern first I would not have bought it. Love the pattern but it is very hard to get a decent 1/4 stitch. (VERY PICKY). Wish me luck with this one.
Posted by: eagle1dw on 04/19/17
Good luck! I also noticed that the big box stores don't carry much at all in the way of cross stitch. They still have DMC thread though which is good, although, I too am buying more from ECS!
by: ladyj117 on 04/19/17
Eagle, if you're problem with quarter stitches is that you are stitching on aida, try a chenille needle-- they are tapestry-sized needles but they have a sharp point. Much improved, easier quarter stitches. :)
by: VCESS on 04/19/17
jo-anns scaryed me the other day the moved the dmc. but it went an isle over. they put in a whole isle of kits
by: susieq on 04/19/17
Thanks VCESS, I will try that.
by: eagle1dw on 04/19/17
In the future, you can post a question on this Chat asking if there are 1/4 and 1/2 stitches in the pattern. One of our Chatters will probably have the answer you are looking for. Or, contact Customer Service, before ordering. The staff is very helpful.
by: NANCYE G on 04/20/17