I'm wanting to know if this cross stitch is a kit. Is the thread to included if I buy this? Thanks
Posted by: martyanitadickens on 04/19/17

This is just a counted cross stitch design so all of the supplies, such as the floss and the fabric, come separately from the chart itself. The floss and the fabric that are needed to complete this design are listed under the picture on our website. So, if you choose, you can purchase the chart, the floss and the fabric all at the same time and then you will have what you need to complete the design shown. We sell many different products on our website and the best way to tell what a certain product is, is to look at the “Product Type” information that is located to the right of the picture of the product on our website. Below are the categories and an explanation about them.

Product Type: Cross Stitch Patterns - means it's just a counted cross stitch design and the supplies will have to be purchased separately for it. Sometimes, the supplies are listed in the Supply list right underneath the picture of the pattern. So, if you choose, you can purchase the floss and the fabric for the design all at the same time. Or you can purchase just the floss colors that you need based on your stash at home.

Product Type: Cross Stitch Kit - means it's a counted cross stitch kit that comes with everything you will need to stitch that design. The name of the manufacturer for the kit will be given as well, such as Dimensions, Janlynn and Riolis.

Product Type: Stamped Cross Stitch Kit - means it's a stamped cross stitch kit and the fabric has the design already stamped on it. The floss will also be included since it’s a kit.

Product Type: Stamped Stitchable - means it's an item where the fabric has the design stamped on it but the supplies such as the floss and needles, etc...Will have to be purchased separately. This item isn’t a kit and you are just purchasing the fabric that has the design stamped onto it.

Product Type: Stitchable Items – means that these are items that you can actually stitch on. So these items will consist of bibs, towels, bookmarks, tote bags, etc… Designs and floss will have to be purchased separately for these.

Hope this information helps :)
~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 04/19/17
Hi there.

The next time you see any of the cross stitch that you like just click under the picture and you will get all information about it. For the picture that you had chosen for this time. It is just a pattern you have to buy all others things that the pattern require to finish it beside the frame. Just give your card no. and here they will do everything for you to have your order ready at your door in your mail box in a few days
by: miss crossstitc on 04/19/17
This is so appropriate because of the giraffe that recently gave birth! Cute pattern.
by: ladyj117 on 04/20/17
I see the list of thread needed but is there any way of knowing if I need more than 1 type of thread?
by: martyanitadickens on 04/20/17

Yes. In the Supply list you will see the following:

169 pewter - lt 1 $0.54

The number 1 listed there represents how many skeins are needed for that color. For this design, each color only needs 1 skein so you should only see a list of 1's throughout the list. Hope this helps :)

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 04/20/17
Ok, that makes sense. I suppose I would have picked up on that if 1 of them had a 2 next to it. Thanks. I want to make it for my step daughter who loves giraffes and I found this saying I thought I would try and blindly write on it. It said "A dad is someone to look up to..... no matter how tall you grow". It was something like that.
by: martyanitadickens on 04/20/17
The only thing is, in the wild the father if the baby giraffes don't stick around. So I don't know if this fits.
by: martyanitadickens on 04/20/17